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FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55 & up

Your 2021 Lunar Calendar

rainbow moonstone sphere with a new moon cutoutIt's a New Year, a new you, and plenty of new moons. Be in the know to benefit from each and every healing moon event in 2021.

Your Many Moons of 2021

Learn how to catch the moonbeams of 2021 so you remain illuminated and enlightened. 

Read your Moon Guide to discover:

  • The meaning of a Full Moon, New Moon, and Lunar Eclipse

  • The spiritual meaning of a Full Moon, New Moon, and Lunar Eclipse

  • The dates of the 2021 Full Moons

  • The dates of the 2021 New Moons

  • The dates of the 2021 Lunar and Solar Eclipses

  • The power of Moonstone

  • The other Moon Crystals that benefit you

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Get ready for the healing events of the new year with your moon crystals. Shop the Moon Collection or right here on the blog: 

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Sheila Satin - November 25, 2021

Hi Isia, that is a tricky question because everyone’s spiritual journey is unique. You will not have the same experience as other people. The information you find online and from us, is all a collection of personal experiences. You can consider them as a guide while you find your own path with crystals.

Here is a helpful article:

As you said you are already spiritually aware, so Moldavite may not be the right stone for you at the moment. Perhaps it was meant for someone else in your life?

Again, the butterfly is also something that you will have to interpret. Is it something you manifested? I did an exercise on youtube from a law of attraction teacher and she said to start out by manifesting butterflies. Here is her video:

Isia - November 25, 2021

Ok first off how do you know each crystal do for your spirit do you like practice some sort of sorcery? What I mean by that is blessing them or doing some sort of enchantment on them or is there some sort of book 📖📚 you read that tells you what each crystal do cuz I’m very spiritual and really hope you mean what you say about your product and not just making it sound good The moldivite is the most popular one but the small 45 dollar piece I got from you I felt didn’t really do what everyone saids it does I don’t know maybe cuz I’m already fully spiritual and aware I I can’t tell if it’s working or not or helping me I recently I paid for your obsidian bracelet and quartz bracelet I hope to get them soon. Can you tell me something what does it mean when you keep seeing the monarch butterfly 🦋?

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