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Agate Bracelet Collection

agate stretch bracelets and succulent plant

The colors, patterns and inclusions of the Agate bracelet collection vary widely. You will definitely be attracted to one or more of the vivacious bracelets in this colorful family of stones. Slip on soothing Blue Lace Agate or stack up on refreshing Moss Agate bracelets. Agate is an intriguing stone to wear to work, to play and to travel. 

Here are the unique bracelets you can wear in the current Agate Collection: 

meditating with blue lace agate bracelets
Blue Lace Agate

Like taking a nap on a plush cloud, Blue Lace Agate provides a peaceful energy. This natural stone is banded with white, light and sky blue colors. Blue Lace Agate bracelets are a great contrast to your black outfit. They will also flow easily with lighter shades of clothing. Keep calm and comforted with genuine Blue Lace Agate. 

holding up coffee picture agate bracelets

Coffee Agate

There's no need to ask for decaf in this version of Coffee Agate. Let these banded brown and black stones energize you on a long commute or an endless day in front of the computer. Each gemstone bead is unique in its pictured patterns. You can choose from smooth or faceted stretch bracelets and stack them up for an extra boost. 

Wearing a stack of green moss agate bracelets

Moss Agate

If you’re feeling drained from staring at man-made screens and mundane walls, it's time for a Moss Agate break. It is well known that gazing at the color green rejuvenates your energies, and refreshing Moss Agate is a treat for your tired eyeballs. Each translucent stone is packed with green moss-like inclusions, bringing a piece of nature to your civilized world. The dark shade of these stone bracelets make them easy to pair with the rest of your jewelry and clothing collection. 

stacking up agate medley bracelets and necklace

Agate Medley Trio 

Why just settle for one form of Agate when you can wear a set of three? This wild combination of stones is perfect for an urban hike or a night out on the town. This bracelet trio includes creamy banded Botswana Agate, yellow patterned Crazy Lace Agate and green filled Moss Agate. Add a triple set to each wrist and match them up with an Agate Medley multi-layer necklace for the complete look. 


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Sheila Satin - September 9, 2021

Hi Taylor, Botswana Agate is one of the stones that can stand water, so any method you prefer is great. Here’s an article and video on cleansing your crystals if you haven’t seen it yet:

Let me know if you have any questions,
Sheila Satin

Taylor - September 9, 2021

Hello I was just wondering what the best way to cleanse my Botswana agate would be

Lisa Satin - April 27, 2021

Hi Dashy,

Check out our crystal care page for ideas on how to cleanse your stone:

Agate is pretty durable, you could use any form listed there.

Dashy - April 27, 2021

Hello, I was wondering what is the best way to cleanse a Cherry Blossom Agate?

Sheila Satin - January 7, 2021

Hi, we are not familiar with Agate specifically for people born in June, but if you find out let us know!

Sheila Satin

Graham - January 7, 2021

Good afternoon, I am looking for Agate specifically for people born in june.

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