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What Crystals Work Well Together?

tumbled stones and moqui balls on quartz cluster, selenite slab, in water, in a cactus pot and on brown rice

Which crystal energies go together and which ones don't? These are two popular questions that we are often asked by email.

Learn our thoughts on the subject of combining crystals. Then, draw your own conclusion!

What stones work well together?

At Satin Crystals, we believe the more the merrier when it comes to your stone collection. However, we have been surrounded by hundreds of different crystals for most of our lives. You may feel differently.

If you are a beginner at crystal healing or if you are an empath who is sensitive to energies, you may want to focus only on one stone at a time. 

When we had a Satin Crystals retail shop, we noticed that some customers would walk in and be overwhelmed with joy while others would be overwhelmed by the multiple vibrations.

Best Crystal Combinations 

If you can relate to the customer who is filled with happiness in a room full of crystals: you have it easy, you can combine whichever crystals you like together. You can make unlimited crystal combinations for your specific healing intentions. Here are some fun crystal pairing ideas to get you started: 

7 Chakra Combination

Combine the colors of the rainbow to balance each of your seven major chakras. This is one of the most powerful and popular combinations to get all your energies flowing correctly at once. 

Good Dream and Sleep Combinations

Make a dreamy combination of celestial sleep crystals using Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Blue Lace Agate. Find individual stones or try out this customized bracelet. 

Astrology Combinations

Mix up some sun, moon, and/or Earth crystals to tap into astrological powers. Try out stones like citrine, honey calcite, and Sunstone for solar energy. Lunar energy gems include Moonstone, Selenite, Labradorite. Earth crystals are usually grounding stones like Obsidian, Aragonite, Jaspers, and more. 


Best Crystal Combinations for Empaths

If you can relate to the customer who is disoriented by too many crystals: experiment slowly. Try some tried-and-true gemstone combinations that other empaths have found harmonious: 

Love and Spirit Combination

The simple duo of Amethyst and Rose Quartz deepen your state of self-love and spirituality. It's perfect to try out if you're sensitive to stones. 

Protected Spirit Combination

The pairing of Amethyst and Black Tourmaline keeps you protected during your metaphysical journeys. It's an important combination for empaths who are especially sensitive to negative vibes and could use that extra shield.  

Ultimate Quartz Combination

Amethyst, Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Smoky Quartz are all in the Quartz family. They are the staples of the stone world- the basic yet necessary gems for all. This is a great beginner's set of stones to experiment with.  


What crystals cannot be together?

Theoretically, all crystals can be together. However, if you are an empath who is easily overwhelmed, you want to experiment with different crystal combinations and determine how each will affect you energetically. 

At Satin Crystals, you see us wearing all kinds of gemstones together. Our homes and offices are filled with a happy abundance of crystals. We thrive in this environment, and so may you. 

On the other hand, you may find some crystals do not go together with your energy. They may give you a headache, a feeling of lethargy, or discomfort. In this case, you know your vibrations are incompatible. Break up the crystals and use them one by one. 

What crystal shapes go together?

You can use all sorts of crystal shapes in your meditation, healing practice, and Feng Shui rituals.

Here are some shapes that will enhance your experience when used in conjunction with other stones: 

  • Crystal Points: Crystal points direct the energy of your stones. For example, if you are lying with stones on your body, surround yourself with crystal points. Face them outward if you want to transmit the energy and face them inward if you want to receive the energy. 

  • Pointed Crystal Clusters: Place your chosen stones on the cluster to radiate your crystals' energies throughout your space. These pointed clusters also cleanse and charge your smaller crystals. 

  • Crystal Pendulums: Use crystal pendulums to ask your subconscious yes and no questions. Do this over your other stones to determine if they are the stones you need in your practice at this time. 

Can crystals be kept together?

Energetically, all crystals can be kept together if you are open to it.

Physically, you want to protect your crystals from scratches and harm by keeping them separate. Display them on their own stands or keep them apart so they are not touching.

If you have harder crystals that won't damage each other, they can all be kept together. If you have softer stones that are sensitive to fracturing, keep them separate. The Mohs Scale of Hardness will help you determine your stone's toughness. 

Which crystals are the most powerful?

Crystals are known to have gentle versus aggressive vibrations, but they are all equal in their power. Depending on your intention, every crystal can radiate with the same strength, although at different frequencies, to manifest your healing goals. 

For example, Malachite is known as an aggressive heart-healer while Rose Quartz is known as a gentle heart-healer. However, neither crystal is more powerful than the other. They both serve their healing purposes and vibrate with equal strength at different frequencies. 

5 Natural crystal combinations

Sometimes, Mother Nature had combined the perfect crystals for you. There are stones that contain more than one mineral, and you get the benefit of each stone. These combinations are ideal for everyone. Here are some of the most popular natural gemstone combinations:

Ruby Fuchsite Zoisite:

The most powerful heart chakra crystals come together to give you the ultimate gemstone full of love energy. Ruby is often found in Fuchsite to form Ruby Fuchsite, or in Zoisite to form Ruby Zoisite. Some pieces contain all three.


When Amethyst and Citrine occur together, they form the stunningly beautiful stone known as Ametrine. This elusive treasure brings you spiritual and material bounty all in one

Quartz Hematoid:

Clear Quartz comes to life when it contains real Hematite minerals. This lively combination is called Quartz Hematoid, and it is one of the most captivating forms of Quartz.

Lapis Lazuli:

More often than not, you find plentiful sparkles or even chunks of golden Pyrite in your Lapis Lazuli gemstone. Not only does this stone light up your intuitive Lapis Lazuli healing crystal, but it also brings you an extra boost of protection as you use this spiritual stone.

Chrysocolla Malachite Azurite:

Each of these gemstones is a precious treasure cherished on its own. However, you often find Chrysocolla, Malachite and Azurite together, in any combination of two or even all three. It is a stunning pick for your Upper Chakras.


You and your crystal combinations

Like all energy healing, there are no concrete rules in combining crystals. You are the master of your practice. Once you develop your trust in your Higher Self and your intuition, you will make your own rules. 

Are you someone who combines all kinds of crystals? Are you someone who feels out-of-sorts with too many crystals? We would love to hear about your experiences. Post in the comments below and we will get back to you. 

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Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Lisa Satin - March 12, 2023

Hi Loraine,

I’m so happy to hear that this article was helpful for you. Thank you for sharing your crystal combination experiences with us. It’s often a good idea to keep stones away from pets and kids :) Though they can be around crystals while under supervision too. You might enjoy these articles about Crystals and Kids, Crystals and Pets:

Have a lovely day and reach out to us any time.

-Lisa Satin

Loraine - March 12, 2023

Hi, I am fairly new to crystals although I’ve always been mesmerised by them. I have a sizeable collection now and I love combing all sorts of crystals together, the more the merrier.

I am in the process of working out what I want to feel in each room in my house and how to achieve that using crystals. I have some lovely shelving for my walls on which to display my crystals and keep them from being eaten by my dogs or lost by my grandchildren.
I have found your articles very helpful and whilst I generally go with what I like and feel works, it’s also great to know I’m on the right lines and what intentions to set each crystal. I have also learnt about some crystals that I hadn’t heard of and may be tempted to have in my life. Thanks.

Sheila Satin - November 21, 2020

Hi ishrat, yes the amethyst and rose quartz set currently sells for $55, but keep in mind that pricing is subject to change in the future. Here is where you can purchase your set today:

Sheila Satin

Ishrat batool - November 21, 2020

Plz tell me that bracelets of amythest and rose quartz are both available in 55 USD in one deal?plz tell me fast

Sheila Satin - November 21, 2020

Hi Alexis! Nice to meet you, we are standing by if you have any crystal questions.

Sheila Satin :)

Alexis - November 21, 2020

I just wanted to say hiii, I’m new to this satin crystals opportunity and I can’t wait to use these tips and tricks

Sheila Satin - November 21, 2020

Hi Heng, There are many for this purpose and it depends on which stones you must resonate with. For me I would use malachite but also very popular for forgiveness is Sugilite.

Rose quartz is the most popular for self-love and forgiveness. This one has a more gentle energy than the other two.

We look forward to sending you your bracelets,
Sheila Satin

Heng - November 21, 2020

Thanks Sheila. Before I conclude my purchase, could I check with you what’s the best stone for emotional healing from past trauma and to encourage self forgiveness?

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