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What is Selenite? Video

What do you find mesmerizing about silky Selenite? There's so much to learn about this radiant crystal. 

You are about to discover the world of Selenite, from geological facts to metaphysical healing properties.

Click to watch the video above and then find out even more in the article below. Soon you will know the answers to:

  • How do you use Selenite to seal a leaky aura?

  • From which Greek deity does Selenite get its name?

  • What differentiates Satin Spar, Desert Rose, and True Selenite?

  • How can you test real vs fake Selenite?

  • Is Selenite a Sun or Moon crystal?

  • How do you clean Selenite?

  • Is Selenite safe in water?

Brighten your mind by learning the answers and so much more..

Take me on my Selenite Journey

Your Path to Crystal Knowledge...

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Sheila Satin - May 10, 2022

Dear Jasmeeta, we do have Lemurian Quartz raw points here:

I am thrilled that you love your new Moldavite!

Jasmeeta - May 10, 2022

Do you have Lumerian crystal?

I just received my Moldavite necklace- I love it so much ! I can’t wait to start wearing it!

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