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Is Your Moldavite Real or Fake?

sheila of satin crystals holding two moldavite piecesYou want real Moldavite, and you want it now!

How do you know that Satin Crystals sells real Moldavite and not a manmade phony like so many other companies?

This is a common question we get from potential customers: Do you sell real Moldavite?

Yes! We want you to have the real Moldavite. At Satin Crystals we only sell genuine, authentic Moldavite from our trusted partners in the Czech Republic. 

You should feel good and confident when you buy Moldavite, not fearful that you'll be tricked into a fake. Satin Crystals has been in the gemstone and meteorite business since 2001. Lisa Satin lives in Central Europe where she enjoys strong ties with the Moldavite trade in the Czech Republic. She has these real Moldavites shipped to Sheila in California, and from there they are shipped to you.

We are very strict on where we source our Moldavite because we refuse to sell replicas. 

Do you want to know more about the healing properties of Moldavite? We have an in-depth article on Moldavite Gemstone Meanings  

Watch the video on Moldavite identification

How can I tell if Moldavite is real or fake?

Fake Moldavite is becoming more common as real Moldavite increases in value and demand. Besides testing in a gemological laboratory or buying straight from a trusted source, here are some tips on how to tell if your Moldavite is real and not a synthetic piece of green glass or plastic:

1. Real Moldavite is always green: There is a wide range of green hues associated with Moldavite. It can be light green, forest green, dark green, midnight green, yellow-green, brown-green, etc. However, if you encounter Moldavite in any other color, it is either a synthetic fake or a completely different mineral.

2. Real Moldavite has unpredictable textures: Moldavite can be smooth, cratered, wavy, lumpy, or a combination of textures. However, these textures shouldn't be uniform all around the specimen. If it's too "perfectly textured", it needs to be in a museum or has a high chance of being phony.

3. Real Moldavite is asymmetrical: Moldavite can be semi-circular, semi-spherical, semi-cylindrical, wand-like, club-like, or randomly shaped. If you spot a specimen that is just a tad too "perfectly symmetrical", be wary of its authenticity unless you are admiring it in a museum. Under a strong microscope, you should also be able to see the air bubbles and the uneven, wavy streaming lines within the stone. 

4. Real Moldavite has monetary value: This isn't quite a visual inspection of the Moldavite itself, but insight into the price tag you are looking at. Moldavite is the only Tektite considered to be a gemstone. If the price is too good to be true, guess what?! It's probably too cheap to be real.

5. Real Moldavite has worm-like inclusions: When seen under a strong microscope up to 10x magnification, you should see wavy inclusions. These are lechatelierite inclusions, which are the result of sand particles that melted during the stone's formation. But, unlike Quartz, which is a Silicon Dioxide forming slowly with high-temperature, lechatelierite forms by instantaneous events like meteorites and lightning strikes. 

6. Moldavite is always from the Czech Republic: Moldavite only sell in a single event millions and millions of years ago in the area we now know as the Czech Republic. If anyone is passing off African Moldavite, Chinese Moldavite, or any other location's "Moldavite" to you, they are fakes. They may be natural Tektites, but they will never be the one-and-only Moldavite!

7. Moldavite does not have a glassy luster: Although Moldavite is a naturally formed glass, in its rough formation, it is not glassy looking like manmade glass. If you have a piece of rough Moldavite, it will appear matte and earthy rather than slick and wet. If your textured Moldavite is looking shiny and lusterous, this is a good indication of a fake. The only time real Moldavite should look glassy is if it has a fracture or if it is polished. 

Does my Satin Crystals' Moldavite come with a Certificate of Authenticity?

You've seen it all over the internet- Moldavite sellers promising you a Certificate of Authenticity (COAs) with your purchase. We hate to break it to you, but their COAs are worth nothing more than the cheap paper it was printed on. Look closely, it's just a piece of paper that they printed from their home office (often with spelling and grammar mistakes) that they created to make you feel better. COAs have nothing to do with the authenticity of the Moldavite, it's a marketing gimmick.

Here at Satin Crystals, we are straightforward. No, we don't give you a Certificate of Authenticity because it has no value.

The only true way to know if a rock is a tektite is to have it tested in a reputable laboratory. 

We guarantee you that 99.9% of the companies offering you a COA did not have the Moldavite lab-verified by a real scientist. That's why it's meaningless.

Visual testing of real versus fake Moldavite

Let's take a look at real samples of Moldavite from the online marketplace.

The real samples are Satin Crystals Moldavite, while the fakes are very popular manufactured Moldavite from other vendors.

For those who do not mind synthetic material, fake Moldavite is an excellent and affordable choice. For those who want real Moldavite from the Czech Republic, don't be duped. Just because the fakes claim to be real Moldavite of the Czech Republic, it does not mean that they are.

Moldavite is considered a gemstone, and the price will reflect it.

Example # 1:real vs fake moldaviteReal Moldavite Visual Analysis:

  • Color: Green (Correct)
  • Texture: Wavy (Correct)
  • Shape: Random (Correct)
  • Price: Gemstone (Correct)

Fake "Moldavite" Blue Glass Visual Analysis:

  • Color: Blue (Incorrect)
  • Texture: Slight Ridges (Correct)
  • Shape: Almost Symmetrically Oval (Highly Suspicious)
  • Price: Bargain Bin (Highly Suspicious)

Result: The Satin Crystals Moldavite looks (and is) genuine, based on the visual test. The Fake Blue Glass is 100% conclusively fake simply due to its color. Moldavite is never blue. Yet, because a visual test should never be conclusive (maybe the color filters on your monitor are off?), we will rate the Fake Blue Moldavite as a 99.99% chance of being Blue Glass.

Example #2:real vs fake moldavite

 Real Moldavite Visual Analysis:

  • Color: Green (Correct)
  • Texture: Wavy, Shards (Correct)
  • Shape: Random (Correct)
  • Price: Gemstone (Correct)

Fake "Moldavite" Green Glass Visual Analysis:

  • Color: Green (Correct)
  • Texture: Plastic-like, even waves (Incorrect)
  • Shape: Random (Correct)
  • Price: Bargain Bin (Highly Suspicious)

Result: The Satin Crystals Moldavite looks (and is) genuine, based on the visual test. The Fake Green Glass rates at about 50% suspicious based on this visual test.

If you are 50% suspicious of the authenticity, it's better to move on or find out more before purchasing.

As someone who specializes in handling Moldavite, I rate it a 99.99% chance of being fake at very first glance. Unfortunately, it is a popular product due to its price and is well-rated by customers due to lack of knowledge.

Where can I find real Moldavite?

Are you ready to become an owner of the rare and real Moldavite? We have authentic Moldavite that you can feel good about.

Need extra reassurance that you're getting the real deal? We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You have nothing to lose when you shop at Satin Crystals.

Shop the Moldavite Collection or pick your pieces right here and now: 

Your Moldavite Journeys

Do you love the feel of real Moldavite? Are you feeling more confident purchasing Moldavite online? Comment on the blog below. 

Meanwhile, here are additional resources for your Moldavite knowledge: 

Don't forget to sign up for the Satin Crystals VIP Club for special insight, gemstone stories, and members-only specials on Moldavite. 

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Lisa Satin - May 5, 2022

Hi Melissa,

Moldavite is a spectacular choice in crystal healing. This cosmic gemstone holds the power of space and Earth. Here are some links that you might find interesting:

You may have heard people talking about their experiences with Moldavite. To prepare you for what is true, check out this article:

Looking for a new Moldavite to add to your collection? Find it here:

If you have any questions we are just an email away,
Lisa Satin

Melissa - May 5, 2022

You are an amazing soul. I am actually in the process of picking out the right moldavite for me. Thank you!

Sheila Satin - September 9, 2021

Hi Danielle, Thanks for writing. Yes, we ship worldwide via DHL express. You will see the shipping costs in your cart on satincrystals where you can choose your destination and I will tell you how much DHL charges for your country. Let me know if you need any other help otherwise I look forward to sending out your order!



Danielle - September 9, 2021


I discovered your website & you tube channel whilst looking for how to identify fake Moldavite, so am now subscribed to your YouTube & website.

I was wondering if you ship your items worldwide? Asking, as I live in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

(My apologies if that info is on the website & I didn’t see it)

Thanks so much for your time =)

From Danielle

Javier - August 8, 2021

I ordered the moldovite it really called out my name. I was looking at your YouTube vid i checked to see if you guys hade any moldovite. I trust that your moldovite is real. This not really a question. I just wanted to let you know I have trust in your crystals let alone moldvite🙏

Sheila Satin - August 8, 2021

Hi Qyqo, Thank you for watching our videos and for your email. We cannot speak for the authenticity of other sellers. If you would like to purchase from our website, the pendants that we sell are unisex. Many men have ordered and worn especially the Moldavite pendant keeper and the Moldavite pendant big alien designs:

If none of these designs suits you, I understand! No matter where you buy from, I hope you find the perfect piece.

Qyqo - August 8, 2021


I wanted to purchase an awesome looking bronze weaved moldavite pendant off of etsy,,,,9grams for 152 usda from seller. (Rare gorgeous authenticcertifiedmoldavite necklace-bronze weaved)….who claims authenticity…But after watching your YouTube video I was hoping to purchase from your site, but they all seemed to be geared toward feminine persuasions. I really need something I enjoy wearing that is indivualistic.
I really feel the universe urging me to purchase one but I don’t want to make a foolish mistake.
I was wondering if you might be familiar with this seller or if you would have anything that would suit my esthetic

Thank you in advance,

Lisa Satin - August 2, 2021

Hello Ashley,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding our 100% happiness guarantee. We love it when our customers are fully satisfied with their purchase of real Moldavite and other gems. That’s why we have a full 30-day window for you to be sure it’s the right piece. You can see our full policy at this link:

Ashley - August 2, 2021

What is your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and does it entail?

Sheila Satin - June 14, 2021

Thanks for watching our videos. Let us know how your Moldavite journey goes!

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