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Top 5 Crystals for Kids

happy young girl in a yellow dress with her hands in the air wearing satin crystals jewelry

When our little niece, Zoe, came to visit the Satin Crystals studio, her enthusiasm for crystals was immediate. She was drawn to the abundance of shiny and colorful stones and jewelry. It was hard to keep her away. That made our job easy when it came time for her excitement to shine in her crystal healing photoshoot. 

Let's go over how to connect your kid with crystals. We also have top crystal suggestions to get your started. These gemstone recommendations are popular and easy to find.

Are crystals good for kids?

Crystals are great for kids! Children are drawn to sparkling objects, and crystals beckon with magic. Kids are also more open to the metaphysical healing the Universe has to offer. This combination makes them prime candidates for crystal healing lifestyles. 

If your child does not mentally understand the power of energy healing, they will at least feel it. They may not know why they are pulled towards certain stones, but just like their favorite teddy bear, they will take comfort in the crystal's vibrations. 

Younger kids must always be supervised by an adult when wearing or playing with gemstones.

Starter Sets for Kids

The variety found in the mineral kingdom is infinite. There is so much to learn, so much to touch, see, and discover. Here are 5 starter ideas that provide kids with a medley of rocks to play with:

#1 Quartz Picture Window set of 4

#2 Calcites and Rainbow Delights

#3 Stones of the Earth

#4 Sun and Moon Stones

#5 Welcome to the 7 Chakras




female kid modeling crystal necklace

Crystals to help with the stress of being a kid

Just like adults, kids suffer from mental, spiritual, and physical stress. Stress for kids can be in the form of school homework, peer pressure, anxiety, fear, and the general feeling of tiredness due to a lack of sleep.

Kids should learn how to relieve stress and negativity in a positive way. Start them on the crystal healing path and watch as they thrive into a healthy future. 

Here are the best crystals for kids dealing with stress:

purple amethyst sphere - crystal healing meanings

Amethyst: Because of its calming effects, Amethyst is a great idea if your child suffers from nightmares. Simply place this purple stone under their pillow before going to bed at night or leave it on their bedstand. The gentle energy of Amethyst will help them with a soothing sleep.

Being a meditative crystal, Amethyst is a naturally spiritual stone. Help your kid connect with their Higher Self and better rely on their intuition. This will calm both their worries and yours. 

natural clear quartz stone ball - satin crystals meanings

Clear Quartz: This crystal is an all-purpose crystal known as the Master Healer. Your child will be mesmerized by the beauty within translucent Quartz. They may find flashing rainbows of colors, a multitude of mineral inclusions, or floating planes reminiscent of the shapes they see in passing clouds. 

In the picture, you will see little Zoe wearing a Quartz necklace with pride. Your child can also connect with the aura-enhancing energies of Quartz to keep them in a balanced state.

natural pink rose quartz stone sphere - satin crystals meaningsRose Quartz: Love is the most important emotion for your child to retain and develop. You want them to feel love and be able to show love. Rose Quartz is the perfect stone to promote this important emotion. Place this pink crystal on your child's Heart chakra or get them a little Rose Quartz pendant to wear over their heart. 

Rose Quartz has a gentle effect and is great for children. When a child's feelings are hurt, Rose Quartz is the right stone to put in their hands. 

natural blue and white sodalite sphere - satin crystals meanings

Sodalite: The dark blue color and the white calcium bands that surround the blue will soothe your child when they may feel anxious or emotional. Sodalite is also known for mental balance, aiding your kid in logical thinking. 

Sodalite helps children to focus and center, which is much needed at homework time. Choose a Sodalite sphere or pyramid for their desk. Perhaps some Sodalite tumbled stones for their backpack. 

natural golden brown tigers eye stone sphere - satin crystals meaningsTigers EyeThis shiny crystal will help your child with self-esteem. Like the eye of the tiger, this stone offers the confidence they need to get through those moments of anxiety. Whether it be the first day of school, standing up for an oral exam, or getting the nerve to ask the kid next door out for a playdate, Tigers Eye is a supportive crystal of courage.

Tigers Eye can also help children stay grounded. When their head is in the clouds, grounding crystals are essential in bringing them back to Earth and focused in the present moment. 

What crystal is good for school?

fluorite sphere

The most popular crystal for focusing on school is Fluorite. This is a great stone for concentrating. If your kids have homework to finish or a project to complete, place some Fluorite in their work area programmed for concentration. Better yet, have them program the stones so they are aware of the intention! 

How should my kid use crystals?

Your kid can use crystals just like you do in healing. If they don't yet understand the power of healing, they may start off as rock collectors and line them up in their room for their pure beauty.

Here are a few ideas for your kids' crystals: 

  • Place them under the pillow at night

  • Carry them in a drawstring pouch

  • Put them in a special backpack pocket

  • Line them up on a shelf

  • Create mindful mandalas

  • Have a show and tell with their friends

  • Make up stories for each crystal's personality

  • Place them on their chakras

  • Create chakra plates

  • Make gem elixirs

  • Wear gemstone jewelry

  • Gift crystals to their family and friends

If your child is rough with their stones, make sure to choose harder crystals that can take a beating. Just like any other object, supervise your child and their crystals. 

As your kids grow, they will want to expand their crystal horizon. Teach them the meaning of each crystal and what each one is good for. As they become adults, they can use crystals to focus their paths in life with self-confidence.

How should my kid clean their crystals?

Be sure to clean the crystals often if your child carries them around for a long period of time. For the gemstones we recommended above, rinsing them off with water will be enough to cleanse them physically.

To have your child tune into the metaphysical side of gemstones, teach them how to clean, charge, and program their crystals energetically. 

little girl laughing wearing crystal healing jewelry
Can kids wear gemstones?

Yes! Kids are fascinated with the colors, textures, and healing energies of natural gemstones. Depending on your child's behavior, they may be great candidates for wearing gemstones.

If your child is a little too rough and mischievous, stick with sturdy chain necklaces rather than stretch cord bracelet. Choose tougher stones and ones that are protected in cages and wires.

If your child is gentle and caring with their jewelry, you can adorn them with a whole world of gemstones for kids. 

Gemstone Jewelry ideas for kids

What's your child's favorite color? You can shop Crystals by Color to find a stone or jewel for your kid. If they like colorful rainbow items, here are 3 suggestions:

#1 Chakra Dreams Pendant

#2 Snow White's Rainbow Chakra Bracelet

#3  Rainbow Tree of Life Necklace   


Do you make jewelry in kid sizes?

We don't particularly make jewelry in kid sizes, but you are welcome to inquire about custom sizing.

Our bracelets start at size 5.5 inches, so depending on the size of your kid's wrist, they may already be able to shop the whole Satin Crystals bracelet collection

Our necklaces start at 14 inches, so depending on the length your child likes to wear, you can find them the perfect size. You can browse the Satin Crystals necklace collection and see which stones call out to your child. 

If there's a bracelet or necklace you would like altered to a shorter length, feel free to contact us

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