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Apatite Stone Meaning

sheila of satin crystals holding up blue apatite sphere and rough stone, wearing apatite beaded braceletWhen did you first hear about Apatite stone? Are you wondering how it can benefit you? You've come to the right place to learn all about Apatite crystals, from geological facts to metaphysical healing properties.

Apatite allows you to focus on a healthy vision for your life. It is an excellent manifestation stone and brings you that centered calmness you crave.

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Apatite Stone Video

Watch the Apatite stone video to see examples and get the answers to your Top 5 questions about this impressive stone. 

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Can you benefit from Apatite crystals?

You may benefit from Apatite crystals if you can relate to any of the following:

  • You are seeking a healthy appetite for life

  • You want to open your Throat chakra

  • You need a wonderful manifestation stone

  • You have social anxiety

  • You want to remain calm in all situations

What is Apatite?

Apatite is a phosphate mineral that is found in many colors and formations. It has a distinctive crackly appearance thanks to the organic veins, pits, and crevices on the surface of the stone. The stone is found translucent to transparent in clarity.

Rarely you will find an Apatite with chatoyancy, the iridescent play of light as you see in Tigers Eye crystals. 

What is the metaphysical meaning of Apatite?

Metaphysically, Apatite is all about manifestation. Connecting consciousness with the material world, Apatite is an excellent crystal to use for manifesting physical desires. When your desires align with a positive outcome for all the people involved, Apatite is the stone for you.

Besides manifesting your dreams, Apatite holds the following healing properties: 

  • Deepening meditation

  • Expressing yourself clearly

  • Relaxing you in social situations

  • Easing anger and frustrations

What chakra is Apatite stone?

The color of your Apatite determines which chakras it is best aligned with.

Blue Apatite opens the Throat chakra to help you communicate in a public setting. 

Green Apatite balances the Heart chakra to better give and receive love energy.

Yellow Apatite opens the Solar Plexus chakra to eliminate lethargy and energy toxins.

To learn more about chakra and crystals, visit the Chakra Guide

sheila of satin crystals holding a raw blue apatite rock and polished sphere over her chakras for healing

How do you use Apatite for crystal healing?

Here are some ideas on how you can use your Apatite stones for crystal healing: 

  • Because Apatite is a phosphorous mineral found naturally in our physical bodies, it can help energetically strengthen our energy bodies. Make a grid with Apatite stones to strengthen the skeletal system or place the stone on specific joints to strengthen the bones. 

  • Hold Apatite spheres during meditation to go into a deeper hypnotic state. 

  • Work with an Apatite heart stone to manifest love into your life. 

  • Place polished, tumbled stones, or wear Apatite pendants at the Throat Chakra to open your communication center. 

  • Clutch a raw piece of earth Apatite stone when you are feeling frustrated or angry and let it absorb your unwanted energies. 

  • Wear Apatite jewelry to ease your tensions during social events. 

  • Vibrate the energy of Apatite into your aura with a tuning fork set.

  • Find solutions and action working with Apatite Clevelandite stones.

    Lisa's personal experience with Apatite

    Although it comes in several colors, my passion lies with blue Apatite. The blue tone in Apatite is such a strong and unique color, like the deep blue hue of tropical Hawaiian waters.

    When Apatite of Madagascar started to become more readily available, I went on a shopping frenzy. I adore Apatite balls. They are so crackly and grainy, yet highly attractive.

    I think one of the most appealing benefits of Apatite is its ability to help you on your fitness journey. Hey, who doesn't need an extra cheerleader on the path toward healthy living and habitual mindfulness?!

    My favorite Apatite piece is a rounded bead bracelet that was handmade by Sheila.

    Sheila's personal experience with Apatite

    Apatite is not very well known in the jewelry world. I think it's a little bit more sought after in the crystal healing world, but not that much more. 

    I first came across Apatite in a small green nugget formation. Turns out this light green version is called Asparagus stone. I have always been fascinated with raw stones, so these shiny green gems drew me in immediately. I then discovered that Apatite comes in many colors. I have only seen these green, yellow, and blue versions in person. I heard the purple Apatite from Maine is a marvelous color. 

    Now, like my sister Lisa, I am drawn to the brilliant blue Apatite. I love gazing at an extraordinarily large Apatite skull I have in my personal collection. The rich blue colors have me falling into a dreamland where everything I wish for comes true.

    Luckily, Apatite is also a stone of manifestation and I am a lover of the law of attraction. I hold my blue Apatite skull when I want to focus on my goals. Plus, it makes an attractive centerpiece in my home, cherished by my husband who is a big skull lover.

    hand holding a big blue apatite gemstone skull carving at satin crystals

    What are the mineral facts of Apatite?

    Apatite is a group of phosphorous minerals. The three main groups include Fluorapatite, Chlorapatite, and Hydroxylapatite. Fluorapatite is the most common one so when you are buying Apatite, you are most likely getting this group. In the gem trade, Apatite is not classified by its group, so you will just get it under its main name.  

    Hardness: 5 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness (same hardness as a knife blade)

    Group: Phosphates

    Composition: Calcium fluoro-chloro-hydroxyl phosphate

    Fracture: Conchoidal (clam-like concave like when glass breaks)

    Luster: Vitreous (glassy), Greasy

    Streak Color (can vary from surface color, this is the color of the crystals’ powdered minerals): White

    Crystal System: Hexagonal(3 equal axis @ 120’ to one another)

    Where is Apatite found in the world?

    Apatite is found worldwide with major deposits in Mexico, Brazil, Myanmar, Canada, the United States, Morocco, and Russia. 

    Apatite can be found as small crystals in igneous rocks like Granite. It is found in sedimentary rocks, which form in marine environments after organic material decays and releases phosphate into the waters. It can occur in metamorphic rocks like Marble. It can be found in hydrothermal veins, which are mineralized fractures in rocks. It can also be found in biological tissue like bones, teeth, and fish scales.

    Learn more about the Geology of Apatite

    hand holding green apatite gemstones on gray fossil rock at satin crystals

    What colors does Apatite come in?

    Apatite comes in a variety of colors. Apatite is usually a shade of green, but may also be found in vivid blues, purples, yellows, pinks, clear, and reddish browns.

    Because it comes in so many colors, it is often confused with other gemstones. In fact, it was named after the Greek word for "deceit" or "cheat", as it can easily deceive you into thinking it is another stone. 

    When buying Apatite, it is usually untreated. However, some of the Blue Apatite can be Green Apatite that was heated. 

    What is Malgache Neon Apatite?

    Malgache Neon refers to the intense blue-green to blue version of Apatite. It is usually found in Madagascar. 

    Some Malgache may be heated to increase the color intensity of the stone. 

    sheila of satin crystals placing blue apatite tumbled stones in a potted cactus plant

    How is Apatite used in everyday life?

    Besides metaphysically, gem-quality Apatite is used in jewelry and polished stones. The minerals that are not good enough for these ornamental purposes can be found serving other everyday uses:

    • Because it is a phosphate rock, Apatite is ground up and used as fertilizer. Phosphorus is an important mineral for plants to grow. 

    • It is also used for animal feed supplements and phosphorous-related compounds for the chemical industry.

    • Apatite can be used to add fluoride to water.

    • Apatite is used in the manufacturing industry for steel production and plasma TV screens. 

    • Apatite is notably non-radioactive, so it is used to remove radioactive contamination from groundwater. 

    • It contributed to the knowledge of the Moon's history when The Apollo 15 astronauts brought back lunar rocks that contained Apatite minerals. 

    • Biological Apatites are used in dental implants and ongoing bone repair research. 

    What crystal goes with Apatite?

    You can pair Apatite with any crystal you desire, but here are a few combinations we recommend: 

    Amethyst and Apatite work together to connect your physical desires with your Higher Self. This crystal combination is great when you want to balance your divine energy with reality and manifest all that you deserve.

    Citrine and Apatite inspire hope and abundance. Citrine is the merchant's stone and Apatite is the manifestation stone. Together, they attract the prosperity you desire. 

    Quartz and Apatite create a meditative energy as you go about your every day. This crystal pairing enhances your intentions and alleviates worry. It is when you are not obsessing that the right things will manifest in your life.

    Tourmaline and Apatite together act like armor around your intentions. This combination allows you to focus on your energy work without distractions. 

    sheila of satin crystals wearing blue apatite beaded stretch bracelet

    Is Apatite used in jewelry?

    Most Apatite is found in small grains, but when large crystals form, they are great for polished stones and jewels. Apatite is not very well represented in the gem industry because nice specimens are not so common.

    Apatite is also crackly and soft, so the jewelry pieces that contain this precious gemstone are on the pricier side. When you get a deep blue or green jewel in this enigmatic stone, you're sure to treasure how it came to be. 

    Some people liken Apatite to the coveted Tourmaline family for its range of colors and alluring shine. 

    Are teeth made of Apatite?

    Yes, both bones and teeth of all animals, including humans, are made of Apatite. More specifically they contain Calcium Phosphate, which is found in the Hydroxylapatite group. Hydroxylapatite is in a group known as biological apatites

    Tiny little biological Apatite crystals form bones and teeth. Both Hydroxlapatite and Fluorapatite, the more prevalent of the Apatite group, are found in the enamel in your teeth. Hydroxylapatite comprises 70% of your human bones. 

    How do you care for your Apatite?

    Apatite is a relatively soft stone plus it has a lot of natural crackly veins, so it's best to handle with care. It is sensitive to heat and chemicals. When wearing Apatite jewelry, make sure to take it off before showering or exercising. 

    Depending on how deep the cracks are, you can clean some Apatite formations in water. For the crystals that are polished smooth, you can put Apatite in water. For those with more rough characteristics, it's best to stick with a dry cloth. 

    If you are looking to clean, charge, and program your Apatite metaphysically, check out the Crystal Care page.

    What can scratch Apatite?

    Apatite can be scratched by anything harder than a 5 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. For example, Quartz which is a 7 on the scale, can easily scratch Apatite. 

    If you are worried about your polished Apatite getting scratched, keep it separate from harder gemstones and materials. 

    Can Apatite go in the sun?

    Apatite should be kept out of prolonged, direct sunlight as its color could fade. Indirect light, like in a windowsill, should be okay, but if you are unsure, keep it in a darker area. 

    Is raw Apatite toxic?

    Handling Apatite stones is not toxic. It can have radiation like most natural materials, but the amount is negligible in terms of harmfulness. 

    That being said, never ingest your Apatite minerals and when doing lapidary work, always wear a protective mask to prevent inhaling the dust. Swallowing Apatite can prove hazardous to your health. 

    Ready to buy Apatite?

    Apatite is a positive addition to your crystal healing collection. Shop the Apatite Collection at Satin Crystals or buy your favorite pieces right here:

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    Do you have an Affinity for Apatite?

    Are you also partial to the blue-colored Apatite? Do you have some Apatite stories to tell? Is this the first time you've heard of Apatite? We would love to hear about it. 

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