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Crystal Cleansing Video

Do you know how to cleanse your crystals?

Let's get down to basics and learn (or take a refresher on) how to cleanse, charge, and program your crystals for maximum healing benefits.

Click to watch the video and visit Crystal Care for additional ideas and instructions. 

This is knowledge to last you a holistic lifetime.

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If you have any questions, comments, or stories about your crystal cleansing experiences, post them below! 

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Sheila Satin - October 5, 2020

Hello Cashmere! Thanks for watching and the compliment. It inspires us to do more! – Sheila Satin

Cashmere - October 5, 2020

Hello, love the educational videos

Lisa Satin - August 29, 2020

Hi Mariya,

At the moment we only have small clusters that would work for jewelry or small stones, such is this Rainbow Quartz:

There is one large Chrysocolla plate measuring 8 inches that would work well for multiple crystals:

Please let us know if there’s anything else you need.

Lisa Satin

Mariya - August 29, 2020

Hi there !
I was looking to buy a crystal gluster for charging my crystals,but couldn’t find any on your web. Can you help me with this please
Thank you

Sheila Satin - August 1, 2020

Hi Dorothy,

Tigers Eye and Amethyst are in the Quartz family which are tougher stones. Jade is also a tougher stone. They can all be cleansed with any method including salt water. However, keep in mind that if the stones are polished the gloss may wear off after repeated use of salt water.

Pyrite is a little softer than the other three and it usually has a lot of natural holes, veins and craters that can be subject to damage with chemicals or water cleansing. Aragonite is a very soft stone. So for Pyrite and Aragonite, I would recommend any of the methods that are safe for ALL stones. You can find the methods in our Crystal Care Article here:

And if any of these crystals are in jewelry, here’s an article on jewelry care:

Sheila Satin

Dorothy Jeter - August 1, 2020

Hi, I purchased some stones yesterday and i want to cleanse them. I would like to know the best method for my type of stones. I purchased aragonite, jade, pyrite, amethyst, and tiger’s eye. Thank you.

Sheila Satin - August 1, 2020

Hi Zara, thank you for your email. Unakite tends to be a stone with more surface veins which could make it sensitive to chemicals or water, depending on the piece. You are right, if your crystal is polished, methods like cleansing with salt could dull the glossy surface.

Here are some methods that you can use safely to cleanse all crystals:

Sheila Satin

Zara - August 1, 2020


I have a Unakite crystal, and I have had it for about 1 month. I would like to cleanse the crystal, but I’m not sure what technique is best. it is polished, and I have read that some techniques can scratch it or even remove some of the colouring.

Thank you for your help,

Sheila Satin - July 15, 2020

Hi Kristen, we do not recommend salt water for your Moldavite or jewelry components as they may scratch the stones. A quick rinse in running water is okay, but preferably you would use a smoke/sage method or singing bowl or a crystal cluster method.

I will attach some helpful links for you:

Moldavite Guide (includes a section on cleansing):
Crystal Cleansing Guide:
Jewelry Care:
Let me know if you have any additional questions. We are standing by for you!

Sheila Satin

Kristen - July 15, 2020

I look forward to my new beautiful pendant. I do have a question about moldavite since im new to that stone. How do you clear that stone? Is it ok to submerge it in salt water?

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