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Aventurine Crystal Rituals for Money Abundance

hand holding two green aventurine eggs
Aventurine is all about abundance, and abundance is all about sharing the wealth. It's our pleasure to share with you how to capture abundance.

Practice one or more of these Aventurine Abundance Rituals to get your money mindset flowing. Only by thinking rich can you manifest riches.

Capture Aventurine Abundance

To do Aventurine money rituals, get a hold of as many Aventurine crystals as you can. Gather up your collection before beginning.

If you don't have Aventurine yet, or you need more, visit the wealth of options in our Aventurine Gemstone and Jewelry Collection to find your perfect pieces.

After you have your Aventurine stones gathered, you want to clean, charge, and program them. This is a three-step process. There are several ways to clean, charge, and program your crystals. See the many methods on our Crystal Care page.

When programming Aventurine, you want to infuse each crystal with a money-related manifestation for these rituals. The more specific, the better. Cater your intentions to your life condition. With each ritual listed below, there is an example of an intention for your convenience.

4 Aventurine Crystal Money Rituals

Let's dive right into this deep pool of riches. Choose the ritual of your choice, or even better, do them all for ultimate abundance. They are listed in a step by step format:

Financial Nest Egg Ritual with Green Aventurine Eggs

This ritual is right for you if you are working to build on a specific type of fund. These financial nest eggs could be about saving up for a home, retirement, vacation, special item, college fund, debt payoff, or anything else you desire.

  1. Gather up your green Aventurine egg(s). If you don't have an egg yet, explore the Aventurine Egg collection to find your money stone.

  2. Clean your egg and charge it under the sunlight. See Crystal Care for tips on how to do this.

  3. Infuse your Aventurine egg with a programming specifically catered to the nest egg you want to advance. Here are two examples:

    "I get a 10% raise at work, which allows me to save $100 extra per month to put in the nest egg for my future house downpayment."

    "By promoting my babysitting services on the community website, I see an increase in jobs and am able to grow my iPhone 11 nest egg even faster than I expected."

  4. Build a nest for your egg. You could literally twine together sticks, mold and paint a puff of cotton, or arrange a bowl of small crystals. No matter what nest you are building, put loving, caring positive energy into it because you will be looking at it daily.

  5. Place your Aventurine Nest Egg in your financial area, such as a safe, the place near your financial documents, or a work desk. If you don't have a specific place in mind, check out this Feng Shui Chart which shows you what part of the room is for wealth and prosperity.

  6. At least once a day, visit your Aventurine Nest Egg. Pick up the egg and repeat the original programmed intention 3 or more times, aloud or to yourself. This is very important because it reinforces to your mind the goals you are working toward, and helps manifest them consistently. 

  7. Take the actions you have set for yourself, and watch as your Nest Egg grows before your eyes.

If you have more than one Nest Egg to work on (for example, you are building on a house fund, a college fund, and a vacation fund) you will want one Green Aventurine egg per intention. You can place them all together in one handcrafted nest, or make a nest for each. Hold and recite your affirmation for each one individually, at least 3 times daily.

24/7 Money Mindset Ritual with Aventurine Jewelry

This ritual is for people who are on-the-go but want to keep their money mindset healthy. So many people have a negative view of money or don't make abundance a priority. With Aventurine jewelry adorning you all day and night, you can't help but align yourself to the flow of abundance.

1. Gather up your Aventurine jewelry. If you don't have any pieces yet, visit the Aventurine Jewelry of Abundance collection to find your brilliant bling.

2. Clean and charge your jewelry. If it contains metal, be sure to pick a less abrasive cleansing method from the Crystal Care list.

3. Infuse each piece of jewelry with a 24/7 Money Mindset program. Here are four examples:
    • Colorful Aventurine Necklaces: "I am a money magnet. Money flows to me no matter where I go, and I display my love of abundance proudly." 

    • Green Aventurine Earrings: "I keep money on my mind at all times. I have a well-balanced love for money and a positive relationship with the law of attraction."

    • Colorful Aventurine Bracelet: "Money makes the world go round. My green Aventurine attracts wealth to me. Orange Aventurine lets me spend my money guilt-free because I earned it and deserve life's luxuries." 

    • Green Aventurine Cufflinks: "When I'm at work, I always remember my worth and expect others to value me for my high performance. I am a go-getter and I get well-compensated for my efforts."

    4. Wear your Aventurine jewelry often and everywhere. Each time you glance at it or see yourself in the mirror, consciously remember your programs. Give energy to transforming your mindset from negative to positive.

    5. As your views on money change for the better, you feel better and money feels like visiting your life much more often.

    four green aventurine spheres on wood display standsWorkplace Success Ritual with Aventurine Balls

    Work is surely a place centered around money. Crystal balls are used for increasing profits and productivity in the workplace. They are perfectly round, ideal for group harmony, equality, and effective communication. Add in the abundance power of Aventurine, Aventurine spheres are simply a must.

    1. Gather up your Aventurine spheres. If you don't have a sphere yet, visit the Aventurine Crystal Ball collection to find your attractive money stone.

    2. Clean your sphere and charge it under the sunlight. See Crystal Care for ways to do this.

    3. Infuse your Aventurine sphere by programming it for workplace success. Green Aventurine spheres are your best choice for money-related matters, while Blue Aventurine spheres help with team building, communication, and performance. All are important. Here are two examples of intentions:

      • Green Aventurine Sphere: "I am an amazing supervisor who constantly exceeds my sales quotas. I am the best-qualified for that new manager position coming up, which comes with a 25% pay raise."

      • Blue Aventurine Sphere: "I engage my employees in more team-building activities and as a result, we have better communication and productivity. Business profits increase by 20% over the next year, along with work satisfaction."

    4. Take your sphere to the 'Wealth and Prosperity' corner of your room. See the Feng Shui Chart if you're unsure where it is located.

    5. Place your freshly programmed sphere on top of a pile of money. Yes, you want to use actual cash bills. It's up to you if you want to nest the sphere in a bowl of money, place it in a pile, or wrap the bills around the ball. You could even bury it completely. Leave your Aventurine sphere in its cash pile in the 'Wealth and Prosperity' corner to absorb the Feng Shui energy of abundance.

    6. After 3 days, take the Aventurine sphere off the money pile. Move it to your work desk, workspace, studio, office, gallery, shop, etc. 

    6. On a weekly basis, recharge your sphere under a single bill overnight. The sphere can remain in your office for as long as you want.

    7. Let the Aventurine money ball do its work, while you do yours. As a team, watch results roll in.

    I Love Money Ritual with Green Aventurine Hearts

    Like the 24/7 Money Mindset Ritual with Aventurine Jewelry, the I Love Money Ritual is a transformation of your thoughts regarding money. The jewelry ritual is for those on the go who need fast reminders. If you need more intensive rehabilitation regarding your negative money mindset, the I Love Money ritual is best for you. Do both and let abundance find you even faster! 

    1. Gather up your Green Aventurine Hearts. If you don't have a heart yet, visit the Green Aventurine Crystal heart collection to find a piece you will fall in love with.

    2. Clean your heart and charge it under the sunlight. The Crystal Care tutorial explains to you how to do this.

    3. Infuse your Green Aventurine Heart for an "I Love Money" program. Here are three examples: 

      • "I transform my relationship with money from one of fear and anxiety to one of love and trust."

      • "I release my poverty thinking and welcome a flow of rich abundance in its place. I take the steps to success and see results."

      • "I love money because it is a symbol of my energy and it is a reward for the work I put in. Money is my good karma and I like to prosper in it."

    4. Find a peaceful space to lay down, and do a crystal layout by placing the Green Aventurine money heart on your Heart chakra or chest. Alternatively, you can hold one in each hand or place several around you.

    5. Internally recite the positive programming you chose as you relax and let the messages reach your subconscious mind. You can recite additional Aventurine Affirmations for more results. Satin Crystals will be giving VIP members Free Aventurine Affirmations within the next few days. Sign up now.

    6. Do money visualizations, such as imagining money rain upon you as you dance joyously. You can listen to an Aventurine Abundance guided meditation. Satin Crystals VIP members will get access next week to a guided meditation script and video about Money Manifestation with Aventurine. Sign up now.

    6. Ideally, you will engage in this intensive ritual 3 times a week, but at least once a week. You have an entire lifetime of negative money programming to reverse, so many sessions are recommended.

    7. Take note of how your thoughts and relationship with money transform from negative to positive. Let the Law of Attraction turn your way, once and for all.

    Aventurine Abundance Journeys

    Here are additional helpful crystal healing resources to advance your journeys in abundance: 

      Has Aventurine worked its abundance on you?

      Have you used Aventurine for money success? Did you find a fresh flow of cash or income? Did you get promoted with Aventurine? Maybe you transformed your thinking along the way? Are you just starting the journey?

      We would love to hear your thoughts, stories, and questions. Feel free to post them here on the blog below and we'll get back to you! 

      Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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      Sheila Satin - September 9, 2021

      Hi Anna, nice to hear back from you! Here are some articles that can help you with your crystal search:

      How to Use Meditation Crystals:

      How to Use Abundance Crystals:

      Both of them have a lot of suggestions as well as to what crystals you can use. And, if you need help choosing crystals and narrowing it down:

      Sheila Satin :)

      Anna - September 9, 2021

      what crystals do you recommend for a beginner to help with meditation and abundance of health and wealth?

      Sheila Satin - October 5, 2020

      Hi Bernadeth, we have a whole article with suggestions on Abundance Crystals that you can find here:

      Yes, Aventurine and Citrine are very popular for this purpose. We also have an Aventurine abundance meditation you should try:

      You can definitely wear or carry all kinds of abundance stones with you at once. The more the merrier! Do your experiments and you will soon find out which ones you vibrate best with. Everyone is different!

      Sheila Satin

      Bernadeth - October 5, 2020

      Hi, I am a part time online digital marketer, what is the best crystal to attract success and abundance.? Also to have always positive mindset and confidence. Is it ok to carry or wear different kinds of cystals, Iam looking at the abundance crystals like cristine, tigers eye, aventurine and pyrite?

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