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The Color Red Meanings

sheila of satin crystals in a red hoodie holding large red jasper sphereHow do you benefit from the color red? Let's find out! Here you will learn about the meanings, cultural significance, and discover how you can use red stones in crystal healing.

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What's so great about the color red?

The color red makes you feel alive! It is the brightest of the bright, hottest of the hot. Red stirs your passion and motivates your soul. It is the tone of celebrations, the pleasures that make life worth living.

Fall deep and hard in love. Move forward with full force towards your goals and dreams. The color red will cheer you on. Red crystals and jewelry ignite your spirit. 

Red is loud, alluring, and powerful. Fire-engine red screams of charisma and valor, while a medley of hues like scarlet, crimson, burgundy, and cherry win the heart and stimulate romance. Not only is red alluring and dripping with passionate fury, but it also has a significant place culturally and in the healing world.

What is the meaning of the color red?

Red symbolizes love, passion, energy, and motivation. It is a color that grabs your attention and never lets go. The color red wants you to feel alive. Get your blood and your spirit moving with this vivid color.

When you think of love, passion, and sex, you think of the color red. Hearts are most often depicted in red. Red is the color of deep love.

Red has you dripping with desire. The "Lady in Red" wears her alluring red dress and sensual red lipstick. She commands attention from all.

Red is romantic. Softer red hues leaning toward pink whisper of romance, joy, feminism, and sensuality.

The color red is also known to symbolize energy and motivation. Red is bold, visible, and intense. It is the color of blood and fire.  Fire engines and firefighters are on the move. Red gets you hot and gets you going. Red represents courage, confidence, and physical strength. It is a color of action.

Red is a very auspicious color that symbolizes luck. It is also known to be a protective color, warding off evil like a fire-filled dragon on guard.

What is the dark side of the color red?

Red is an alarming color that warns you of danger. When we see the color red, it jumps out and serves as an instant warning. Stop signs, stop lights, and emergency signals are all red. Driving a red sports car brands you as a risk-taker. 

Emotionally, red can signify anger. We've all seen cartoon characters turning cherry red with fury. Even in real life, angry people glow with red cheeks and red ears. Hot and irrational temperament is red.

red stones and moqui marbles

What are the top 7 red crystals?

Here are the top crystals that come in natural shades of red. Thanks, Mother Nature! 

red jasper sphere
Red Jasper:  Red Jasper is brimming with Yang energy, helping to balance any meekness in your personality. It lifts up the Root Chakra and motivates you to be more physically active. Red Jasper reminds you to embrace life because every day is a true blessing.


orange carnelian sphere
Carnelian: Carnelian draws the energy of the Sun to your aura. It warms your soul and brightens your day. Bringing bold energies to your life, Carnelian reignites your creativity and artistic flow. Use this stone if you're feeling a blockage in creative thoughts and artistic expression. 


red quartz sphere
Fire Quartz: Fire Quartz ignites your drive, kicking you into full gear mode so you can actually achieve your life purpose. It burns off laziness and infuses you with a sense of meaning. Fire Quartz reminds you that success is written in your story, and to go after it fearlessly.


red garnet sphere
Garnet: Garnet is the stone of luxurious wealth and health. Deep and attractive in tone, Garnet wants you to have a rich life of pleasures. It stimulates your passion and romance in the physical and emotional realms.


red ruby circle
Ruby: Rubies are for royal lovers. They strengthen your self-worth and your connection to others. Rubies also encourage you to follow


red lava rocks
Lava: Red Lava gets your passions to a boiling point. Volcanic Lava provides grounding energy to connect you deeply with the Earth's core. It is your kinship with the mountains, the desserts, the trees, and their roots. 


red aventurine sphere
Red Aventurine: Benefit immediately from the power of Aventurine stones. The stone is synonymous with success. Aventurine is the most popular of Abundance crystals, calling in whatever you set your mind to. Surround yourself with an aura of plentiful positivity. 


How do you use red in crystal healing?

Red is known to stimulate and motivate you. It awakens you physically, emotionally, and energetically. Red is used to activate your Root chakra. The Root chakra keeps the physical body healthy and balanced.

  • If you are overcoming physical ailments and injuries, place red crystals on your body during crystal layouts.
  • Red stones can be held during meditations that are focused on physical health, fitness, motivation, goal achievement, success, bravery, and work.
  • Wearing Red jewelry infuses you with good vibrations all day long.

Energetically, the Root Chakra that grounds you and binds you to the earth. When you work with red crystals, you are energized from the feet up. This energy is useful for keeping you balanced, level-headed, and realistic.

Red crystals and stones are a good choice for daydreamers who feel they need to be anchored back to reality at times. It also works well after healing sessions, reiki, meditation, therapy, and massage. After you engage in those sessions, your energy is floating and buzzing. Red crystals and jewelry align you back to earth.

red crystals and moqui balls

What is the cultural significance of red?

Red is an important color in cultures around the world.

Red in Western Culture

In the United States, there are 7 red stripes in the American flag. Red in the flag symbolizes bravery and valor. The British army is famous for its red coat military garments.

Red is the prominent color during Valentine's Day. On this occasion, it symbolizes love, passion, romance, and relationships. Women wear red dresses and red lipstick, while restaurants are adorned with red heart decorations.

Red is one of the Christmas colors. Religiously, red symbolizes the blood of Jesus and his sacrifice to humanity. It is a color of atonement, life, death, and the flesh.  

Red in Eastern Culture

Red is the most popular color in Chinese culture because it represents good fortune, joy, and happiness. Red has a different meaning to the Chinese than many other cultures. Chinese New Year is celebrated with the color red because it is an extremely auspicious color. Red envelopes with money are distributed to kids during the new lunar year. Red is also known for its protective properties, and Chinese brides often choose red dresses for marriage.

Red is also the most significant color in Indian culture. In Hinduism, red represents both sensuality and purity. It is a prominent color during festivals, marriage, births, and important ceremonies. Red Henna patterns on the hand are a tradition for women. The red bindi on the forehead of a woman means that she is married and simultaneously serves as a protective third eye symbol that wards off evil.

3 Radiant Red Spheres

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7 Ravishing Red Bracelets

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