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Crystal Ball Guided Meditation

sheila of satin crystals sitting behind three large crystals balls for gazing
Are you ready for crystal ball gazing? It may sound unfamiliar or difficult to you, but this guided meditation makes crystal ball gazing fun and easy.

Listen along to the video or use the script to conduct a group session. You'll be sure to learn something... about the past, present, and future!  

Crystal Ball Gazing video

For your convenience, we have recorded the Crystal Ball gazing session. There are singing bowl interludes throughout the video so you can take time to visualize and personalize your journey. Listen and follow along...

How do you prepare for Crystal Ball Gazing?

1. Choose a crystal ball to use. It can be a large sphere that stands in front of you, or a smaller orb that you can hold in your palms. If you don't have a crystal ball yet, check out Satin Crystals sphere collection.

2. Be sure to clean, charge, and program your sphere so that it's cleared of old memories and unwanted energy. Program it to help you gain visions through time.

3. Find a peaceful place with enough light that you can gaze into your crystal ball but dark enough that your mind can relax and release.

4. Decorate your space with additional crystals or candles to create the right vibe.

5. Prepare a glass of water and Moqui Marbles, or your favorite grounding stones, to use after the session.

crystals, water, candle, and sage to prepare for a crystal ball gazing session

Crystal Ball Gazing Script

Look into your crystal ball and observe its outside surfaces. Be aware of its color, its textures, its patterns. Is it solid, clear, or something in between? Study your sphere and focus all of your attention on the beautiful gemstone before you.

Keep observing. If other thoughts pop into your head, allow them to fade into the stone and find yourself focused again on your crystal ball.

If your ball has clarity, let your mind sink deep into the layers of the stone, going deeper and deeper.

If your sphere has an opaque picture pattern, get lost in the lines and designs.

If your sphere is a solid color, study its reflections, grooves, and textures.

The more you focus on the crystal ball, the more you begin to relax your mind and body. If you desire, allow your vision to blur and enter a more trance-like state. It is completely up to you if you wish to continue journeying with your eyes open or closed. Go with your intuition, it always leads you to the correct place.

sheila of satin crystals with hands on a large blue calcite sphere

As you meld and become one with your crystal ball, you absorb its timeless powers and infinite wisdom. The sphere is the perfect universal shape, intended to help you see in every direction. You are about to embark on a journey beyond the confines of time, to gain a glimpse of the past, present and future.

Your first visit will be back in time to the past. You can ask your crystal ball to show you a specific scene in your life, or even a scene in the history of the Universe. There are no limits. You can also just leave your mind as a blank slate and allow for whatever visions to come.

If you have a special request, or a specific time or place you want to go in the past, mentally ask your crystal ball to take you there now. Otherwise, follow along and open your mind to whatever your gemstone wants to show you.

Gaze into your sphere deeper and deeper, with eyes opened or use your Third Eye and keep your physical eyes closed. Let the visions of the past come. Take a few minutes to be an observer. Don't force anything, let the universe work for you. Go back now...

(3 minutes pause)

sheila of satin crystals with hands on a large red jasper sphere

Now that you've gotten a glimpse of the past, your crystal ball wants to show you something important that is happening in the present. It could be in relation to your own life, or something completely unrelated. If you have a specific vision you wish to see, ask your sphere to take you there. Otherwise, open your mind to whatever comes. Begin your present gazing now...

(3 minutes pause)

Finally, you are ready to visit the future. Once again, if you have a specific question or vision you wish to be shown, ask it of your crystal ball. Otherwise, release your thoughts and surrender to the sphere. Move forward now...

(3 minutes pause)

hands holding a red quartz sphere

You've now had a chance to gaze into your crystal ball and experience a new sensation. You might have seen vivid scenes through time.

You might have seen nothing, and that's okay too. Feel good knowing that each time you practice crystal ball gazing, the visions become clearer and the pathway to enter this subconscious state becomes easier. Eventually, it will be second nature to you.

Turn your attention back to the crystal ball. Give it gratitude for being your vessel through time and space. The next time you want to do this, you can simply pick up this crystal sphere or a different one, and lead yourself to the trance of wisdom.

You are about to return back to your physical reality. To realign your astral body back with the physical realm, go ahead and rub your fingers along the sphere. Let the motion and movement get the blood flowing back to your hands and the sensations flowing back to your body. With each motion, you become more aware of your physical surroundings.

Listen to the sounds in the room, notice the feeling in your body, and if your eyes are closed, open them now. Take your time to readjust, and reflect upon your experience.

Your journey is complete.

sheila of satin crystals sitting behind a red quartz sphere holding up moqui marbles and a glass of water for grounding


What do I do Post-Meditation?

After crystal ball gazing, you might feel spacey. That's because your frequency was shifted. Allow yourself time to enjoy this natural high, and slowly reintegrate back to the physical world.

Hold onto your Moqui Marbles and drink the water that was placed nearby.

When you are in a comfortable mental state, reflect or record your experiences. If you are in a group with others, you can discuss them together.

If you liked the crystal ball meditation session, or if you have any stories to share or questions to ask, we would be glad to hear from you. Post them below.

7 Popular Gazing Spheres...

Don't know where to start? Here are our 7 most popular crystal spheres for this crystal ball gazing session: 

Rise Upward and Onward

Enhance your meditation with further healing ideas:

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Lisa Satin - November 25, 2021

Hi Susan,

Great to hear that you’ve given a lot of effort.
Most of us do not have psychic skills and therefore must work at it. It takes years and years and years to develop the Third Eye, so please be patient with yourself.

Here is an article on what to expect when you’re getting frustrated with your crystal:

It sounds like you’re expecting instant results, but if you read this article you’ll see that like most skills in life, crystal gazing and channeling takes a lot of patience and practice! :)

You are on the right path.

Susan - November 25, 2021

Dear Lisa
I did gaze into crystal ball ok. I can’t pick up energy what is going on with my pet at the rainbow bridge ok
I am not psychic reader pk

Sheila Satin - January 7, 2021

Hi Veronica, as you will discover, everyone has a different opinion and preference when it comes to a healing room. Like you, I prefer a bright space that lets in all the “The Light”. I also have all of my crystals out in the open, absorbing the light and letting out their energy throughout my house.

I would try it both ways if you are unsure and then let me know what works best for you, I’m curious!

Sheila :)

Veronica - January 7, 2021

Hi Shila, Thank you so much for your welcoming message . I would love to hear your advise on the best way to prepare my room , myself and my Chrystal ball (150 mm pure Clear Chrystal ) which I wish to use for intuitive psychic reading, healing , therapy for my personal use and to help others . I read that it’s the best to keep the room dark with 2 candle behind me when I will work with my ball but I feel that I would love to have more light in the room when working with it or it must be this way? I also read that the best way is to keep it covered with black velvet while I am not using it . Can I keep it uncovered when sitting next to it even when I am not working with it ? I love to communicate with my ball even when I am not working with it and I can’t do it when covered. Any other advise you can give me ? Thanks in advance. With love & light / light & love , Veronica

Sheila Satin - December 24, 2020

Hi Raquel, our Quartz spheres are all natural. You will see all the natural inclusions, minerals, and planes within the stones which you will not get in clear man-made or glass balls.

We do offer a 10% off discount for joining our free VIP email list. If you haven’t done so, you can join here:

We look forward to uniting you with your new gazing sphere.


Sheila Satin

Raquel - December 24, 2020

Hello. Are you’re crystal stones made from a lab or naturally from the earth? I am looking to purchase a crystal ball for gazing, also I see you’re selling the quartz crystal rainbow 2.8 and I was wondering if you’ll be able to give a discount for full time college students? Thank you.

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