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Divination Tutorial

Divination Tutorial, showcasing Citrine, Carnelian, Jasper Stones.

How to use Crystals for Divination

Rather than mere 'yes' or 'no' answers, crystal divination can clarify dilemmas and suggest solutions.

Use crystals in a bag. Take out one, note the color and return it to the bag. Take out a second, return it and then take out a third.

The first crystal is the key issue, the real area of concern, which could be unknown to your present conscious mind. The second crystal indicates the conflicting issues or opposition. The third crystal suggests the solution to happiness!

Below are issues I have written out with some crystal suggestions. Feel free to use these instructions as a guide or write your own:

White Stones (Howlite, Agate, Jade)
1. Issue: You or someone close to you is feeling restless and wants to change something important about their life.
2. Opposition: Change would threaten the status quo and maybe making people around you feel insecure.
3. Strategy: Initiate the change regardless, although you may have to begin slowly. 

Black Stones (Obsidian, Tourmaline, Onyx, Jet)
1. Issue: There is a lot of unresolved business around you. 
2. Opposition: Your fears and doubts may be holding you in a negative situation.
3. Strategy: Counteract any negativity with positive actions, however small. 

Gray Stones (Hematite, Labradorite, Mica, Agate)
1. Issue: You may feel in limbo between moving forward and holding back. 
2. Opposition: The indecisiveness or conflicting opinions of others may be holding you back. 
3. Strategy: Accept that issues are rarely clear cut and that you have the power to adapt your plans to achieve your goals. 

Red Stones (Jasper, Coral, Ruby)
1. Issue: You may feel angry about a situation or are concerned with a survival issue. 
2. Opposition: Because feelings may be running high, you could be involved in unnecessary confrontations.
3. Strategy: Direct any anger, yours or others', into positive action, rather than responding on a personal level. 

Orange Stones (Carnelian, Calcite, Sunstone)
1. Issue: Your identity and core beliefs may be at stake or you feel that your happiness has been overshadowed by the needs of others. 
2. Opposition: Someone may be trying to dominate you, perhaps in the nicest way.
3. Resist any intrusion of your personal space without damaging the ego of others. 

Yellow Stones (Amber, Jasper, Citrine)
1. Issue: You may feel your talents are being spread too thin over many fields. 
2. Opposition: Jealousy and treachery are undermining your efforts. 
3. Strategy: Be logical about priorities and aware of what others are saying about you – it just may be true.

Green Stones (Aventurine, Jasper, Jade)
1. Issue: Should you follow your heart or commit your emotional wellbeing to another?
2. Opposition: Others may be taking advantage of your kind heart and using emotional blackmail. 
3. Strategy: Trust your emotions. Move closer to others if it feels right, but listen to your instincts not the words of others. 

Blue Stones (Lapis, Sodalite, Kyanite)
1. Issue: Should you speak your mind or trust in fate?
2. Opposition: Others are counting on your silence to get away with what they want.
3. Strategy: Speaking the truth will bring justice and light to your life, no matter what is revealed in the end.

Purple Stones (Amethyst, Charoite, Lepidolite)
1. Issue: You are seeking a balance between your physical and spiritual lives. 
2. Opposition: You often become absorbed in life’s little obstacles
3. Strategy: Breathe deeply every time you face a challenge and remind yourself of the big picture – in the end, little things will no longer matter!

Pink Stones (Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite)
1. Issue: You are in conflict between what is good for yourself and what is good for humanity as a whole. 
2. Opposition: Your ego and materialism lure you.
3. Strategy: See everyone you meet as a beloved family member rather than a stranger and possibilities will open their doors.

Turquoise Stones (Amazonite, Turquoise, Larimar)
1. Issue: You are facing issues concerning loyalty. 
2. Opposition: Although you have remained loyal for long periods, circumstances have changed that question your current loyalty.
3. Strategy: Loyalty is a self-imposed quality; you must decide to bestow your loyalty only on that which makes you truly happy.

Clear Stones (Apophyllite, Quartz, Selenite)
1. Issue: Chaotic energy is making it hard to focus on what your true path is in life
2. Opposition: You are being sidetracked by a million little things.
3. Strategy: Cut the clutter, clear out your space, let go of unhealthy relationships, connect only with the things you are passionate about.

Brown Stones (Tigers Eye, Moqui Marbles, Smoky Quartz)
1. Issue: Your head is often in the clouds.
2. Opposition: Physical activities and weekend escapes don’t seem to have a space in your busy schedule.
3. Strategy: If you are a spontaneous person, make a u-turn from your routine and head for the beach, the forest or the mountains to getaway. If you are someone who likes to plan, plan yourself a weekend getaway, away from electronics and the daily grind.

viking runes

What are runes?

information shared from sunnyway

Runes are an ancient Germanic alphabet, used for writing, divination, and magic throughout northern Europe, Scandinavia, the British Isles, and Iceland from about 100B.C.E. to 1600 C.E.

The word "rune" actually means mystery, secret or whisper. Each rune has esoteric meanings and properties associated with it, beyond its mundane meaning and phonetic value.

The runes were made of straight lines to make the characters suitable for cutting into wood or stone.

How to cast runes for divination

Runic divination or rune casting allows you to interpret the path you are on and determine likely outcomes. If you do not like the outcome, you can always change your current actions with free will. The future is a fluid thing!

Rune casting works best if you think of your current circumstances and then ask a specific, open-ended question. Rune readings are intuitive, you must rely on your connection with universal energy to interpret the runes. Relax, and allow the energy to flow!

  •     Find an undisturbed area for the reading
  •     Try to sit north if possible (direction of the Nordic gods)
  •     Place a cloth in front of you for the casting
  •     Form a solid question in your mind (don’t change it mid-cast)
  •     Choose the runes randomly from a bag or pouch

    Simple Casting

    Cast the whole bag of runes onto the cloth. If the rune is upright, interpret it according to the meaning of the rune.

    If the rune is upside down, it won’t necessarily mean that the meaning is opposite, but it will have a more negative connotation.

    Nine-Rune Casting

    Nine is a magical number in Norse mythology. Pick nine random runes from your bag. Hold them in your hands while focusing on your question. Scatter the runes on your cloth. The runes that land face up should be read first, which will relate to your current question.

    Usually, the runes in the center will be most important to the reading. After reading the upturned runes, flip over the other runes. These represent outside and future influences and will point at possible outcomes to your question.

    7-Rune Layout

    • Select seven random runes from your bag.
    • Lay the first six in a row and the 7thbelow and centered under the row of six.
    • The first two runes are the problem.
    • Runes 3 and 4 are factors in the past that have lead to the present.
    • Runes 5 and 6 are the advice given to you by the runes.
    • The 7th rune is the result which must be interpreted with the interpretation of the previous 6 runes.

      Rune Meanings

      1.    Mannaz: M: Man, mankind. Represents the self or the human race. Your attitude towards others and theirs towards you. Expect to receive some kind of aid or cooperation. 
             a.    Opposition: Depression, mortality, self-delusion. Expect no help. 

      2.    Gebo: G: Partnership. Indicates a balance, a give and take exchange, including contracts, relationships, and partnerships. May be a gift of trust.
             a.    Opposition: Greed, loneliness, dependence, over-sacrifice. 

      3.    Ansuz: A: Signals. A revealing message, signal, inspiration, vision. Blessings and taking of advice. Listening to the universe and finding the truth. 
             a.    Opposition: Misunderstanding, delusion, closed-mindedness. 

      4.    Othila: O: Separation. Inherited property or possessions. Source of safety, increase, and abundance. Rely on your trustworthy friends, family, spirituality.
             a.    Opposition: Lack of customs, slavery, poverty, bad karma

      5.     Uruz: U: Strength. Physical strength, health, freedom, confidence. Sudden changes occur for the better. 
             a.    Opposition: weakness, obsession, sickness, violence

      6.    Perth: P: Initiation: Metaphysical and occult abilities. Knowledge of destiny, future matters, and your future path. Evolutionary change.
             a.    Opposition: stagnation, loneliness, addiction

      7.    Nathiz: N: Constraint. Resistance to self-reliance. A time to exercise patience and will power. Major self-initiated change. Face your fears. 
             a.    Opposition: Constraint of freedom, emotional hunger, want, deprivation

      8.    Inguz: NG: Fertility. Common sense, care, human warmth, home. Resting stage, a time of relief and no worries. Loose ends are tied up and you are free to move on in life.
              a.    Opposition: Movement without change, toil, labor

      9.    Eihwaz: EI: Defense: You have set your sights on a reasonable target and can achieve your goals if you trust that you are protected. 
              a.    Opposition: Destruction, Dissatisfaction

      10.    Algiz: Z: Protection. Defense, warding off of evil, shield, guardian. Watch for omens, be wary, alertness is the best defense.  
             a.    Opposition: hidden danger, taboo, warning

      11.    Fehu: F: Possessions. Earned income, luck. Sign of hope, success, and happiness. 
             a.    Opposition: Loss of personal property. Failure, Greed, Burnout. 

      12.    Wunjo: W: Joy. Comfort, pleasure. Spiritual reward, general success, and recognition of self-worth. Peace arises within you and is reflected in your actions.
             a.    Opposition: Sorrow, impractical enthusiasm

      13.    Jera: J: Harvest. The results of earlier efforts are realized. Fruitful season, time of peace and happiness. Breakthrough stagnancy. Respect the earth cycles and plan well.
             a.    Opposition: sudden setback, bad timing, conflict

      14.    Kena: K: Opening. Power of manifesting your desires. Vision, revelation, knowledge. Open up to new energy and the power of now. 
             a.    Opposition: Exposure, nakedness, false hope

      15.     Teiwaz: T: Warrior. Honor, justice, and authority. Victory in any competition or legal matter. To win the outer battle, you must face your inner fears first.
             a.    Opposition: Creativity block, dwindling passion, failure in competition

      16.    Berkana: B: Growth. Mental, physical and personal growth. Regenerative powers. A new love or new birth. Prosperous new enterprise. 
             a.    Family problems, anxiety about someone close to you. 

      17.    Ehwaz: E: Movement. Change for the better. Steady progress, teamwork, loyalty, trust. An ideal marriage or partnership. Confirmation of the meanings of the runes around it. 
             a.    Opposition: This is not a negative rune, the change is probably something you need but haven’t made the effort to make happen. 

      18.    Laguz: L: Flow. Natural movement. Life energy and growth. Success in travel, astral travel and processing dreams. Release old patterns, habits, and traumas.     
             a.    Opposition: A period of confusion in your life. Making wrong decisions, poor judgments.

      19.    Hagalz: H: Disruption. Wrath of nature or unconscious. Trial, controlled crisis leading to completion and inner harmony. Return to your spiritual center, avoid stubbornness. 
             a.    Opposition: Loss of power

      20.    Raidho: R: Journey. Vacation, relocation, evolution, change of place or setting. Seeing a larger perspective to make the right decisions for the change. 
             a.    Opposition: Crisis, dislocation, delusion, stasis

      21.    Thurisaz: TH: Gateway. A tendency towards change, catharsis, purging. 
             a.    Opposition: Defenselessness, danger, betrayal

      22.    Dagaz: D: Breakthrough. Clarity, a time to plan and embark on new enterprises. Hope, happiness, certainty. Be alert and seize the moment. 
             a.    Opposition: Coming full circle, ending, blindness, hopelessness

      23.    Isa: I: Standstill. Challenge or frustration. A time to turn inward to seek clarity. This rune reinforces other runes around it. 
             a.    Opposition: Dullness, plotting.

      24.    Sowilo: S: Wholeness. Power is available for positive changes, victory, health, and success. Turn to those things that make you happy, passionate and whole.
             a.    Opposition: Bad counsel, loss of goals, destruction

      25.    Odin: Unknown. Not traditionally used in runes casting. Can be used as a replacement if you lose a piece. 

      Further Crystal Insights

      Now that you have an overview of how to use crystals in divination, a whole new world opens up. You can access divinity, your subconscious, your Higher Self and all the other all-knowing powers out there by channeling through Mother Nature's healing tools.