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FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+

Satin Crystals Bracelets are your Best Bet

sheila of satin crystals wearing howlite jewlery and making two thumbs upWhether you are a first-time buyer or a repeat shopper, there are exciting reasons why Satin Crystals' healing bracelets are your best bet.

Bracelets are the top sellers at Satin Crystals and it's not just a random occurrence. Let's find out why...

5 Reasons to Love Satin Crystals Bracelets

  • Stretch bracelets are reinforced and strung in all sizes
  • American made bracelets by an American business
  • The 30-day hassle-free exchange period
  • I Dig Crystals boutique line has original pieces not found elsewhere
  • National and international gemstones from around the world give you ample variety

Expanding on the SATIN five

  1. Stretch bracelets are reinforced with quadruple elastic and available in all sizes.

    What does that mean? Most of the stretch bracelets you find on the jewelry market are either strung on a single or double line of elastic cord, making them flimsy and weak. At Satin Crystals, we exceed your expectations by using at least 4 layers of elastic cord, making your stretch bracelets sturdier and last longer.

    Another point of contention with buying from other stretch bracelet vendors is that you only get a one-size-fits-all option. At Satin Crystals we believe in providing you with all sizes so you can find your perfect bracelet fit. Whether you like to wear one snug at your wrist or stack bracelets up your arm-length, we have you covered.

    You will surely be happy with your durable, size-appropriate, and easy to wear crystal healing stretch bracelets from Satin Crystals. 

  2. American made is what you want.

    Your Satin Crystals bracelets are handmade by Sheila Satin in her California jewelry studio. Meanwhile, most other crystal bracelets you see online are pre-made in cheap factories across China, India, Madagascar, etc. Where is the love?

    When you choose Satin Crystals bracelets you will feel the love, joy, happiness, and passion for crystal healing jewelry. We have dedicated our lives to connecting you with metaphysical energy, education, and high-quality gemstones. We are surrounded by crystals night and day and we want to surround you in the same. 

    Feel good knowing you are supporting a woman-owned, American-made holistic business. Plus, you enjoy free USA shipping year-round. 

  3. Thirty days exchange period if your bracelet doesn't fit right.

    With Satin Crystals, you can expect a hassle-free restringing period. If you accidentally ordered the wrong size, you can send your bracelet back for  Sheila Satin to restring to your preferred size.

    Has your purchase gone beyond the thirty day period? Our VIP members may be eligible for free restringing for up to 1 year on qualifying Satin Crystals bracelet purchase! Plus, it's free to join the VIP, so you only have things to gain!

    To cut out the incorrect sizing ordeal completely, we provide you with a complete Bracelet Sizing Guide. There is even an educational video so you can shop for your perfect bracelet sizes with confidence the first time around!  

  4. I Dig Crystals is our boutique line exclusive to Satin Crystals.

    The I Dig Crystals jewelry line is designed mindfully by Sheila Satin for your specific crystal healing needs.

    Find single-stone beaded bracelets like Lapis Lazuli Peace Bracelet or the Black Tourmaline Protection Bracelet.

    Bring your style to life with designer bracelets like the popular Bloodstone Pyrite Skull Bracelet or the 7-Coil Rose Quartz Bracelet

    The I Dig Crystals collection is constantly expanding to fit your healing desires. New gemstone combinations are being created daily in all sizes and styles. Check back often; you don't want to miss out on an I Dig Crystals original! 

  5. National and International gemstones give you variety.

    We have opened up the world to you in terms of gemstones. You will find healing crystals from all parts of the globe included in your Satin Crystals bracelets.

    You have access to American-mined stones like Moqui Marbles from Utah and Arizona and Howlite from California and international stones like Obsidian from the exotic volcanoes of Mexico and Ruby Zoisite from spiritual lands of India.

jaren and jamie of satin crystals posing with satin crystals bracelets8 More Reasons to choose Satin Crystals Bracelets

In case you needed a few more reasons why Satin Crystals bracelets should be in your collection, here is why we guarantee you will be 100% happy with our CRYSTALS: 

  • Crystal healing bracelets provide you with beneficial energy
  • Reiki energy is infused into each piece by Reiki Master Sheila Satin
  • Your bracelet stands out from generic big-box jewelry, which means you also stand out
  • Sheila is a crystal healer and knows the energy of each gemstone, as well as which ones work well together for combination bracelets
  • They come in Satin Crystals gift boxes, ready to give and easy to store
  • All beads are carefully selected and scrutinized by Sheila
  • Lifestyle photos with real live non-photoshopped people wearing the bracelets give you a good sense of what you are getting
  • Styles are available for both men and women in all wrist sizes

Order Bracelets now 

There is always a celebration and a holiday around the corner. Order bracelets now and be ready for any occasion. 

They also made fantastic gifts. Bracelets are beloved by all and the people in your life could use a supportive hand and a healing boost right about now! 

sheila of satin crystals holding up pyrite memory wire braceletsMore Jewelry to Love

Now that you are ready to collect Satin Crystals bracelets, make space on your jewelry rack, we have a lot of options coming your way! Here are additional jewelry links that you will love: 

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Sheila Satin - October 1, 2022

Hello Brendan, we sell all kinds of stones, untreated and treated. Under the “Stone Treatment” section of each listing, you will see how they are treated or if they are untreated.

If you have questions about any specific listings, don’t hesitate to ask,
Sheila Satin

Brendan - October 1, 2022

I have a question. Are the crystals you sell 100% natural, that is, not heated or treated? Like the common citrine crystal in the market, which is a heated amethyst.
Thank you

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