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Aventurine Crystal Ball Showcase

sheila of satin crystals holding two green aventurine crystal balls

Aventurine Balls bring Abundance to All

Are you after the most powerful abundance stone? 

Do you wish to revel in riches and enjoy the delights of life?

Aventurine crystal balls invite you into the inner circle of knowledge. Here you will learn the secrets of prosperity and the power of a positive mindset.

Don't just live a little, live large with the power of Aventurine abundance spheres.

Here are 5 of Aventurine spheres to add to your collection of riches: 

#1 Green Aventurine Lucky Streaks Sphere

Does it feel like you're always down on your luck? Change the trajectory. Aventurine Lucky Streaks spheres bring you a lifetime of good fortune. Turn that frown upside down, because these stunning rich green spheres show you the way to the luxe life. Sparkling with golden Mica inclusions, the irresistible crystal balls attract money, wealth, and prosperity to your corner. 

#2 Stormy Grey Aventurine Magic Sphere

Be mesmerized by the hypnotic powers of Stormy Grey Aventurine. This interesting sphere draws you in like a looking glass. It awakens your inner witch and wizard to a world of Wiccan magic. Don't be limited by rules and cliches, go above and beyond your imagination with the Stormy Aventurine crystal ball. Use its magical powers to summon abundance of all kinds because you deserve it. 

#3 Green Aventurine Money Lover Sphere

Are you a friend of abundance, or do you fear money? Most people fear money without even realizing it. Your shiny green Aventurine sphere helps you transform negative programming to positive progress. Money isn't your enemy. Your bright green crystal ball inspires you to love money, opening up your Heart chakra to abundance and hope. Place it in your home, your office, and carry it anywhere you go. Fall in love with financial freedom, and everything else that consequently falls in line. 

#4 Blue Aventurine Relaxed Life of Luxury Sphere

Abundance is all about enjoying and indulging in life's fineries. This Blue Aventurine sphere shows you how to take it easy and relax to the max. Lavish yourself in all this rich planet has to offer. You work hard, and now you get to play easy. Blue Aventurine helps you overcome your fear of spending, fear of letting loose, and your fear of happiness. Free your spirit as you gaze into this big blue crystal ball beauty.

#5 Green Aventurine Law of Attraction Sphere

You're an achiever and you want more. This Green Aventurine sphere knows how to call the Law of Attraction to your aura. Your goals are set, your actions are taken, and now the Green Aventurine orb amplifies the rewards that are coming. It vibes perfectly with the frequency of the Universe, tapping into an unseen flow of abundance. What a great sphere for manifestation meditations and Feng Shui display.

Amplify your Abundance

Do you want to manifest more abundance with Aventurine? Learn all about its prosperous powers.

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Sheila Satin - September 7, 2020

So glad you found us, Patty. Welcome to the crystal healing world. Let me know if you need any guidance. I hope you enjoyed the moon the other day 😊


Lisa Satin - August 23, 2020

Hi Kat,
Thanks for writing!

I’m so glad to hear that you’re thinking of getting a crystal ball. I love the feeling and healing benefits of crystal balls, which is why we offer so many on our site :) It can be overwhelming to choose, but definitely take your time and follow your intuition.

Here are some articles you might enjoy:

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And a link to our crystal ball collection:

If you need help deciding on what’s best for you, check out our video on how to pick crystals:

That was a lot of information! Let me know if you have any more questions.

Lisa Satin

Kat - August 23, 2020

thank you for the message! ive learned alot from your website over the past few days and im thinking of purchasing a crystal ball but im not sure when

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