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Top 5 Crystals for Pets

greyhound dog wearing a white selenite necklace

Crystals provide a powerful and natural method of healing for our beloved animal friends. Before beginning any crystal healing work on your pet, make sure that you are calm, balanced, and grounded.

Unlike humans who relate to pain, animals react to pain. Any doubts or fears you emit will be sensed by your pet and amplified by the crystal. 

Recommended Crystals for Pets

While there is an endless number of crystals you can choose for your pet, here are five of the most popular.

Remember to clean, charge, and program your crystals before using them for healing purposes. 

amber stone for pets

Amber - Commonly used to treat symptoms of allergies in pets, digestive issues, or bad infections, Amber can bring calming energy to older pets. Make sure they don't chew on this gemstone as it's very brittle and easy to ingest. Under supervision, you can use raw Amber pieces or strands of Amber necklaces over your pet's stomach or infected areas. 

clear quartz ball

Clear Quartz - This crystal is good for speeding up the healing process and boosting the immune system. Also known as the Master Healer, Quartz is the extra pump your pet needs for self-healing. Place a little Quartz crystal at its collar or grid the pet bed with Quartz points. 

black tourmaline ball

Black Tourmaline - This crystal is a great protection crystal and can help balance your pet's physical and emotional well being. Is your pet sensitive to their surroundings, being bullied by another animal in the house, or susceptible to injuries? Use Black Tourmaline to keep aways these unwanted vibes. Again, you can place Black Tourmaline at the collar or place it near your pet's personal space. 

selenite sphere

Selenite - This is a great crystal to seal your pet's aura from unwanted energies, especially if they are feeling weak or lethargic. Like Amber, it is a very brittle stone, so under supervision, you can scan a Selenite wand over your pet's aura or gently massage a Selenite stone over their fur. 

chevron amethyst circle
Amethyst - When your pet needs help relaxing and shows signs of separation anxiety, Amethyst is a good crystal to have on hand. Having a large Amethyst geode or sphere in your pet's room may ease grief, decrease fear, and even help with panic attacks. 

    How do you choose the right crystal for your pet?

    Like choosing crystals for yourself, there aren't any set standards or rigorous rules on choosing them for your pets. If you have to choose a crystal for someone else, you may struggle with finding the right one. This is when your intuition comes in. If you tend not to "hear" your intuition, you may first want to strengthen your Third Eye Chakra.

    Your furry (or scaly) friend can't tell you when they feel the vibration or when you have found the perfect crystal for them, so here are some suggestions to help you choose the right crystals for your pet:

    1. Let your pet take the test. Set out a few crystals and place them one at a time in front of them and between their paws. Don't allow them to chew on the crystals.

    2. Watch your pet's reaction to the crystal. If they don't pay any attention to it, then that crystal is not for them. If they begin to relax, maybe fall asleep, or roll around on the crystal, then you may have found the right one. You can even sometimes see drool coming from their mouths if it's the right crystal.

    3. Try removing the crystal and see what they do. If they begin looking for the crystal, you may want to put it back and assume you have found the right one.

    Alternately, choose crystals that correspond to your animal's chakra chart.

    Once you have a little selection of your pet's chosen crystals, you can get to the healing! 

    No matter how you wish to use your crystals, activate your healing intentions and your animal will feel your love and care. 

    How do you use crystals on pets?

    Depending on your pet's temperament, you can either use the crystals directly or indirectly.

    Friskier pets will want to play and chew the stones, in which case you want to choose a method like drinking a gem elixir or placing large stones out of reach in their space.

    Calmer pets will be okay with crystals placed right on their bodies and around their beds.

    Here are a few techniques to get your pet's healing rituals started: 

    • Place the appropriate crystal for your pet’s condition under their bed. Monitor their condition for the next two weeks. If your pet likes the crystals, you will see an improvement in their health within a few days.

    • Use a crystal generator wand in a clockwise motion over your pet’s condition. Move slowly and relax so your pet will feel the same way. Your pet will express their emotions through movement, so be aware if they are wanting more energy or moving away from it.

    • Place a small crystal pendant on your pet’s collar or buy a beaded pet collar.

    • Add a clean crystal to your pet’s water bowl to energize their water and help digestion. This should be done in a safe way so your pet won't accidentally swallow it. Tie it to a pouch or soak the water before serving. Never leave the stone loose in the bowl where your pet may ingest it. 

    • Warm up the appropriate crystal in the sunshine for active energy and apply the warm crystal to your pet’s injured area or use a few tumbled Smoky Quartz crystals in an ice bag if you’re trying to reduce swelling.

    • Use a palm stone or a crystal wand to gently massage your pet. This is great for sleepy or mellow pets. They may start purring, or whatever the equivalent is of purring in their species!

    Because crystal energy is very powerful and animals are highly sensitive to energies, experiment with your pet and different crystals to determine which ones will work for them.

    When the healing energy is to your pet’s satisfaction, they will show signs of comfort and affection. 

    Readers Questions & Answers

    What crystals would be good for dogs with epilepsy?

    Hi, Thanks for writing in. While crystals cannot cure epilepsy, what you would want is crystals that would keep your dog comfortable and calm in general. We do have a calming crystals collection and more information about which crystals are used for this relaxing energy that may help you: How to use Calming Crystals for Anxiety.

    If you need additional help narrowing it down from there, let me know. I would place the stones around the dog bed if your dog does not try to chew them. You could also use stones that are good to massage your dog with them. My dog is super mellow so I can place necklaces around her (as long as she’s supervised).

    I know how scary it must be when your dog has episodes. My friend has the same situation with her dog. Your dog is very lucky to have you caring and looking for all kinds of methods for him/her.

    Sheila Satin 

    We love all pets, too!

    No one wants to see their animals feel bad, but it inevitably happens. When pets feel bad, you may not notice it until it becomes very painful for them. Using crystals to prevent suffering is an excellent way to keep your pets healthy. 

    Like humans, the energy from crystals can be released to pets and provide certain healing energies that can't be purchased in a pill form. While they are not a substitute to taking your animal to the vet, they are a great addition to their wellbeing. 

    Here are helpful crystal healing resources for you: 

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