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Summer Solstice Crystal Rituals for June 21, 2022

yellow jasper sun pendantYou're in for a summer treat! The longest and brightest day of the year is approaching. It is Summer Solstice. 

Summer Solstice is a special day. You want to take advantage of this transformative energy by doing crystal healing rituals. With the right stones, you set yourself up for a summer that gives. Surround yourself with astrological Sun Crystals that revitalize your mind and illuminate your spirit.

Honor the sun that gives you life. Celebrate beautiful nature that nourishes your soul.

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When is the 2022 Summer Solstice? 

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Summer Solstice takes place on June 21, 2022.

In the Southern Hemisphere, it happens on December 21, 2022.

Depending on what part of the world you live in, you can find out exactly what time the Summer Solstice begins in your city.

What is the metaphysical meaning of Summer Solstice?

Metaphysically, Summer Solstice is your time to shine. You toiled through the tough winter and you planted your seeds of success in the spring. Summer is your time to relax in luxury. It is the season where you enjoy the fruits of the Earth.

Summer Solstice is a time to celebrate life. Honor your life and the life of everything around you.

Summer Solstice kicks off the season of vacations, activities, and festivals. The world comes alive.

The Sun is traditionally associated with masculine energy. It brings out your inner power, strength, happiness, and optimistic nature. If you have been consumed by dark thoughts or depression, it is a chance to reset. The Summer Solstice is about regeneration, self-care, and self-reflection. You can do this best by wearing and using Sun crystals in these hot, happy months.

What are the crystals for Summer Solstice?

For Summer Solstice, you need crystals that celebrate solar power. The collection of stones called Sun Crystals includes Sunstone, Amber, Carnelian, Citrine, Golden Calcite, Yellow Jasper, and Golden Healer Quartz.

These Sun Crystals resonate with the power of Apollo, channeling his sunrays  to activate your inner chi. These stones are bright like the sun, boasting tones of yellow, orange, and red. 

Sun crystals energize your lower chakras. They celebrate your physical existence here on Earth, allowing you to indulge in the fruits of the planet.

Sun crystals protect you by blasting away dark thoughts and negative energies. They are so vibrant that when you hold and use Sun Crystals, you automatically feel better. Your mood transforms to one of optimism.


What crystals should I wear on Summer Solstice?

Summer Solstice is a celebration of life. Feel good inside and outside. Satin Crystals has designed a special line of sun jewelry to brighten your mood and your wardrobe. Visit the entire Satin Crystals Sun Jewelry Collection to see all of the offerings. 

3 Best Sun Bracelets:

3 Best Seller Sun Pendants:

What are the crystal healing rituals for Summer Solstice?

This Summer Solstice, you can benefit by practicing healing rituals with Sun Crystals. Discover the Satin Crystals' Summer Solstice stone sets and how to use them for the maximum benefit this season.

#1 Prosperous Power of Ra Ritual

Purpose: Harness masculine sun energy to bring you material success.

What you need: Real Citrine point and Abundance Tumbled Stones

How to Use them:

1. Clean the stones before use by following one of our Crystal Care Methods.

2. Charge the stones under the Summer Solstice sun for the entire day (even if it's a cloudy day, you still get the benefits).

3. Program the Citrine point to harness the energy of Sun God Ra. Program the Citrine and Aventurine tumbles to bring you wealth and abundance this season.

4.  Carry one or more of the tumbled stones in your purse, pocket, or wallet. The rest will be used to encircle your Citrine point to form a prosperity grid. This grid should be set up near your money area or workspace to bring in the greatest flow of material success.


#2 Spiritual Retreat Ritual

Purpose: Take you on a spiritual summer retreat, physically or mentally

What you need: Ametrine Tumbled stones and/or bracelet

How to Use them:

1. Clean the stones before use. 

2. Charge the stones under the Summer Solstice sun for the entire day. 

3. Program your Ametrine stones and jewelry to bring enlightenment and illumination to you this summer.

4. Take a spiritual retreat by enrolling in a meditation program, yoga camp, or booking a nature getaway. Carry and wear your Ametrine to keep your energies at the highest level as you meditate and evolve.

5. If you are unable to get away physically, do the Amethyst Meditation outdoors while wearing and holding these summer stones.


#3 Summer Protection Ritual

Purpose: Keep you protected so you can adventure carefree in a chaotic world

What you need: Citrine and Smoky Tumbled Set

How to Use them:

1. Clean the stones before use. 

2. Charge the stones under the Summer Solstice sun for the entire day. 

3. Program the Smoky Quartz stones for protecting you this summer and the Citrine Stones for happiness, strength, or prosperity.

4. Grid your home, office, or room by placing one of each stone in a corner, windowsill, or strategic spot. See the Feng Shui map if you need ideas.

5. To protect you while you travel or are on the go, carry the crystals with you in a case, pocket, or pouch.

#4 Summer Love Ritual

Purpose: Open your heart to finding love this summer (long term or short!)

What you need: Sunstone jewelry

How to use them:

1. Clean the stones before use. 

2. Charge the stones under the Summer Solstice sun for the entire day. 

3. Program the Sunstone to help you attract lovers like a bee to sweet honey. If you're looking for long-term love, tap into the pink tones of Sunstone to open your Heart Chakra. If you're looking for a summer fling, tap into the orange tones of Sunstone to open your Sacral chakra.

4. Wear the Sunstone jewelry proudly daily so it catches the eye of your potential lover.


#5 Sun-Moon Yin-Yang Ritual

Purpose: Balance your yin-yang with lunar and solar energy

What you need: Yellow Jasper and Moonstone Tumbles

How to use them:

1. Clean the stones before use. 

2. Charge the stones under the Summer Solstice sun for the entire day. 

3. Program the Yellow Jasper tumbled stones for masculine yang healing and the Moonstone for psychic yin healing.

4. To work on your intuitive side, use the Moonstone tumbles as you do Moonstone healing affirmations and meditations. To work on your physical success, use the Jasper tumbles while you do manifestation affirmations and/or make a vision board.

5. To work on balancing your energies, do a crystal layout with the Yellow Jasper sun gems on your lower body and the Moonstone gems on your upper body.

6. To use these stones for gridding a space, place the Sun Crystals high up in hanging pouches or hanging plants. The Moon Crystals can go on windowsills or table-level spaces.


Summer Solstice Traditions

Summer Solstice has been celebrated for centuries all around the world. Communities gather for rituals that will ignite a safe and fruitful summer. Gatherings of Pagans and those of other beliefs are common on this special day. Here are some traditions:

Bonfires and Burning Witches

Fire is present in almost all sun celebrations, as it is believed to repel evil spirits. In European countries like Denmark, Croatia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, and Spain, a witch figurine made of cloth or straw is burned on a bonfire. This sends a signal for witches and bad forces to stay away.

Dancing with Herbs

In Sweden, Norway, and Romania you may find people dancing through the Summer Solstice festival. They collect herb that is believed to increase the power of fertility. These dances and herbal cures are meant to stimulate love and fertility for the Summer season.

Stepping into the Sea

In Japan, Summer Solstice is a time to purify your body and soul. The "Geshisai" ritual is an event held at the Futami Okitami Shrine where hundreds of people dressed in white step into the sea and stand between two sacred rocks (male and female). 

International Yoga

In countries like India, people may participate in yoga for the Summer Solstice, which coincides with international yoga day. Yoga helps you discipline the body and mind connection, and can be done alone or in masses.

woman wearing sunrise crystal bracelets on both hands

The Definition of Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice is the first day of the summer season.

There are two points in a year when the sun travels the longest path in the sky, and those days have the most sunlight.  

There are two solstices per year. One happens in June and the other in December. One is called a Summer Solstice and the other is Winter Solstice.

People on the opposite hemispheres of Earth celebrate opposite Solstices. Those living in the Northern Hemisphere have Summer Solstice in June and Winter Solstice in December. Those living in the Southern Hemisphere have Summer Solstice in December and Winter Solstice in June.

Your Summer Solstice Zodiac Horoscope

Did you know that your fortune is written in the stars? Every month, your horoscope can be predicted by astrologers who decipher the movement of the sun, moon, earth, and planets. You can find your Summer Solstice astrology by checking your Zodiac sign at Crystal Horoscopes

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Your Solar Connection

Here are some links for your solar and lunar crystal knowledge:

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