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Top 15 Moldavite and Crystal Combinations

hands holding raw moldavite and rose quartz heart

If you own Moldavite, you already know what amazing and cosmic energy it holds. If you do not yet own Moldavite, you may find yourself attracted to it and wanting to learn more.

Moldavite is an ancient gemstone of meteoric origin that can be used for transformational experiences. This green Tektite comes only from the Czech Republic and was created 14.7 million years ago when a meteor struck the land.

Did you know that you can combine Moldavite with other gemstones to enhance the metaphysical benefits? Here are the Top 15 Moldavite and Crystal matches, listed according to the energy they bring you. 

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Moldavite and Crystals for Love

Moldavite and Rose Quartz: When you seek love and harmony, you want the perfect balance. Moldavite is a strong gemstone that can have quick and intense effects on you. Rose Quartz is a gentle lover that nurtures you through transformation. Together, they form a serene yin and yang. Use Moldavite and Rose Quartz together when you are working on self-love and also to attract the soulmate who compliments your personality.

Moldavite and Garnet: Moldavite and Garnet are both powerful, intensive healers. When you're looking to heal past heartbreak and move on with your life, use these two gemstones together. Pair Moldavite and Green Garnet to open up the Heart chakra. Pair Moldavite and Red Garnet to revitalize your sexuality and attract a romantic lover.

Moldavite and Red Jasper: Moldavite and Red Jasper are a lovely match because they bring you the essence of Sky and Earth. Moldavite holds the energy of space, stars, and sky. Red Jasper holds the energy of land and earth. They work well together, allowing you to balance the world of love with a level-head but an open heart.

Moldavite and Crystals for Protection

Moldavite and Black Tektite: Moldavite is a green Tektite, and matches well with her astral brother, Black Tektite. Black Tektite is very protective. While you are using Moldavite for meditation, astral travel, and spiritual adventures, pair it with Black Tektite. That way, negative forces of the universe won't penetrate your experiences. You keep safe and soulful when you use these Tektite siblings together.

Moldavite and Black Tourmaline: When you're working on personal inner transformation, you should pair Moldavite with Black Tourmaline. Moldavite pushes you to face and expel your inner demons. When you engage in intense healing like this, it's best to have protective Black Tourmaline to help push negative thoughts and energy out of your aura to reach the next level of self-development.

Moldavite and Obsidian: What happens when you mix the starry magic of Moldavite with the firey volcanic forces of Obsidian? You get the divine protective energy of space and earth. These two gemstones work well in keeping you safe on your path in the physical world and spiritual world alike.

sheila of satin crystals wearing moldavite ring, holding raw moldavite and iron meteorites
Moldavite and Crystals for Manifestation

Moldavite and Libyan Desert Glass: Moldavite and Libyan Desert Glass are a match made in heaven- two Tektite sisters that are bonded forever. They vibrate so high when placed together that the Universe creates a vortex of manifestation. Use these two stunning gemstones together to manifest your dreams and desires. With the help of Moldavite and Libyan Desert Glass, you won't be afraid to reach for the stars.

Moldavite and Campo del Cielo: These two astral soulmates work together to lift your vibration to a new level. Moldavite is light and cosmic, while Campo del Cielo is iron-heavy and karmic. When you're ready to accelerate your evolution beyond the earthly planes, combine these gemstones.

Moldavite and Amethyst: Two of the most spiritual crystals in the galaxy come together to guide you on your soul path. Use Moldavite and Amethyst in cooperation when you want to open up your Crown chakra and connect with the Great Beyond. It's a perfect pair for meditations, Reiki healing, channeling, and any other crystal healing practice you are blessed to be part of.

Moldavite and Crystals for Luck and Abundance

Moldavite and Citrine: Combining Moldavite with the "Merchant Stone" is the way to go when you want to invite abundance. Citrine is well known for bringing in prosperity, while Moldavite is a master of manifestation. Put them together if you want to manifest prosperity of all kinds into your life. Who doesn't?

Moldavite and Jade: Green Moldavite and Jade form one of the luckiest duos out there. Fortune and happiness are yours when you use this combination together. This is a good set for placing in your Feng Shui wealth corner, work office, or money box. Also, if you're starting a new chapter in your life, Moldavite and Jade help you find success on your path.

Moldavite and Aventurine: Are you looking to escape a small and limiting mindset that has been holding you back from success? Then the Moldavite and Aventurine combination is for you. Aventurine will reset your poverty mindset to one of abundance. Moldavite breaks limitations so that you're not afraid to reach for the sky.

Moldavite and Crystals for Healing

Moldavite and Malachite: These two green power player gemstones are so strong, that the Moldavite and Malachite combination is best left to advanced crystal healers. They work together to dig deep and intensely through your traumas so you can overcome the stifling blockages of the past. When you're ready to face your inner child, enlist the help of a professional crystal healer and begin working with this fierce and extraordinary pair.

Moldavite and Quartz: Quartz is called the "Master Healer", encompassing all healing energies, every chakra, and even your aura. When you add energetic Moldavite to the mix, you summon the forces of divine healing. Gain universal clarity and insight when you do work with Moldavite and Quartz together. It's a must for every healer.

Moldavite and Moonstone: This is an astrological match made in heaven. Moldavite glows of bright star energy, while Moonstone vibrates of moon energy. When you are doing work in astrology, horoscope, and fortune-telling, this combination enhances your intuitive psychic skills. Charge your Moldavite and Moonstone combination under the night sky to gain its full powers.

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Where can I buy real Moldavite and crystals?

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Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure. 

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Lisa Satin - March 14, 2022

Hello Erika,

Thank you for writing.

We do get a few inquiries regarding Herkimer Diamond but as of now have none in stock. If we are able to obtain some, I will definitely let you know!

Please feel free to contact us again if you have any questions!


Lisa Satin

Erika - March 14, 2022

Hello there!
I’m wondering if you will have anytime soon a herkimer diamond.
My husband bought with you a moldavite and I would like to paired with.
Thank you

Lisa Satin - November 25, 2021

Hello Jamshar,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

Black Tektite is an amazing choice. Here are the links to what we currently have, along with the photos within each listing. It also explains to you the benefits of Black Tektite:

Please let us know if you have any more questions regarding these Tektites.

Jamshar - November 25, 2021

Can you send me some pictures of tectite crystal please tumbled and raw with price .and also explain the benefits for this

Sheila Satin - July 19, 2021

Hi Audrey, you sure can! It is similar to the Campo del Cielo Meteorite and Moldavite pairing. And, when in doubt, experiment! What may be right for one person, may be different for you.

Audrey - July 19, 2021

Hi, may I know on whether I may combine both Moldavite with Iron Nickel meteorite together?

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