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Meteorite Jewelry Showcase

placing gao guenie meteorite in pendant cageYou are unique in the universe.

You are beyond this world.

You are one in a zillion.

And that is why Meteorite jewelry matches your style.

Satin Crystals Meteorite and Tektite jewelry resonate with cosmic souls who love crystal healing and high consciousness. When you slip on one of these fantastical designs, you'll be vibing as high as the North Star.

You deserve jewelry that shines as bright as the Aurora Borealis.

You deserve gems that highlight your original personality.

You deserve Meteorites that are 100% genuine.

Take a look at these 7 sparkling designs. But first, we invite you to join the Satin Crystals VIP Club today. It's free and easy.  

Meteorite Jewelry for your Cosmic Soul

Check out these galactic jewelry pieces and find the gemstone that's right for you. Add some as special gifts for those you love the most.

#1 Muonionalusta Meteorite Necklace

Personality: For strong and sterling forces in the universe

Story: Tap into the matrix of the universe when you wear this Muonionalusta meteorite necklace. Your body may be human, but your mind is ready to evolve beyond our dimension. The oval gemstone has stunning cross-sections called Widmanstatten patterns. This sterling silver Muonionalusta necklace sends your spirit soaring to the moon and back. Discover More!


#2 Libyan Desert Glass Trinity Necklace

Personality: For souls as mighty as the sun, stars, and sands

Story: Glow with the trinity of sun, star, and sand power when you wear this sterling silver Libyan Desert Glass necklace. Each Great Sand Sea Glass is rare and original, glistening with sunny essence that warms your inner soul. The astral treasure is crafted from real yellow Tektite of the Sahara Desert. You may feel as though you're flying through space to a place of unmatched happiness every time you wear this Libyan Desert Glass necklace. Discover More!


#3 Moldavite Orbit Earrings

Personality: For stylish folks who follow positive trends

Story: These real Moldavite earrings have you spinning in an orbit of attractiveness. Let health, wealth, and love gravitate to you through the magnetic powers of rare green Moldavite and red Garnet. You are a stunning force of beauty in this great big universe. Who knew that spiritual transformation could look so good? Discover More!

#4 Gao-Guenie Galaxy Power Pendant

Personality: For tough and protective leaders

Story: Your Gao-Guenie Meteorite pendant captures the power of the galaxy in a neat little locket. Feel like the master of the universe when you wear this space stone right next to the core of your astral body. Your Gao-Guenie cage pendant attracts the best things into your life, from near or far, earth and star. Discover More!


#5 Campo Del Cielo Dreamer Necklace

Personality: For dreamers and light workers

Story: Feel the infinite power of deep space penetrate your soul when you wear this real Campo Del Cielo meteorite jewel. The rippling silver iron space stone is a glimmering token from the galaxy, meant to uplift your vibration. You'll be the talk of the town and the center of the solar system adorned in this sterling silver Campo Del Cielo necklace. Discover More!


    #6 Libyan Desert Glass Sun Catcher Necklace

    Personality: For those who love to be center of the universe

    Story: The sun no longer feels out of reach when you capture its essence in this Libyan Desert Glass cage necklace. Wear the magic of the cosmos close to your heart when you sport this sunny, stylish choker. Feel like the center of the solar system when you wear this rare and beautiful yellow Tektite that boosts your energy and confidence. Discover More!


    #7 Moldavite Brilliant Star Necklace

    Personality: For doers who fearlessly shoot for the stars

    Story: This rare Yellow Tektite takes you on a journey of a lifetime. Soar through the Great Sand Sea of Africa and up into the cosmic infinite when you take hold of real Libyan Desert Glass Meteorite. Rare, powerful, and aesthetically spectacular, it brings a new element of excitement to your spiritual and physical path. You can be the owner of magical Libyan Desert Glass right away. Discover More!


      Your Meteorite Journeys

      How do you feel wearing and gifting Meteorite jewelry? Do you have any of these pieces in your collection? Which ones attract you the most?

      We'd love to hear from you, whether you have personal stories to share or questions about crystal healing jewelry. You can comment on the blog below. 

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      Lisa - February 22, 2022

      Hello Ben,

      I’ve heard good things about Phenacite but haven’t worked with it. However, Libyan Desert Glass would be a better match to Muonionalusta due to their “extraterrestrial” origin stories.

      You can read more about Libyan here:

      Our current collection can be found here:

      Please let us know if you have any further questions.


      Lisa Satin

      Ben - February 22, 2022

      I recently got a Muonionalusta meteorite pendant for its ancient energies. I was wondering if Libyan desert glass or Phenacite would work better paired with Muonionalusta meteorite? Thanks in advance!

      Sheila Satin - April 29, 2021

      Hi X, Thanks for watching the video and writing back. Let me know if you need help making an account.

      Satin Crystals has been in business for 20 years so we have a lot of experience with stones and meteorites and we know the right source vendors! It took many years and a lot of research but we are confident with all of our offerings now!

      X - April 29, 2021

      I was actually intrigued as too how you guys confirm that every cyrstal or moldavite is authentic ?

      Vicky - April 26, 2021

      Yes I did! Thank you so much! Wishing you and your team a week of abundance in joy! 🤗

      Sheila Satin - April 26, 2021

      Hi Vicky, Thank you for your message. I see you were able to use the code in the end. Thank you for your order and we will be shipping it out tomorrow morning!

      Vicky - April 26, 2021

      Hi, I was trying to make a purchase but the welcome 10% off code for signing up is not working at checkout. I was given the code Welcome10SC. Can someone help? Thank you 😊

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