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Astrology Crystals Directory

You know that the cosmos hold superpowers. You know that crystals radiate healing energy. If you are looking for the ultimate combination of both, you have come to the right place.

Astrology Crystals Reference Guides

Astrology Crystals harness the power of the Moon, Sun, Sky, Stars and Space. Visit each of our reference guides to learn in-depth details about how Astrology and Crystals can help you catch your life dreams.

Moon and Crystals Guide

hand holding a moonstone tumbled in front of a moon print
Find illuminating references to lunar activities and how to use crystals to harness moonbeam healing. In the Moon and Crystals Guides you will find scientific and metaphysical information about Lunar Eclipses, Full Moons, Supermoons, Moonstone, and Moon Crystals. 

Sun and Crystals Guide

yellow painted fingernails holding a blazing jasper sun pendant
The sun is the center of the Milky Way, yiedling supreme solar healing power to all. In the Sun and Crystals Guides, you learn detailed information about the physical and spiritual properties of the Sun, Solar Eclipses, Sunstone and Sun Crystals. 

Star and Crystals Guide

hand holding up a frame with 5 moldavite stones
This expansive reference guide is all about Meteorites. There is so much to know about the great unknown. In the Star and Crystals Guide, you will find information about Meteorite facts, healing properties, types of Meteorites, how to buy Meteorites, and Moldavite meanings. Watch Meteorite videos and read Meteorite blogs.

Astrology Archives

calendar page with crystals Visit the Crystal Horoscope Archive to find your personal Astrology report of the month. All 12 signs of the Zodiac get a glimpse of the future as written in the stars. You can also peer back into the past when you visit previous reports.

Articles of Interest

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If you need additional guidance or you don't see the affirmations you desire, ask and we are glad to assist. You can reach out in the contact box below.