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Chrysocolla Stone of Awareness

chrysocolla stones and jewelry Chrysocolla is one of the most beautiful gems in the world. This healing stone wins your love with turquoise tones intermixed with fire-red Cuprite, silky green Malachite, and other fascinating minerals. It is a healing gemstone that pleases your eye and invigorates your mind.

Also known as the Goddess Crystal, Chrysocolla's appeal goes beyond looks. This is the powerful Stone of Awareness. Chrysocolla gems and jewelry focus your attention on the Inner Self, relationships, and Oneness with Planet Earth. With Chrysocolla crystals, you are a spiritual being enjoying a human experience. 

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Chrysocolla for Self-Awareness

Turn your Third Eye inward and reflect upon yourself. We are programmed to look outward and see all the rights and wrongs of the physical world. Chrysocolla is the Stone of Awareness that encourages you to reflect within, first and foremost. Only after you have studied yourself can you better understand and serve the world at large.

Blessed with beautiful blue turquoise tones, Chrysocolla inspires your Heart, Throat, and Third Eye chakras. When you work with Chrysocolla, you tap into a higher mindset. You are motivated to love with a pure heart, speak with clear expression, and see with an expansive perception.

When can Chrysocolla Goddess Stone serve your spiritual development? During crystal healing sessions, meditations, and self-improvement manifestation work. Lay out gorgeous healing stones along your Higher chakras. Wear Chrysocolla jewelry to remain in a spiritual state even throughout your most human experiences.

You are not just a cog in a machine but a masterful creator of your life. Choose Chrysocolla to appreciate the tapestry of universal beauty, deeper understanding, and psychic greatness. It is the gentle and loving gem that leads you to a place of blissful joy and mindful existence.

Chrysocolla for Relationship Healing

When you are at peace with yourself, you can find peace with others. Chrysocolla understands that while self-reflection is of utmost importance, you live in a network of human interaction. Rich relationships of all sorts are the essence of your worldly experience.

Did you know that Chrysocolla is the Heartbreak Healer? This sweet stone nurtures you as you overcome your painful history. Time and again, your fellow human beings have left you sad, disappointed, and heartbroken. How can you ever love so purely and completely after all the experiences of your past?

Work with Chrysocolla. It helps to heal your heart, mending the pieces one step at a time. Wear a Chrysocolla pendant at the Heart chakra to restore your faith in love and humanity. Pray with a gemstone held to your heart, asking for forgiveness of yourself and others. The Goddess Crystal is listening and divine healing is on the way.

Slowly but surely, you will be ready to love again. Forge a stronger relationship with your sisters and brothers, friends and lovers. You deserve to be whole and happy. Holistic Chrysocolla hears you. 

Chrysocolla for Planet Earth Oneness

Your relationship with yourself and others may feel like individual experiences, and yet they exist in a vast pool of Oneness. With Chrysocolla gemstones at your side, you become aware of this elusive concept. Everyone and everything is part of the great synchronicity.

The first level of Oneness exists within planet Earth. Chrysocolla resembles our beautiful blue and green globe. This crystal reminds you to be kind to yourself, others, and Mother Nature. You do not and cannot exist independently. You are part of the great big network.

This stone nurtures your love for nature. It teaches you planetary awareness and opens your eyes to mass consciousness. You are a product and a part of Earth's experiences. Stay calm and present in the moment with the cooling powers of the Chrysocolla Awareness Stone.

And finally, you are a thread in the fabric of existence itself. Everything that you do and think is part of the Universal plan, karma, life. Chrysocolla helps you understand your dual nature: that of a unique individual soul and that of a whole.

When you are ready to expand your mind, you can reflect and understand the meaning of life with Chrysocolla. There are no limits to what you can do and what this gemstone can do for you.  

Chrysocolla Crystals for You

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Due to its dreamy color, Chrysocolla is a crystal that pleases all. Add these gems and jewels to your toolkit and your outfits. 

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Lisa Satin - December 6, 2023

Hello Alfonso,

Chrysocolla is a very soft mineral, registering at just 2.4 on the Mohs scale of Hardness. That is why if it hasn’t been stabilized with another mineral or product, it crumbles.

Learn more in our Chrysocolla meanings article:

Alfonso D. - December 6, 2023

Question regarding dark blue crysicolla from Arizona USAas to why it just crumbles?

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