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9 New Arrival Jewelry for the Avant-Garde

sheila of satin crystals wearing a lapis pyramid ringAre you looking for jewelry that's unique and excellent to showcase your originality, leadership, and grand persona?

These 9 new arrival jewelry designs offer you the sophisticated look you desire. Benefit from crystal healing while staying on top of the trend.

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9 New Arrival Jewelry for Sophisticated Souls

Act fast because they will go fast!

#1 Tigers Eye Ring I Mean Business Stone

You mean business, and the world should know it. This big bold Tigers Eye ring embodies your entrepreneurial spirit. Set yourself up for success with golden Tigers Eye, the stone of courage and confidence. You want to pounce on your prize; be larger-than-life with your oversized gemstone ring. 

#2 Tigers Eye Earrings Golden Spotlight Studs

Walk confidently into the spotlight wearing these shimmery Tigers Eye stud earrings. Make the courage of a tiger yours no matter what life hurls your way. Feel proud, confident, and beautiful in these Golden Tigers Eye gemstone earrings. 

#3 Peach Moonstone Melody Bracelet

A peaceful silence reigns as you slip on this serene Peach Moonstone bracelet. The healing vibrations of the lunar moon lower noisy anxieties so that you can hear the soothing sounds of the Universe. Rediscover your intuitive powers. This Peach Moonstone bracelet sings sweet melodies of the night.

#4 Lapis Ring Pharaoh Pyramid Power

Feel like a Royal Pharoah with this Lapis Lazuli pyramid ring adorning your hand. Brimming with the spiritual forces of the Far East, this gemstone ring keeps you energized and enlightened all day long. It reminds you of your inner power as well as the power of the unseen world. The Lapis ring is royal in blue and boasts a style that's exactly you.

#5 Lapis Ring Sky Dream Catcher Gem

Catch the essence of the sky in this real Lapis Lazuli ring. Set in antiqued copper, the deep blue stone is perfect for gazing and reflecting upon your dreams. Hear the melody of the sky sing you songs of praise and encouragement any time you feel lost or off track. Feel uplifted and secure when you wear this nostalgic Lapis gemstone ring.

#6 Sodalite Earrings Floating Cloud Studs

Why should you feel dragged down by life's disappointments when you can float in the clouds with the uplifting force of these Sodalite Earrings? Keep your head in the clouds and your feet off the ground- go for the astral adventure you deserve. The sterling silver Sodalite studs look good with a variety of outfits and have you feeling heavenly on all occasions.

#7 Labradorite Cufflinks New Moon Mystique

Like a new moon in the silvery night sky, your Labradorite cufflink set shines with perfection. Shimmery round Labradorite gems in silver metal give your aura a glow of mystique. Look sharp and professional in these infinitely powerful accessories.

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#8 Snowflake Obsidian Pendant Fancy Donut

Bring fancy back when wearing this refined Snowflake Obsidian pendant. Your bold crystal jewel is a stamp of stylish elegance. Whether you're attending a tea party with crumpets or feasting on corner store donuts, pair your outfit with this versatile gemstone. The monochromatic crystal keeps you protected on each outing. 

#9 Onyx Bracelet Hit the Bull's Eye Victory Gem

Hit the Bull's Eye every time when you wear your victorious new Onyx bracelet. Handsome black and white rings capture your focus, aim, and shoot for success. Glossy, real, and completely natural- this banded Onyx bracelet is a true catch.

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Sheila Satin - February 22, 2022

Hi Max, I have not heard the time limit on crystals, but I suppose it depends on how sensitive you are to stones. For us, we are not that sensitive so we are okay surrounded by crystals all day. However, when we had a retail shop, we noticed that some people would be very overwhelmed surrounded by crystals.

As for the closeness of the merkaba, as long as it’s within your aura, it can have significant benefits.

Max - February 22, 2022

Thank you Sheila. I am now stuck between the pyramid and the Merkabah. The pyramid to meditate AND place under my bed below my heart area during sleep but have heard this should not exceed like, 3 hours. Do you have any feedback on that? Whereas the merkabah would be in my pocket.

Is it significantly better to have the merkabah crystal “near” me or in pocket versus having it constantly against my skin?

Sheila Satin - February 22, 2022

Hello Max, yes a pyramid to hold maybe your best option. The pyramid ring only goes to a size 8. To find your ring size you can visit

The ring is unisex, however we did not have a male model to model them 😁

Sheila Satin

Max - February 22, 2022

I was looking at the Pyramid Lapis ring (antique bronze). It is adjustable but I only see a lady modeling all the rings. I would wear this as a meditation crystal and it use related to the 3rd eye chakra. My right index finger measures 3" and your chart doesn’t go that high. Should I be looking at a stone to hold versus a ring?

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