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Your New Moon Reading for March 2, 2022

sheila of satin crystals holding lapis buddha, dumortierite heart, aquamarine sphereDear Friends,

Let March stand for peace. In a world raging with wars, your positive and proactive energy is needed more than ever. 

March blesses us with an early New Moon. Let us ask Goddess Luna to clear the red skies and return them to a blue serenity.

What's your destiny this lunar New Moon month that begins March 2 and ends April 1st, 2022? Play the New Moon Divination game now and find out how you can make the most of your future.

With love,

Lisa Satin

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Prefer to play along with our video? Watch the New Moon Crystal Divination Game

New Moon Crystals for March 2, 2022


Mentally pick one of these three stones that call your attention. 


aquamarine circle


blue lapis lazuli sphere

dumortierite sphere

Got your #1 pick in mind?

Once you've picked your stone, scroll downwards to find your personal New Moon reading for today. 

sheila of satin crystals pointing down

New Moon Crystal Reading

Your intuition leads you to the stone that works in your favor this month. Read about your New Moon crystal pick below...


aquamarine circle

You, my friend, have been drawn to serene blue-green Aquamarine. This month, your thoughts are on peace, harmony, and positive expression.

You're well aware that you live in a tumultuous world full of ups and downs. In fact, every single day you have your own highs and lows. This New Moon cycle of March 2nd to April 1st, make a special effort to remain peaceful. Combat the dark forces with hopeful thoughts, positive actions, and meaningful contemplation.

Use Aquamarine crystals to keep you cool when you feel fired up. Wear Aquamarine jewelry to remain in a spiritual state of bliss. See your life and worldly events from a Big Picture standpoint this month.

When challenges arise, you rise to the challenge. This New Moon reminds you that old systems must fall before new ones can flourish.

Check out these cooling blue Aquamarine gems and jewels:


blue lapis lazuli sphere

You are drawn to intense and magical Lapis Lazuli crystals on this New Moon. Over the next 30-day lunar cycle from March 2nd to April 1st, be extra aware of the signs and symbols that the Universe is delivering to you.

It's easy to forget that you not only have two eyes but three. This New Moon cycle, actively engage your Third Eye chakra by paying attention to small messages. You might hear a whisper in your ear, see an image in your head, or have a vivid dream full of meanings. They could be related to love, work, spirituality, career, or more. If you tap into these signs, you'll be led to a better way. 

Lapis Lazuli is just the stone to help you do this. Place Lapis under the moonlight to activate its psychic energy. Then, place stones on or near your Third Eye chakra throughout the month. Lapis jewelry can help you catch signs and symbols throughout the day.

And what shall come of these messages? If you listen to your Higher Self, you're going to reach a new level of understanding of not only yourself but for humanity as a whole. 

Check out these intuitive Lapis Lazuli crystals and jewelry:



dumortierite sphere

You are drawn to dreamy blue Dumortierite this New Moon lunar cycle of March 2nd to April 1st because you are ready to learn something new. 

There may be a topic that suddenly piques your interest this month and you'll be compelled to find out more. It might be related to academics, spirituality, or politics. It could also be that you will undergo a major experience that teaches you a valuable life lesson. Whether it's by choice or by chance, your mind is ready to grow.

Dumortierite will help keep your Throat and Third Eye chakras open so you can intake knowledge and wisdom. You'll be ready for an influx of information and mentally organized to filter through the fake news.

You'll also be able to clearly express your opinions and ideas when you utilize the energy of the New Moon. Charge up those Dumortierite gemstones and jewels for the best results this lunar cycle.

Check out these wise Dumortierite crystals and jewels:

Reading Onward...

Have you used any of the stones for this month's New Moon? We'd love to hear about your experiences. Post them below. 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Sheila Satin - April 3, 2022

Hi Christine, thank you for your reply. I am happy to hear back from you! Thanks for your kind words and joining our meditations.

Christine G - April 3, 2022

Thank you kindly. I love your jewellery, gemstones, moquie stones. Also your meditation shaman journey was amazing. Really all wonderful.

Lisa Satin - April 26, 2021

Hi Irma,

Thanks for sharing about your experience. We have an article specifically discussing protection stones that can help with your issues. Here it is:

On that article, you’ll also learn which stones are best for this.

Hope it helps,

Lisa Satin

Irma C - April 26, 2021

Best crystals do unify myself and my boyfriend I have over 14 years and block all negative people or energy coming towards our relationship and or our living space. Wanting Unity in love and family blocking any negative thoughts or anyone with evil deeds/ words / intentions….In my home, nor in my personal life/ my love life.

Sheila Satin - April 26, 2021

Hi Sara, you are welcome for the greetings. Thank you for your order and sharing your story. We hope the Onyx eggs will help, but of course crystals can only go so far. If you think your son needs additional help, we have written an article about how to find a healer:

Sara C - April 26, 2021
I love Crystal alot. I start searching for Crystal and I come across your page and I save I t then today I sign up plus I buy 2 Oxygen eggs because I read what it help and I’m going through a situation with my younger son. .. I have 3 grown kids their 2 boys of 23 and 20 and 1 girl of 18. My older son hes together with he’s girlfriend and have 2 boys . 1 of 3 years old and a 6 months .my other 2 they still single.. My middles son had a girlfriend when he was on high school. They start to go out then he start to go to her apartment, later I found out she didn’t have a mom since 7 or younger age she die and she only stay and live with her father and her grandmother. So she get bring to her apartment any body. So my son start going their I didn’t like that at all and even told him it’s not good your going their you might get in trouble. Later her father come and meet me and asked if she can stay with me at my home for a week so I didn’t really know what to said but I did accept. So time pass and she goes home and start going back and forth it pass a year and later since her dad had a girlfriend . He throw her out from hes apartment my son call me to go pick them up so she start to live in my home since.. until later fight start and I told her she need to go back to her dad because it Cas crazy when. I try to talk to my son she’ll be there and will not let me talk to him at all. Latershetook him with her and her dad to their apartment things got bad . I call the police because I needhimto be. home and finally took him. Home with all this problems she will not tell my son that she didn’t love him that all she wanted from him was sex. Later he found that by him self and that bec6 bad for him because he was I. Love with her.. so 4 years with thinking of her and ca t forget her later he start to act strange that all he see. and drive by he did it already even at school what ever they were going g to do for hi. He already did it so school call me and I told them I now hes acting strange and i.going to take Hi. To the hospital so some time we got back from. STORE and it’s night and he see the moon and he will tell me that when he sleeping or sitting g Dawn he feels not here he feels going in the air trying to reach to tough the moon and he force him self later in the date the same thing. And what I see from. Him when he gain weight he try and push Him self to much that i see he dont sleep and eat well and that’s when he start. To act strange after on we already at the hospital and see the doctor and he tells them I know you..The doctor said no its my first time know you. So I explain . And they can’t do nothing about it anything happen in 2019.. for 1 month .later I scheduled appointment with a mental crisis doctor. So when we whent to see him my son was back to Normal and I will te you this when he broke up with he’s girlfriend he want to die u til he’s best friend d told me and I talk to him and like I said before it took him 4 years but now on The month of October 2021 we have seen he acting very strange and not only that but gets out in the middle of the night with out. Saying nothing until police call me and their I go to pick him up. Then again he do it but he start to. Buy alot of things he.doesn. need and strat. Walking the street. Bad and sad from hes job they. send him early home because of he’s behavior. So the job gave him me off. And again doing same thing. He gain weight and trying g hard to loose it. But I see something. Bothering Hi. Until he told me that he was having problem to pee..since he’s penny was buried I see he’s worried to much and he’s just not sleeping and eating. So he’s brain. Working fast.later start to said thing wire.. that hes marrying that xgirlfriend he had and he have baby and so on. And doing thing out of normal so police told me to take him To a hospital of mental crisis for. And avalution and we did. Then we went from their. So doctor spoke with both and let us now he’s not ok so he have to stay to work with him for 7 days at list.later he’s casework calle and let me know he’s going g to be discharge.he went I. On April 4, 2021 and got discharge on April 12, 2021 with paper and medication . So the case worker talk to me and told me what going on with him. She told me he have Bipolar and she explain me about it and that he going to be taking a pill twice day and it could be for life if he doesn’t know how to control he’s impatiens and so he finisht the medication bottle they gave him at the hospital and on all the papers they gave him a subscription to fill out beforehand runs out but he dosnt want to refill out . So I’m waiting o. He’s case worth call me .to ye her about that… and we’ll on the other ha d he is doing OK but something their little parts their not right but I know it will take him time but I dint know how much.. now when he was with he’s girlfriend he left few other dirty and that girl didn’t want to give it back to him.. I told him not to worried I belive on GOD.. and well I buy youth’s eggs for him to help him. well I’m sorry I make this latter to long.. but it’s true. I hope he get back to normal.. thanku again..
Sheila Satin - April 26, 2021

Hi Adam, it depends on what you believe. There are conflicting opinions like in all of healing. Here are our thoughts:

Adam J - April 26, 2021

Hello Iam wondering if it’s possible to carry or wear to many crystals I always wear alot and have not had any problems but some websites say that you should only wear a certain amount what are your thoughts on this ? Is it possible to wear to many crystals ? I don’t think so . Also do some crystals cancel each other out when worn together are there bad combinations? Please let me know your thoughts on these topics thank you and have a good day!!

Ann Satin - March 26, 2021

Hi Vandana,

Obsidian is the best crystal to protect you from negativity.

All the best,
Ann Satin

Vandana L - March 26, 2021

Which crystals would you recommend?

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