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Stuck Indoors? Decorate with Feng Shui Crystals & More, Part 2

crystal healing sphere for feng shuiLet's face it, you're in lockdown. When you're stuck at home for the greater good of slowing down the coronavirus, what should you do?

I know what I'm going to do! Along with spring cleaning, I'm ready to redecorate my space for optimal zen energy and feng shui placement.

With panic and hysteria in the mass psyche, create a little slice of paradise between your cozy walls. Crystals help you interior decorate and self-care at the same time. 

I invite you to join me on Part 2 of our Peace Not Panic journey. Here are 5 more ideas to keep your mind off of COVID-19 chaos and bring much-needed balance back to your soul.

1. Interior Decorate with Feng Shui Crystals that make you feel good

Has clutter been building up in your home and office due to your busy lifestyle? It happens to the best of us. Some people are comfortable in clutter. The majority of people like a little bit of order to help relax the mind.

It's a great time to gather your outdated items and old clothes to donate to charity. With your extra space, get ready to interior decorate with fresh healing crystals.

Place crystals on your living room, dining, and coffee tables as centerpieces. Put them in the kitchen to inspire you. Have stones in your potted plants and gardens to help them thrive. Hang them above your doors and windows. Keep them near your bedside for good sleep and easy access while you relax.

Why choose crystals to interior decorate your living room, kitchen, office, bedroom, gardens, and bathrooms?

  • Gemstones are exquisite. When you walk into high-end homes or offices, you find large sweeping clusters or geodes, gemstone carvings, and collectible pieces on display. Add class and sophistication to your space with real and natural gemstones.
  • Natural gemstones come in all colors of the rainbow. Match your stones to your furniture and artwork, or pick unique colors that pop out from their surroundings. It is totally up to you to follow your own creative genius.
  • Healing crystals give out calming, zen vibration. They are positive Feng Shui pieces, meaning that they attract good energy and fortune to your space. Not only that, but they are protective and repel negative forces and people away from your space.
  • Crystals are natural. It's nice to be surrounded by nature, especially if you are stuck indoors or live and work in an urban or less green environment. Just like plants are beings of the earth, crystals are minerals of the earth. They look and feel exquisite while bringing you the grounding powers of the planet.

What stones go where? It's really up to your current mood and the energies you want in your home. Check out the Feng Shui chart in How to Clear your Home with Crystals

Here is a basic guide if you need starter ideas:

Living Room Crystals:

Bedroom Crystals:

Kitchen Crystals:

Office Crystals:

2. Send Crystals and Letters to Friends to keep in the Social Loop

Hunkering down at home kind of feels nostalgic. The drowning and overwhelming stimulation of the outdoor world is filtered out, and you are whisked into a simpler state of living.

Remember when you used to write letters with your own hand? It's time to dust off the stationery set and write personal letters to the friends you love most, and even the ones you've almost lost touch with.

Brighten up their day by adding crystal gifts into your package. These days, you don't even have to go out to the post office...print your label online and schedule a free pickup from the comfort of your own home.

That sounds charming to some, but maybe too archaic for others. For all of you who are adamantly stuck in the digital way, you can catch up on personal emails to friends and send them a gift directly from Satin Crystals. We'll do the shipping for you! 

3. Make your Manifestation List for Focusing on Success

While you're at the desk and in the writing mode (or computer mode), keep the momentum going by updating your manifestation list.

What's that? A manifestation list is a list of goals you want for yourself. They could be physical, metaphysical, or anything in between. For example, some of your bullet points on your list may read:

  • I attract the 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house of my dreams in Austin, Texas
  • I am promoted to Executive Director of my department and have been offered a 20% pay increase 
  • I meditate daily to be a calmer, more altruistic person

Make several goals in the areas of money, work, relationships, family, health, spirituality, self-improvement, and anything else you desire. Notice how they are in the present tense as though they are already here.

Need help? Learn How to Correctly Write a Crystal Manifestation

Tip: Wear your healing crystals while writing to aid in your desires. Gemstone Bracelets or cufflinks on your writing wrist are especially helpful. 

4. Relax with a Crystal Massage

The first three activities are intensive and help you feel productive. But some days you're just in the mood to relax. If you're in solitude, you can give yourself a simple crystal massage with Massage Wands. Don't have a wand handy? Crystal Eggs work great for acupressure as well. Use the ends of the stones against your pressure points if you like deeper reflexology style.

For a more relaxing touch, you can roll crystal balls or any smooth stones along your skin. If you have two palm-size stones, you could also squeeze them in your hands to release stress. 

Let's not neglect the tense muscles in your face. Smooth away the worry lines with a crystal facial. Jade and Rose Quartz rollers have long been used to soothe the skin. Use the scraper to scrape away energy blocks and feel the blood flow back to your face with a rejuvenating glow.

Is there someone else at home willing to pamper you? Lucky you! Have them do the crystal massage for you. Add in hot Basalt stones if you like a warm touch. Alternatively, give someone else a crystal massage. They'll feel good about it, and so will you.

5. Meditate with Crystal Mandalas

Meditation is the single best way to clear your mind of this chaos and remove yourself from the dramatics of the earthly world.

Take a mental vacation with crystal meditations. If you're new to this, check out How to Meditate with Crystals for Beginners. If you're already knowledgeable, check out our Top 5 Stones for Meditation to get some new ideas.

Perhaps you aren't ready to sit still? You can still achieve that meditative state with mandalas. The great thing is that you can use any crystals you have to form a mandala. Mandalas set you into a meditative state while actively creating a beautiful masterpiece in your home. They can be created on your table, on a shelf, on the floor, on the mantel, or in the garden. 

Like sandcastles, crystal mandalas are temporary. You can change around the formation as you desire. If you do want a memory of your creations, take a photo; perhaps create an album! 

Mandala meditation puts you into a frame of mindfulness, focusing on where to place crystals by listening only to your intuition. Set your ego aside and let the artwork flow. 

Turn Panic to Peace

Practice one or all five of these ideas to transform your panic to peace.

Find even more ideas in:

Want more crystal care methods delivered right to your inbox? Additional techniques are on the way as we continue to expand the series. Make sure you are a part of the Satin Crystals VIP so that all the peaceful vibes and messages reach you by email.

How do you like to spend your time indoors? Do you have any other crystal healing ideas for a rainy day? We'd love to hear your stories and comments. Post them below.  

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Sheila Satin - July 28, 2022

Hi Jeba, thanks for writing in. Here are the crystals we recommend for protection:

Learn more about and how to use them here:

Sheila Satin

Jeba - July 28, 2022

+I have a spiritual attachment were I’m being bothered in bed and feeling cold spots every where I walk in my home. I’m at my wits end and I’m at this point I’m willing to try crystals 🔮 I need a crystal for protection
What would you recommend for my situation?

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