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FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55 & up
FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55 & up

Who is Satin Crystals? Video

Curious about how your favorite crystal shop came to be? Watch the video and listen to the story about Satin Crystals' origin. From birth to the present day, we invite you to join us on our crystal healing journey. 

We thank you for being a positive part of Satin Crystals. Your presence is the key to our success. Let's keep spreading the high vibrations in our world. 

We welcome your comments, questions, and stories here on the blog or on the Youtube video. Thanks for liking, subscribing, and watching! 

Where do I go from here?

Now that you have a brief overview of what Satin Crystals is all about, find out even more and dive headfirst into the world of healing gemstones:

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