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The Color Blue Meanings

man and woman holding blue sodalite spheresDoes the color blue relax you? Perhaps it reminds you of serene seas and soft skies.

Does the color blue motivate you? Perhaps it stirs your creative innovations and your love for freedom.

Does the color blue sadden you? Perhaps it triggers your sensitive nature and existential thoughts.

The color blue is beautiful and versatile. The color blue knows that sometimes you want to sit back and other times you need to take charge.

Blue is strong, purposeful, understanding, and heavenly. It has significant meaning across cultures and in crystal healing. Visit the Blue Crystal Collection to see some of these suave gems. Read on to discover what blue means for you.

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What is the meaning of the color blue?

Blue is an unmistakable color of the earth. It symbolizes grand and open spaces like the big blue sky. When you gaze up at the clear blue skies, you feel peaceful and connected with nature. The expression "out of the blue" means unexpectedly out of thin air, or the sky.

The oceans, lakes, and seas are other bodies of blue open space. When you look out into the ocean, you ponder the mysteries of life and feel the depth of existence. The phrase "blue earth" induces positive images of a thriving and rich planet. 

Blue is a color that feels limitless. It is an important symbol of peace and freedom. The cooling water elements of light blue calm and settle you into a state of tranquility. Regal blue is found in many flags around the world, a steady symbol of strength and freedom. It is also the color of loyalty and trust.

Dark blue is synonymous with intuition, imagination, and innovation. In crystal healing, dark blue aligns with the psychic Third Eye chakra and helps stimulate ideas.

The color blue has a strong presence in the business setting as well. It is a common color in business attire, showcasing one's professionalism.

Emotionally, blue can symbolize sensitivity. It represents deep thoughts, vulnerability, and empathy. In some cultures, blue is associated with masculine energy while in other cultures, it is feminine.  

two lapis pendulums

What is the dark side of the color blue?

There are some negative meanings associated with the color blue. Have you heard of the phrase "feeling blue"? When someone feels blue, it means they are feeling sad or depressed. 

Blue can also represent conformism, routine, predictability, and being old-fashioned. Those who don't want to stick out from the crowd can always count on wearing blue, especially in the workplace. Blue jeans are a common choice for casual wear as well. It is a conservative color choice.

kid placing blue calcite stones on dog

How do you use blue in crystal healing?

Blue is so important in crystal healing that it is the only color that encompasses not one but two of the major chakra centers. It is a favorite color to work with amongst spiritual healers. Blue raises your vibration to a divine realm and allows you to see beyond worldly filters. It holds the energy of water and the sky. Blue is pure Zen.

Dark and royal blues activate your Third Eye chakra. This is the center of visions, imagination, and intuition. When you place a blue crystal on your Third Eye, you open your mind to new ideas and infinite wisdom. Blue crystals help you see clearer in meditations and connect well through channeling. When you're looking for spiritual breakthroughs, work with the color blue.

Light and softer blues open your Throat chakra. If you find it hard to express your soul's desire through words, use or wear blue crystals near your throat. Blue opens the gateway of true expression. It is perfect for singers, speakers, teachers, and leaders. Blue crystals also help you understand others and interpret hidden messages. It is a must-have color for successful healers.

To learn more details about the importance of the color blue in healing, visit the Third Eye Chakra Healing and the Throat Chakra Healing articles.

blue tumbled stones and flowers

Top 7 Blue Crystals

blue lapis lazuli sphere

Lapis: This rich blue beauty is easily one of the most royal crystals of the kingdom. Lapis a looker, with its attractive blue tones and golden Pyrite flecks. The gemstone is number one in opening your Third Eye chakra. If you want deeper meditations, vivid visions, stronger intuition, and advanced psychic abilities, Lapis is the stone for you. Visit the Lapis Crystals and Jewelry Collection to find a gem you love.

blue sodalite sphere

Sodalite: Reminiscent of the deep blue ocean, Sodalite soothes your mental state. When you are drowning in anxiety, Sodalite will help realign your thoughts and bring you back to a state of calm. It also jolts your Third Eye chakra awake to business innovation and grand ideas. Visit the Sodalite Crystals and Jewelry Collection to find a gem you love.

apatite sphere

Apatite: Bold and brilliant, Apatite motivates you to get into physical shape. This stone encourages you to be healthy, adopt good routines, and stay strong. Found in light to dark tones of blue, Apatite can be used on the Throat and Third Eye chakras. Keep your eyes open for Green Apatite too! Visit the Apatite Crystals and Jewelry Collection to find a gem you love.

light blue angelite sphere

Angelite: The name says it all. Angelite is the heavenly blue stone that connects you with your angels. When you are ready for some spiritual guidance, turn to Angelite. This crystal helps you see and interpret messages and symbols that the Universe is constantly delivering. Communicate freely with your guardian angels and the whole spiritual world when you use Angelite at the Throat chakra. Visit the Angelite Crystals and Jewelry Collection to find a gem you love.

blue larimar sphere

Larimar: Coming only from the Dominican Republic, tropical blue Larimar is for those who need to relax. Take a deep breath and let your worries go because Larimar will take care of you. Larimar has been coined the "New Age stone." Expand your consciousness with Larimar in your aura. Visit the Larimar Crystals and Jewelry Collection to find a gem you love.

blue green aquamarine circle

Aquamarine: Touch tranquility when you work with serene Aquamarine. This soft blue-green stone infuses you with cleansing aqua elements. If you feel your temper rising, take hold of Aquamarine and cool back down. See your situation from a higher perspective. Aquamarine will help you express your soul's desire in a healthier way when used at the Throat chakra. Visit the Aquamarine Crystals and Jewelry Collection to find a gem you love.

blue lace agate sphere

Blue Lace Agate: This enchanting blue beauty raises your vibrations to the sky. It is a stone that stands for peace. When you find your mind in a state of chaos, Blue Lace Agate can guide you back to the right path. Feel calmer and wiser when you use and wear this gorgeous stone. Visit the Blue Lace Agate Crystals and Jewelry Collection to find a gem you love.

Find even more blue crystals for you to use in your crystal healing work and personal development. Visit the Satin Crystals Blue Collection to shop blue stones and jewelry in the above 7 crystals and additional gemstones like Dumortierite, Hawk's Eye, Amazonite, Chrysocolla, Turquoise, and Azurite.

man and woman wearing blue lapis bracelets

What is the cultural significance of the color blue?

Blue is a color with unmistakable significance around the world. Find out what it means in various cultures. 

Blue in Western Culture

Blue is prevalent and important in Western culture. In Europe and North America, it symbolizes peace and trust. In the American flag, blue means vigilance, perseverance, and justice. The police are associated with the color blue for law and order.

Yet blue is emotionally associated with loneliness and sadness. Blues music originated from slaves in the deep south and remains a popular genre of jazz music. Elvis Presley composed the famous song "Blue Christmas" in which he sings "I'll have a blue Christmas without you."

In Latin America and Catholic culture, blue is a color of hope. Light blue represents Heaven and also the Mother Mary. It takes on a different meaning in Aztec culture, where blue is the symbol of sacrifice. In Mexico, it is associated with mourning.

Blue is an important color in Greece and Turkey, where it is used to ward off evil. The famous "evil eye" charms are worn in jewelry for protection and can be found hanging in stores and homes. In Ukraine, blue is the color for healing. 

The phrase "blue-blood" was used to describe the nobility in Europe. The aristocrat considered their bloodline pure, unmixed. 

The color blue has been assigned to the male gender in Western Culture after World War II. Baby boys are usually celebrated with blue cakes and balloons, then adorned in blue clothing. This is slowly changing as the concepts of gender shift.

woman wearing blue crystal jewelry

Blue in Eastern Culture

Like in Europe, blue is often found to ward off the evil eye in Eastern culture. Some Brahmins of India refuse to wear the color blue because the dye can be lethal to organisms.

Whereas blue is masculine in Western cultures, it is associated with sensitivity and feminine energy in certain Asian countries. The Korean flag utilizes the color blue for calm yin energy and balances it with red to represent masculine energy.

The Chinese associate blue with the wood element, eastern direction, and the spring season. It is a color of healing, trust, calmness, and longevity. In Chinese and Japanese culture blue is a color worn by scholars.

Blue is a sacred color in Iran, where it symbolizes paradise and immortality. Blue can be found in Asian temples because of its tranquil vibration. One of the most revered Gods in India has blue skin- Lord Krishna. Blue represents infinity.

tumbled blue stones in a circle and three blue calcite raw on tuning fork

Top 7 great blue crystal spheres

Do you want to hold the blue earth in the palm of your hands? When you obtain a blue crystal sphere, you gain both the energy of nature and the vibration of spirit.  Blue crystal balls help to facilitate harmony and communication in groups. They are a great choice for gathering areas like the living room or a meeting room.

Put your mind at ease and let your intuition guide you to the perfect blue crystal orbs. Check out the Full Collection of Blue Crystal Spheres or snag your favorites here:

Top 7 blissful blue bracelets

It's easy to get angry, agitated, and anxious. Counteract your negative vibes with a calming blue crystal bracelet. They are easy to wear and they work everywhere.

Blue bracelets match so many outfits. You're blue-blooded and it shows.

Go ahead, check out the collection of blue bracelets to find your perfect beauty. See 15 featured blue bracelets on the Blue Bracelets for Peace Showcase. Here's some of the best of the blues:


woman holding blue lace agate hearts

Continue the Crystal Journey

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