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Sunstone Crystals for Sun Energy

sheila of satin crystals holding sunstone sphere You want to SEE the light.

You want to FEEL the light.

You want to BE the light.

Sunstone crystals deliver the bright light of the sun into the palm of your hand. On the darkest of days, Sunstone sparks hope and inspiration. On chipper days, Sunstone helps you bask in the rays of joy and gratitude.

Sunstone is the most powerful solar energy stone in the entire crystal kingdom. Sure, Moonstone and moon crystals are mighty popular. But the sun is 400 times larger than the moon. Nothing beats the supreme life-giving force of the sun.

Sunstone is a crystal you must have during each solar eclipse and solar event. Find out how this uplifting gemstone benefits you every moment of every day. 

Feel better, brighter, and more brilliant with Sunstone. It is the Stone of Happiness.

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Sunstone for Everyday Happiness

Sunstone is known as the "Stone of Happiness". It is the number one stone that aligns with the bright sun's energy. While the sun rises and shines every day, it's easy to take that big ball of light for granted. Sunstone reminds you that the sun is an almighty force not to be ignored.

The sun is the center of the solar system. It is the giver of life and warmth. The sun has been worshipped by humans since the beginning of time. It is so powerful.  Yet we forget to tap into this infinite source of energy.

When you work with Sunstone, you have unlimited possibilities. This solar energy stone can zap away sadness, transform pessimism into optimism, create a path for major change, and heal the Solar Plexus chakra. Embrace Sunstone.

Sunstone for Solar Eclipse

While the sun lights the solar system 24 hours a day, every few months it does something even more spectacular. From time to time, a rare solar eclipse blesses our skies with cleansing energy. Sun, Earth, and Moon align to bring you almighty energy.

The Solar Eclipse is a chance for you to shed your old unwanted ways and start something new. As the cosmos interlock in a brilliant theatrical display, you want to absorb the lucky rays through Sunstone gemstones and jewels. Always be prepared by having Sunstone in your toolbox. 

What are you going to wish for this upcoming Solar Eclipse? Don't miss out on your chance to do super manifestations with Sunstone under the Solar Eclipse. Now is the time to gather your Sunstone, make a manifestation list, and plan for the eclipse. When's the next eclipse? Check out the Solar Eclipse schedule to see.

Sunstone for Solar Plexus Healing

Sunstone is the perfect crystal to heal your third chakra: the Solar Plexus. It lights up your energy systems from within and has your aura aglow. 

What is your Solar Plexus chakra? It is your emotional center.

Are you a vortex of happiness or a whirlwind of turmoil? Tap into that feeling deep within the pit of your stomach- this is where the answer lies.

To calm and center your inner joy, place Sunstone on your Solar Plexus chakra. Gorgeous Sunstone bursts open your emotional blocks, infusing sunshine into the darkest spaces. Wear Sunstone jewelry to feel joyous every day. Like the sun itself, your potential is vast.

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Sunstone is an everyday stone. Like the sun itself, Sunstone benefits you ongoing. It is also a necessity for those special occasions like the Solar Eclipse. Shop now so you can benefit from Sunstone immediately. Explore the Satin Crystals Sunstone Collection or shop here on the blog to find your gem:

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