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Top 10 Best-Selling Moldavites of 2023

showing off moldavite jewelry and gemstonesThree years running and Moldavite is still the best-selling gemstone at Satin Crystals! If you own real Moldavite, I don't even have to tell you why; add to your collection. If you don't have it yet, it's time to try!

When you're looking for an awesome gift that inspires meaning, turn to Satin Crystals' 100% real Moldavite from the Czech Republic. 

Go ahead! Set yourself up to be the most stellar gift-giver of the year. Shop Moldavite! Here we feature our Top 10 best-sellers, in order of popularity.

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10 Most Popular Moldavite Gems & Jewelry

The Mini Martian Moldavite is our #1 seller, triumphing over thousands of healing crystals and jewelry. Other Green Tektite treasures are highly beloved and well-rated.

Fun fact! While all your crystals and jewelry ship out from Sheila's studio in California, Lisa lives in Budapest, Hungary. That's just a skip, a hop, and a short ride away from the Czech Republic and all these amazing, real Moldavites.

#1 Moldavite My Mini Martian

Experience the wonder of alien green Moldavite! Mini Martian Moldavites are small celestial slices that possess immense cosmic energy. These exquisite gems are ideal for personal healing, taking with you on the move, creating jewelry, or displaying as collectibles that will surely impress. Grab your very own Mini Martian Moldavite today - it's a rare, authentic, and irresistible find!

#2 Moldavite Pendants Secrets of Space

This rugged, raw, and real Moldavite pendant reveals the secrets of the stars and brings you your very own slice of space. The powerful Tektite vibrates with force, opening your subconscious to a world beyond this one. Your Moldavite pendant, set in sterling silver, is a one-of-a-kind gem; proudly display it or keep it hidden as your cosmic treasure.

#3 Moldavite Necklace High Vibe Sterling Silver

Behold the mystery of your new Moldavite gemstone as it transports you to the unknown. Feel the powerful vibrations of the Green Tektite necklace and elevate your energy. This cosmic treasure teaches you to release life's minor dramas and embrace a universe of positivity.

#4 Moldavite Locket Keeper of the Universe

Capture the essence of the universe with your new Moldavite locket. Keep the power of the galaxy close to your heart and benefit from the wisdom of Moldavite. This attractive gold-toned armor encases a genuine green gemstone, making a bold statement. Reach for the stars with this stellar Moldavite pendant.

#5 Moldavite Tektite Call of Karma

Discover the power of authentic Moldavite. Feel the cosmic energy and ignite your soul's evolution with this meteoric gem. What will the cosmos bring? Roll the dice on the Call of Karma Moldavite and embrace your destiny because awesome things are coming.

#6 Moldavite Set 7 Stars

As you admire a cluster of radiant stars, your spirit awakens. This 7 Moldavite Sacred Star set embodies the boundless marvels evoked by the infinite essence of the Universe. With this tektite mandala, you elevate your thoughts to new heights. Your life is transformed indefinitely.

#7 Moldavite Necklace North Star Blessings

Illuminate like the North Star with this daring Moldavite necklace. It guides you to ultimate joy and abundant blessings. The gleaming green gemstone soars gracefully amidst a galaxy of sterling silver links. Keep the Moldavite North Star necklace near your heart to always find your way in the journey of life and love.

#8 Moldavite Pendant Big Alien

Are you ready for a bold adventure? This Big Alien Moldavite pendant is your ticket to unleashing the power of deep space. Get your hands on this rare, real, and large Tektite today! Rock a massive look with the epic gemstone on your go-to necklace chain. Big Alien Moldavite keeps your soul inspired and your style on point.

#9 Moldavite Ring Big Green Stargazer

This extraordinary Moldavite ring brings the entire Universe to your fingertips. Witness the magnificent brilliance of the galaxy as you connect with the most vibrant stars. Your exceptional gem commands attention with its colossal size, flawless cut, and boundless energy. When adorned with this authentic Moldavite ring, all attention gravitates towards you. You become the highlight of the cosmic universe.

#10 Moldavite Pair Two Alien Friends

This exquisite duo of extraterrestrial Moldavite gems is a timeless bond of friendship. The unbreakable connection between these two kindred spirits transcends both time and space, defying all boundaries. The Green Tektites are complementary- they look different on the outside but when placed side by side they thrive. Enrich your social circle and life purpose with the admirable energy of these two alien Moldavite Friends.

Manifesting More...

Have you used any of these crystals? We'd love to hear about your experiences. Post them below. 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. 

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