Crystals provide a powerful and natural method of healing for our beloved animal friends. Before beginning any crystal healing work on your pet, make sure that you are calm, balanced and grounded. Unlike humans who relate to pain, animals react to pain. Any doubts or fears you emit will be sensed by your pet and amplified by the crystal. 

Because crystal energy is very powerful and animals are highly sensitive to energies, experiment with your pet and different crystals to determine which ones will work for them. When the healing energy is to your pet’s satisfaction, they will show signs of comfort and affection. 

Crystal Healing Techniques for Pets

    • Place the appropriate crystal for your pet’s condition under their bed. Monitor their condition for the next two weeks. If your pet likes the crystals, you will see an improvement in their health within a few days.

    • Use a crystal generator wand in a clockwise motion over your pet’s condition. Move slowly and relax so your pet will feel the same way. Your pet will express their emotions through movement, so be aware if they are wanting more energy or moving away from it.

    • Place a small crystal pendant on your pet’s collar or buy a beaded pet collar.

    • Add a clean crystal to your pet’s water bowl to energize their water and help digestion.

    • Warm up the appropriate crystal in the sunshine for active energy and apply the warm crystal to your pet’s injured area or use a few tumbled Smoky Quartz crystal in an ice bag if you’re trying to reduce swelling.