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Tektites & Impactites that Impact You

woman holding two black tektite stonesHow do Impactites impact your life?

You might have heard of the world famous Moldavite, a green Tektite known for its manifestation powers that span the entire galaxy. The fantastical fun doesn't stop there. There are Zhamanshin craters from Kazakhstan, Black Tektites from Vietnam, Nordlinger Impactites from Germany- and we're just scratching the surface. There is so much more to know!

Join us as we embark on a scientific and spiritual journey with Tektites and  Impactites. Enroll in the Satin Crystals VIP club to keep updated on the latest crystal healing news.

Impactites for Galactic Citizens

Here on Earth, we humans are blessed with a medley of magical Tektites and Impactites that positively impact your life. All you have to do is tap into the power of these rare treasures and watch your metaphysical manifestations go wild.

Tektites and Impacts form when a meteor from outer space directly impact upon the planet's surface. The fusion creates amazing minerals that are not quite meteorites and not quite earth elements. These gemstones give you the best of both realms, they help you with your worldly goals while also stimulating your cosmic soul.

387 million years ago, a meteorite came zooming across the galaxy like a ball of fire. Boom! It hit the vast lands of ancient Ukraine and formed the Ilyenet crater. History was made, minerals were formed, and the interest of mankind has been captured by such cosmic events ever since.

When you take hold of rare Impactites, you open your mind to the entire Universe. You think and act outside the box. You are expansive and philosophical. You understand that existence is vast and incomprehensible. You know that you are not bound to one world and you benefit by becoming a galactic citizen.

People who work with Tektites and Impactites are often spiritual souls who love to astral travel. What better tool to navigate the stars than these meteoric gemstones? Hold a piece of Libyan Desert Glass and feel your etheric body float beyond the physical world.

Who will you meet? What will you learn? What is out there?

Crystals open your Third Eye chakra to awesome new experiences. Tektites and Impactites make an impact on your spiritual journey that expand beyond the planet Earth.

Whether you're looking to open your Crown chakra, channel an alien civilization, or simply have something galactic to show off to your friends, give these jewels a try. Tektites and Impactites make an impressive impact.

Impactites for Earth Manifestation

It feels good to have the energy of the whole galaxy at your fingertips! While Tektites and Impactites are formed from meteor crashes, most specimens contain mainly Earth elements. They are brimming with the power of the planet, ready to reveal all the gifts that this globe has to offer.

In the scheme of things, Earth is but a speck in space. Yet it is our big, brilliant, and ever-giving home. You were born here to bask in all that the world has to offer. Working with Tektites and Impactites renews your love and appreciation for the planet. These gems help you manifest all that you desire as a unique individual.

Tektites and Impactites put it all into perspective. Some are so old that they remind you how timeless existence seems to be. Your time here on Earth is so short that you might as well live it up.

What material objects do you wish to gain? Who would like to spend time with? Where would you like to travel to?

Do your manifestation now! Take two pieces of Black Tektite in your hands and visualize what you want. These grounding yet lofty stones help you transform your dreams into reality. They bridge earth with the Great Beyond and allow you to be the creator of your reality. Your time here is exactly what you make of it.

Impactites for Classy Collectors

If you love collecting crystals, you'll adore collecting Tektites and Impactites. Not only are they full of healing powers but they are rare, interesting, and valuable.

While crystals are formed and renewed by Earth, Tektites and Impactites are a one-time-deal. It takes a specific meteoric incident to create the stone. Once there is an impact, a unique element is created that will never happen again.

Moldavite is so rare and limited because it was formed in a meteorite crash 14 million years ago. That's never going to be repeated. Once Moldavite is off of the market, you won't be able to get it again. Most of the "Moldavite" online today are fakes. When you're blessed with a real piece, you are ahead of the game as a collector.

Did you know that Nordlinger Reis Crater was formed in the exact same impact as Moldavite? Nordlinger is from the crater site in Germany whereas Moldavites are the fragments that flew into the sky and across the country to the Czech Republic. There will never be Nordlinger Crater Suevite again once the current pieces are sold out.

Impactites and Tektites are historically fascinating, metaphysically unmatched, and aesthetically interesting. You can be a classy collector of these high-class minerals too.  

Imactites that Impact Your Life

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