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FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55 & up

Tigers Eye Jewelry Showcase

jamie of satin crystals wearing tigers eye rings, bracelets and necklacesAdorn yourself with the charming and confident energies of Tigers Eye. With a wink of iridescence and a nod to success, this gemstone advances you into the world of abundance. Hold your head up high with Tigers Eye. 

We have created your favorite Tigers Eye jewelry. Add them to your crystal healing collection. 

Right now in the VIP community, we are having an in-depth showcase of Tigers Eye stones. Not a member of the club yet? It's free and easy to join at Satin Crystals VIP Club

Watch the Tigers Eye Jewelry Video

Watch the video for a showcase of the best Tigers Eye jewelry pieces. Then, shop for your crystal treasures below. 

Shop Tigers Eye Jewelry

Here are 7 unique Tigers Eye jewelry gemstones that will get you energized and roaring with style:

#1 Rustic Tigers Eye Necklace

Ground yourself with this wonderfully rustic Tigers Eye necklace. Winking with an iridescent sheen, these mysterious stones add confident charm to your aura. Filled with glistening orbs of earthy brown, red and blue Tigers Eye, this chunky necklace is an ode to the natural world.


#2 Tigers Eye Confidence Bracelets

Choose this Tigers Eye bracelet when you are looking for a classic confidence stone. Harness the energy of this golden brown gemstone and forge through your day with unwavering self-assurance. With generous iridescence and a warm glow, Tigers Eye wraps you in a cloak of calm and cozy satisfaction. It is available in different bead size so you get exactly what you want.


#3 Tigers Eye Bear Necklace

Wear this mighty bear necklace and become the Golden Child you always deserved to be. Unique in its animal design, this gemstone necklace will embrace you with its powerful vibes. Combining Obsidian and Tigers Eye, your new jewel keeps you protected and confident throughout your days. 


#4 Tigers Eye Medley Set

Lovers of variety fall head over heels for this triple Tigers Eye bracelet set. Not only do you get the traditional Golden Brown gemstone, but you also receive rare Red Tigers Eye and Blue Hawks Eye bracelets. Stack your new Tigers Eye medley bracelets and step bravely into the enchanted world of crystals. 


#5 Tigers Eye Motivation Rings

Harness the confidence of the tiger. This golden brown gemstone roars with energy. Wear this attractive Tigers Eye ring for the motivation you have been seeking. It is the choice for go-getters and those wishing to have a can-do attitude in life. Collect this adjustable ring in all three metals: copper, gold, and gunmetal. 

Tigers Eye Ring in Copper

Tigers Eye Ring in Gold

Tigers Eye Ring in Gunmetal


#6 Tigers Eye Archery Earrings

Pierce through the obstacles in your life with these bold Tigers Eye archery earrings. Highlighted in large orange hoops, these statement jewels provide you with the confidence to hit your mark every time. Large but lightweight, these earrings attract admiration and abundance wherever you go.


#7 Tigers Eye Grounding Earrings

Are you suffering from "information overload" and "computer eyes"? Golden Tigers Eye soothes your overstimulated soul. With these grounding gemstone earrings, the energies of the natural world balance your technology-driven lifestyle. Disconnect from the buzz and enjoy the leisurely pace of Old World charm with Tigers Eye. 


Your Tigers Eye Look

How do you feel wearing Tigers Eye jewelry? Do you have any of these pieces in your collection? Which ones are you missing?

We'd love to hear from you, whether you have personal stories to share or questions about crystal healing jewelry. You can email us directly or comment on the blog below. 

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Sheila Satin - April 8, 2022

Satin Crystals <>
Thu, Apr 7, 9:20 AM (1 day ago)
to skankyyoda

Dear Michael, thank you for your concern. Crystallized Hawkseye Tigers eye is not dangerous.

Here is a discussion you’ll find on the stone at mindat:

Of course you want to take the proper safety precautions when handling any natural stone in the world:

Michael - April 8, 2022

You know your Hawks Eye is just Ultra dangerous asbestos. I can’t believe your selling or grinding this.

Lisa Satin - November 25, 2021

Hello Emma,

There is no warranty for lost and stolen items. We recommend you contact your homeowners or renters insurance company to see if you qualify through them.

Ema - November 25, 2021

Hello, someone stole my necklace and I would like to know if it had a warranty on it

carrie - November 25, 2021

i have received a bracelet from a friend which I do not know what it is but it does look something similar to the Hawk’s eye. is there a way I can send a picture to get this verified? also I heard that tigers eye can be used as cast of spell into controlling someone is this true?

Sheila Satin - October 5, 2020

Hi Mukhtar, thank you for your question. Here is an article all about metaphysical energy and your rings:

If you have additional questions, please do write to us.

Sheila Satin

Mukhtar - October 5, 2020

Which hand is best to wear my ring?

Sheila Satin - August 8, 2020

I’m not sure what you mean, but sounds like it is metal work, which we don’t do ourselves. I can suggest you find a lot of talented metalsmiths on that do custom requests. I have gotten a bunch of custom things done from there.

Sheila :)

Gerard - August 8, 2020

So, I have a moldavite pendant that I ordered from you last year. I was wondering if instead of the metal casing around the stone, if a mould of a toad could surround the stones edges?

Sheila Satin - August 8, 2020

Hi Gerard, it depends on the types of stones. If it’s simple beading and stones we can source, then yes! What did you have in mind?


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