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Law of Attraction Crystals

Last year one of my cats, Tally, disappeared for five days. Those were five dark and worrisome days in our household. Our demanding cat, Charles, was aware of the shift in mood and became extra cuddly as he took over the role of "good cat." Cats, like other animals who are not bound by their ego, are able to sense energies much more powerfully than most of us humans.

Law of Attraction Crystals

In anxious times, I turn to the universe to bring me back to an aligned path. Law of Attraction crystals help me to focus and access the message of the universe. The last thing that I wanted to attract is additional unwanted energies, so I had to focus on the positive. I focused on everything I had, everything I have and everything I will have. I listened to Law of Manifestation videos, read encouraging articles and wrote two letters to myself from my future self. The first letter from my future self was written in the moment of relief, joy and gratitude of Tally's return. The second letter from my future self was written in the moment of realization that Tally would never return and how I would cope, move on, thank her for her presence and the memories she provided in my life. They were both emotional letters, both concluding in the fact that life would go on.

The practice of the Law of Attraction include setting your desire, feeling your desire and letting it go into the universe with resolute faith. The positive energy of crystals definitely enhances each of these steps; if not only to remind us of our goals. I am prone to wearing my healing crystals as jewelry. It is easy for me because I have a vast personal collection of necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets and earrings to choose from each morning. You may prefer to use polished crystals, crystal wands, tumbled stones or raw rocks when focusing on the Law of Attraction. Use one type of crystal throughout or use a different healing stone for each of the different steps. Intuition is your greatest teacher when choosing Law of Attraction crystals.

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I am happy to report that the first letter from my future self is the life I am now living. Upon Tally's return, I did not feel the surge of emotions that I thought I would because I had already experienced them in my manifestation letters. It was a surreal yet unsurprising feeling when she pranced back down the hallway of our home. I wonder what my parallel self of the second letter is doing, and I hope that she is surrounded by the strength of Law of Attraction crystals.

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