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Spring to Life with Serpentine Stone

man and woman holding serpentine pyramidsSpring is here! Life is anew.

The world awoke from slumber. So did you.

What if spring was not just a season but also a state of mind? Can you be completely energized on the coldest winter day and in the sweltering summer too?

With the power of Serpentine stones, every moment is spry. You make the best use of your short time on earth, you live life to its fullest. 

Spring green Serpentine has many secret powers. You are ready to unlock the meaning of this mysterious crystal. From youthful Qi to rising Kundalini, from past life regressions to Heart chakra healing sessions, Serpentine will surprise you.

Join us as we spring to life with Serpentine. Enroll in the Satin Crystals VIP club. Open your mind to crystal manifestation and deep healing.

Serpentine for Life Force Qi

Serpentine stimulates the flow of life force, also known as Qi or Chi. We associate spring with the greatest life frequency because of its vibrant colors, ideal weather, and bustling animal activity. Think of Qi as your dose of eternal springtime energy. You can tap into it whenever you desire.

Is your mood mopey or low, stagnant or stale? Hold onto Serpentine crystals and feel the fountain of youth pulse through your veins. Your etheric body gets an injection of happiness right through the central vortex: your loving Heart chakra. Serpentine pumps purpose to your being.

When you want to experience life to its fullest, open your eyes with Serpentine. It's not just the spring season that boasts beauty. Precious moments and miraculous creations can be found all year round. Enjoy eternal gratitude with Serpentine.

Serpentine for Kundalini Rising

Serpentine has another hidden talent to share. One that is little known in the world. If this is your first encounter with the concept of Qi, just wait until you hear about the Kundalini. 

Some of the prettiest Serpentine gems boast natural snake-skin patterns. These unique green stones awaken your serpent animal guardian. The charmed snake protects you and leads you toward spiritual evolution.

The snake whispers through your Serpentine stone. It asks, "Are you ready to be spiritually wise? If so, make your Kundalini rise."

When you practice Kundalini meditation with Serpentine, you unleash the divine power stored at the base of your spine. This feminine goddess energy is well known amongst the master gurus.

With patience and practice, you can tap into the Kundalini and make it rise. Feel it swirl slowly like a snake, coiling up, lighting each of your seven chakras along the way. When your Kundalini energy reaches the Crown chakra, it flourishes like a flower. Spiritual liberation is yours.

Serpentine for Past Life Regressions

Can the healing power of Serpentine get any more intense? It can and it does. Serpentine is your choice stone for past life regressions.

To be fully alive, you must also be aware of your limitations. Is there a pattern in the past that needs to be healed? Is there an opportunity to better understand yourself?

When engaging in regressions, Serpentine is your best friend. It protects you on this vulnerable journey of self-discovery. It evokes visions of the past. It heals you from trauma at the Heart chakra so you can love yourself fully in the future.

Do you want to see what time has in store for you? Do a meditation with Serpentine or find a crystal healer who is skilled in regression. Wear Serpentine jewelry to your session.

With Serpentine, you are alive: past, present, future, and forever. 

Serpentine Stones for You

How else could you benefit from this incredible green crystal? Join the Satin Crystals VIP Club and let's find out.

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Spring to life with Serpentine stones and jewelry. Live life to its fullest and engage in intensive healing sessions with Serpentine. 

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Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only. 

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