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Rose Quartz Love Story Stone Showcase

sheila of satin crystals holding two pink rose quartz heartsEvery great love has a story to be shared and cherished. It could be a new relationship: the very first chapter of a romantic novel. It could be an old and lasting love that has powered through the times, weathered the storms, and celebrated the clear skies.

Whatever your story is, Rose Quartz keeps the love alive. Rose Quartz opens your heart to new love, restores at-risk love, and promotes self-love.

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10 Pink Rose Quartz Love Story Stones

Follow your heart's desire and choose the Rose Quartz that's meant for you. Let it be the keepsake of your love.

Here are 10 of the most lovely Rose Quartz crystals:

 #1 Rose Quartz Romance Crystal Ball

Love Story: Rose Quartz is the sweetest stone around and this darling sphere brings out your soft side. It activates your Heart chakra, opening you up to true love. The shiny treasure sits smoothly in the palm of your hands as you do love manifestations and self-love affirmations. Use the Rose Quartz crystal ball as feng shui home decor to brighten up the good vibrations.

#2 Rose Quartz Egg New Relationships

Love Story: With this gorgeous Rose Quartz egg, you may suddenly fall upon new love and romance. The start of a love story is the greatest feeling in life. You are on cloud nine. Let your relationships hatch and bloom with the energy of this Rose Quartz egg. It's the perfect pink gift for Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and all the lovely occasions.

# 3 Rose Quartz Pyramid Love Feng Shui

Love Story: Infuse your space with the best kind of Feng Shui ever- that of love energy! This Rose Quartz pyramid channels loving vibes of the spiritual universe down into your life. It's simply perfect for your crystal layouts, affirmations, manifestations, meditations, grid work, and more. It's pretty, it's energetic, it's Rose Quartz.

#4 Rose Quartz Pendulum Love Truth

Love Story: Love will lead the way. This Rose Quartz pendulum points you to your spiritual path. When you want to access universal truth, choose this precious pink pendulum. The faceted stone showcases a sterling silver chain to upgrade your typical healing tool. When you seek answers in love, chakra healing, or hypnotic trance, take hold of your divine Rose Quartz pendulum and surrender to its lovely sway.

#5 Rose Quartz Raw Lovers Pair

Love Story: Nothing whisks you into the mood for love and romance like raw Rose Quartz crystals. These natural beauties help you attract love when you're single and keep the romance going when you're not! Hold one in each hand for soul mate manifestations or place them by the bedside to bring love and excitement. 

#6 Rose Love-not-Stress Facial Rollers

Love Story: Love yourself first, and the world will fall in love with you too. This Rose Quartz facial roller wand is the self-care treasure you need. Settle into a relaxing massage that loosens those tight little muscles in your face.  Breathe a sigh of relief and gain a new sparkle in your eye with this lovely Rose Quartz roller.

#7 Rose Quartz My Glowing Heart

Love Story: When you're in love, you glow. This soft pink Rose Quartz heart radiates with loving vibrations that heal and inspire. Are you looking to attract love? Improve relations? Find new friends? Nurture your self-esteem? This Rose Quartz sweetheart is the crystal that holds your hand throughout this journey of life and love.

#8 Rose Quartz Cat Lover

Love Story: This adorable Rose Quartz cat is perfect for cat lovers! Treat yourself or a friend to a figurine that brings loads of good energy and fun. You also gain the cunning wit and wisdom of the smart cat.  

#9 Rose Quartz Point to Love Tower

Love Story: Are you looking for true love? This Rose Quartz wand points the way. Follow your heart and you shall seek what you desire. The pink gemstone tower stands tall as a reminder that love shall always prevail. 

#10 Rose Quartz & Friends Healing Set

Love Story: Rose Quartz teams up with its best friends: Amethyst, Clear Quartz, and Smoky Quartz. This lovely set is just what you want to raise your energy. Peer into the picture window gemstones and do crystal gazing on-the-go. Rub the smooth surface of your worry stones to banish anxiety from your life. You can't go wrong with this crystal set that has it all. 

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Lisa Satin - August 30, 2022

Thanks for sharing your stories with us, Sharla.

It sounds like you’re doing the right thing by cleaning, charging, and programming your stones before use. You can clean crystals on a Quartz cluster. Selenite, however, is self-cleansing and doesn’t need to be cleaned but you still can! And you should certainly charge and program it. Maybe you can switch it up and try different methods to see what results you get.

We have a lot of information about crystal care that will answer your many questions in this article:

In regards to the Rose Quartz that keeps breaking, it might mean you haven’t found the right one yet or it might mean you need a different stone altogether. Check out this article about the meaning of lost and damaged crystals:

If you decide to try a different piece of Rose Quartz, you can find some nice ones in our collection:

Or you might decide to go with a different Love Crystals next:

In regards to your Amazonite and dreaming, maybe you were having an astral body experience instead of dreaming. This could be a meditation-type state! Learn more about amazing Amazonite:

Thanks for sharing your journey with us and we hope to be of assistance again soon.

Sincerely, Lisa Satin

Sharla L. - August 30, 2022

I usually cleanse my crystals under the sunlight (except for the ones that fade, I cleanse them in incense or water). Whenever I cleanse them, I always charge and program them before working with them again. Am I doing the right thing? :D

Does clear quartz cleanse other crystals, like selenite?

I have a story to tell regarding rose quartz! About 2 weeks ago, my rose quartz necklace broke in the shower (I’m usually very careful about handling things especially the ones that are fragile that need extra care). Earlier that day, I experienced very heavy negative emotions (my boyfriend made me upset but we got it settled immediately!). That was also the first day I wore it, and I was so dismayed. My belief was that my necklace absorbed all that negative energy, as I felt light for the rest of the day (aside from feeling down about my broken crystal necklace).

Another story regarding rose quartz—I also have a medium raw chunk which I use for meditation. I usually always bring the crystal I meditated with for the rest of the day around the house, whenever I eat, or watch movies, even when I use the bathroom (yes, bathroom again!🥲) This time around in the bathroom, I was extra, extra careful. I placed the crystal inside my pocket when I sat on the toilet. I stood up, and I was so shocked when it slipped out—and I totally wasn’t aware and totally forgot that I was wearing shorts that has a hole in the pocket. A tiny piece just broke off of it. It was so infuriating.

This scenario kind of contradicts with my first story because it was a normal day and I wasn’t feeling negative or any heavy or overwhelming emotion.

Now I don’t know if it is my clumsiness that day, or it has something to do with another thing which I’m unaware of😅 But I doubt it was my clumsiness, for I haven’t experienced things like these with my other crystals! I’d like to know your insight with this one.

I also have a story to share during the first time I had amazonite. I decided to sleep with it first before I meditated with it (cleansed, charged and programmed). Because I heard it helps with worries and fears, I held it in my hands and slept. And then I had a dream—I was following, or being followed by something or someone, I don’t really remember—and then it rained in my dream. When I awoke, I literally was FEELING droplets of rain in my skin, my whole body. I was kind of catching my breath too, but I had no difficulty inhaling/exhaling. I wasn’t scared—it was very surreal and an amazing feeling. It went on for like half a minute to a full minute, and then I fully awakened. Was it also considered like a meditation? Because I sure felt positively fresh and light right after!

Thank you very much, Lisa and Sheila. I really enjoy learning and working with crystals and stones with the help of your articles and YouTube videos! I’m just a beginner, and I’m glad to learn more from you! 😊 Love and light.

Lisa Satin - February 22, 2022

Hi Rosalinda,

Star Madagascar is my favorite type of Rose!
You can find out more about Rose Quartz, and even the star variation, on this article:

Here is a video on what it looks like:

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.


Lisa Satin

Rosalinda - February 22, 2022

I was watching YouTube on your channel..

I am interested in the “Star Madagascar Rose Quartz”. Can you please tell me more about it?

Lisa Satin - January 28, 2022

HI A.S.,

Rose Quartz can definitely help you re-energize your Heart Chakra and heal your broken past.
I recommend this comprehensive Rose Quartz meanings article to learn more:

However, there are no crystals that can coerce another person. If the person who is estranged isn’t interested in reconciliation, there’s no way to force it. The best thing is to work on your own energy.


Lisa Satin

A.S. - January 28, 2022

I have a question. Can we heal a estranged relationship with the help of rose quartz and bring the Spark back!? If yes, how’s it possible? Can you help me regarding this!

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