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Thankful for the Crystal Life

Black greyhound and group of adult friends posing wearing Satin Crystals jewelry against brown wallAs Thanksgiving approaches, I am focused on all of the things for which I am thankful. The main focus for this blog is my gratitude for Satin Crystals and the Crystal Life!

Contrary to popular belief, my family did not grow up with crystals. I didn't even know about rock collecting as a child. We came into the Crystal Life later on in adulthood when my father discovered the world of healing gemstones in an add-on class to his Hyptherapy courses. He and my mother both went on to practice and teach Hypnotherapy, but Crystal Healing was always a cozy companion to their courses. 

In my early 20's, I too was drawn into the Crystal Life as circumstances primed me to enter the world of Satin Crystals. Our family business started out as an addendum to Hypnotherapy students, my mother selling a selection of stones in the back of the class. It advanced to the family selling at conferences (I definitely do not miss packing and unpacking heavy rocks all weekend!), then to my sister's showroom, then to a retail store that my sister and I ran in Nob Hill of San Francisco and finally to its best iteration yet: our online boutique! 

I am thankful for the progression of Satin Crystals. It helped us learn through our experiences and be fully appreciative of the ecommerce lifestyle that provides us with the flexibilty and global awareness that we now enjoy. I am thankful for the customers and clients like you who are here to share my thoughts and appreciation in a positive mental lifestyle.

Thankful for Positive Thoughts

Besides the physical aspect of selling stones, I also took a full progression in the world of positive thoughts and energy healing. While growing up, we did not have any apparent metaphysical aspects or spiritual practices in our life. My parents went to a Self-Realization church for a bit a brief period of time, but we kids were never forced to attend.

I was a moody teenager and negative thoughts ruled my world through my early 20's. Luckily I loved to read, and one day I came across a Wayne Dyer self-help book that changed my life and my thoughts. With this turning point in my thoughts, combined with the evolving aspects of my family's metaphysical adventures in crystal healing, I was able to turn the course of my life onto a positive path. Complaints, objections, grudges and unwanted energies were no longer necessary; they were replaced by faith, trust and the alignment with Universal abundance. Instead of being mired down by the small things, I could finally breathe above the mundane and enjoy the view from the Big Picture. 

Being surrounded by the world of healing crystals keeps me grounded every day to the fact that we are here only a short time and we should use each moment to feel good about ourselves, our surroundings and our world. Being in the metaphysical business helps stabilize my thoughts. If I feel my mind straying downwards, crystals remind me of the positive energies of Mother Earth and the gift of healing we can bestow upon ourselves. My father passed on to the Unknown many years ago, but his presence and his strides into the metaphysical world are forever felt with me, my family and the Satin Crystals world.

Healing Crystals for Gratitude

To remind you of daily gratitude, you can program a healing crystal for such a purpose. For example, say you are drawn to Rose Quartz and have a large polished chunk of the pink stone that you like to use in your gratitude meditations, have the crystal solely focused on the purpose of appreciation. You would program your intentions to the effect of "I am happy and grateful for all of the positive aspects of my life" and then go on to list each positive aspect during your daily ponderings. 

If you prefer to use crystal healing jewelry for the purpose of gratitude, you can do the same in programming the piece for your daily thanking rituals. Wearing gratitude jewelry is easier for some people (like me) to remind us on aligning our thoughts with positive energies. Using healing crystals for gratitude provides a phystical reminder of something that is so abstract and metaphysical. 

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