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11 Third Eye Chakra Crystals for Intuition

flowers on sodalite slabsYou've heard of the Third Eye chakra.

You've been wanting to develop your intuition. 

You've been craving clear visions and spiritual experiences.

Wait no longer! Don't put off until tomorrow what you can accomplish today. Third Eye chakra crystals help you see.

Below you will find 11 crystals that help you open the Third Eye chakra. View the entire Collection of Third Eye chakra stones at Satin Crystals.

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11 Third Eye Chakra Crystals

There's something for everyone. Which do you love?


Versatile and convenient, these Third Eye tumbled stones are perfect for crystal layouts. Place one on your Third Eye chakra for immediate results, surround yourself with a spiritual grid, and carry them with you for everyday psychic experiences.

Pick Sodalite for spiritual visions

Pick Blue Aventurine to see the way to wealth

Pick Apatite to envision your ideal body

#1 Sodalite Tumbled Stones for Visionaries 

#2 Blue Aventurine Tumbled Stones for Wealth

#3 Apatite Tumbled Stones for Body Imaging


Third Eye chakra crystal balls are the best for gazing. Are you ready to see beyond the material world? Relax your mind and become one with these psychic gemstone spheres.

Pick Obsidian to receive messages in your dreams

Pick Lapis to develop your psychic visions

Pick Iolite to manifest financial fortunes

#4 Spiderweb Obsidian Ball Dream Messenger

#5 Lapis Ball Psychic Visions

#6 Iolite Ball Financial Fortuneteller


Third Eye pyramids channel energy from the high Universe and bring it down to your physical realm. Place a pyramid on your Third Eye chakra to experience fantastical visions. Keep it in your room to increase the vibrations.

Pick Lapis to channel the spirit world

Pick Labradorite to channel moon energy

Pick Sodalite to channel mental clarity

#7 Lapis Pyramid Spirit Channeling

#8 Labradorite Pyramid Moon Channeling

#9 Sodalite Pyramid Mental Cleansing


Magical wands help you direct energy to places you want it to go. Summon spiritual knowledge from the Universe to your Third Eye chakra. Gently rub the wand on your forehead to awaken your psychic center.

Pick Kyanite for heavenly healing

Pick Labradorite for intense experiences

#10 Kyanite Wand for Heavenly Healing

#11 Labradorite Wand for Spiritual Experiences

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Sheila Satin - March 21, 2022

Hi Suchitra, thanks for your message.

We are unfamiliar with Cintamani stone.

As for Shaman Stones, we have a lot of information, starting here:

Sheila Satin

Suchitra - March 21, 2022
i want to know do u know about cintamani stone i need one stonw. Pls tell me how to use shaman stone

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