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Third Eye Chakra Crystal Healing

healing the third eye chakra with crystals

Do you know that little voice inside your head? Sometimes you ignore it and then you regret your decisions. Sometimes you listen to it and you find yourself on the right path. That little voice is your intuition.

Your intuition resides in your Third Eye chakra. This sixth chakra connects you with your inner knowledge, your Higher Self, and your subconscious mind. It takes patience and practice to develop your Third Eye chakra. When you put in the effort, you will be booming with intuitive wisdom.

In this Third Eye chakra guide, you learn about rituals and powerful practices that provide lifelong benefits. You also discover which healing crystals activate your Third Eye. 


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How can the Third Eye chakra benefit you?

When your Third Eye chakra is open and balanced, you will feel: 

  • Like you are on the right path

  • Confident in your decisions

  • Positive thoughts turn into actions

  • Connected to the Law of Attraction

  • Mentally balanced

  • Your mind is at peace

sheila of satin crystals with a labradorite wand pointed at her third eye chakra

What is the Third Eye Chakra?

The Third Eye chakra is your sixth energy center. It is linked to psychic ability, meditation, and awareness.

All of the chakras below the sixth were focused on your connection with your physical surroundings, humanity, and your earthly self. The Third Eye chakra connects you with your divine self. 


Where is the Third Eye chakra located?

The Third Eye chakra is an energy vortex that spins through the invisible third eye. It is located just above the bridge of your nose and between your brows.

The Third Eye chakra spins clockwise through the center of your eyebrows and out the backside of your skull. It is located energetically between your physical eyes.

blue and purple stones and flowers for the third eye chakra

What is the meaning of the Third Eye chakra?

The Third Eye chakra is your visionary center. It receives and releases ideas, innovation, and mental stress.

Ideas that flow through the great universal energy matrix can be captured by your Third Eye chakra, bringing inspiring and creative ideas. It is the birthplace of manifestation.

The energy that enters the Third Eye chakra stimulates fresh ideas. As this energy leaves through your skull, it sets you into motion so that you take the correct actions toward success.

In Sanskrit, the Third Eye chakra is referred to as Ajna, meaning the command center. It is also referred to as the Brow Chakra. The chakra's symbol is a downward triangle in a circle surrounded by two petals.  It is connected with the element of Light. 


Why do you need to balance the Third Eye chakra?

You make, move, and manifest every millisecond of your life, so it is very important to keep the Third Eye chakra in balance. A healthy chakra ensures your mental progress and evolution.

Everything you do begins with a thought. Whether it's simply lifting a pen off of the floor or a loftier goal like drafting a big business plan, your inner vision precedes the outer motion.

Not all ideas that come to you are positive. You are bombarded with negativity, doubt, and temptation. When you keep your Third Eye chakra balanced you can filter out these negative visions and focus on the positive goals.

sheila of satin crystals holding a labradorite heart and lapis pendulum for the third eye chakra

What causes Third Eye chakra imbalance?

Like your other chakras, the Third Eye chakra can become imbalanced whenever you encounter stressful, confrontational, and unhealthy circumstances. 

If you are surrounded by complainers, naysayers, or people who demean your ideas, your Third Eye chakra will become blocked.

You need fresh, healthy, and invigorating energy to balance this chakra. If you are stuck worrying about the upsetting people in your life, you will not have time to focus on self-reflection or spiritual advancement. 

The main goal in balancing your Third Eye chakra is to make sure that no matter what situation you encounter in the future, your chakra will remain open. 


What happens if your Third Eye chakra is blocked?

You probably know someone who constantly voices their dreams and desires, but they never follow through on their words. Perhaps you do this too? These are the folks who have a sixth chakra energy blockage somewhere within the vortex of their Third Eye which inhibits them from acting.

If you have an underactive Third Eye chakra imbalance: 

The front of your Third Eye chakra is open but the back is blocked. You may receive lots of ideas but feel unable to achieve them. This causes stress, frustration, and inability to act.

Fears and doubts become trapped. You develop a victim mentality, feel out of control, and think the world is out to get you. You don't trust your intuition. 

If you have an overactive Third Eye chakra imbalance: 

Either the front of your Third eye chakra is blocked but the back of your chakra is open or the Third Eye is completely blocked. You may act without proper thought or reason. You are void of motivation. You may even feel mentally unstable.

Your mind is in overdrive, and your thoughts get carried away to the point where wild ideas start to make sense. In reality, you have lost your grip on common sense. You may start to live in a dream world. 

Whether underactive or overactive, your Third Eye chakra will only thrive when it is in a balanced state. 

blue lapis, kyanite and sodalite crystals for the third eye chakra

How do you know when your Third Eye chakra is open?

You know when your Third Eye chakra is open when you have rational thoughts, your mind feels peaceful, and you enjoy each moment as they come.

You can easily self-reflect and adjust your actions according to what is right and wrong. You take full responsibility for your actions. You are in charge of your destiny. 

A healthy Third Eye chakra is not only an innovation magnet, but it also assists you in manifesting your ideas into a physical reality. When your Third Eye chakra is open, you easily manifest what you desire. The Law of Attraction works in your favor and you do not doubt your inner voice. 

In addition to bringing earthly goals and actions to reality, the Third Eye chakra is famous for its spiritual functions. When you go into deep meditation or trance, you surpass worldly thoughts and connect with spiritual visions. This is the Third Eye chakra at work.

Through the Third Eye chakra, you connect with the spirit world through your psychic portal. You have a relationship with your Higher Self. Some clairvoyants and children even see the spiritual realm merged with the everyday physical world. If you are one of these people, this is considered a true awakening for your Third Eye chakra.


Lisa's personal experiences with the Third Eye chakra

I have hosted hundreds of guided meditations. Those who attended regularly began to develop their Third Eye chakras.

Some people could see Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Masters, and Light Beings surrounding them or bringing them messages. Others saw signs and symbols to guide them on their journeys. Incredibly, others could connect with fairies, aliens, and various energies coexisting in the grand Universe.

The good news is that for those who had a hard time visualizing the Other Worlds, it got easier with practice and repetition. It's no wonder that the Third Eye chakra is a favorite focus among the metaphysical crowd.

That being said, I think I will go lay down with my Lapis animal figurines on my third eye and meditate. My little mineral buddies remind me to calm down, take it slow and have faith that the visions will become reality (because they always do!). 

lepidolite stones and angel with flowers for the third eye chakra

Sheila's personal experiences with the Third Eye chakra

My favorite crystal for the Third Eye chakra is Lepidolite because it is known for reducing the stress caused by overanalyzing. I am not a fan of lying restlessly, listening to my thoughts spinning like a repetitive record. Placing this sparkly purple crystal on my forehead helps me focus on the calmness of the stone instead. 

There are so many positive thoughts my mind could be focusing on and Lepidolite reminds me of this. I know that I only have a finite number of minutes, thoughts, and emotions left in this life, so I want to use them wisely. 


What is the color of the Third Eye chakra?

The Third Eye chakra is associated with navy blue and dark royal blue colors. It can also resonate with purple and indigo colors.

bullseye pattern malachite and jasper on sodalite slab for the third eye chakra

What crystals are good for the Third Eye chakra?

Let's keep the Third Eye chakra open by surrounding it with the mindful energy of corresponding crystals that vibrate with divinity. Third Eye Chakra crystals can help you keep your intuition center balanced and ready for action. 

Besides the traditional indigo stones prescribed for this chakra, you can also choose stones with natural bullseye, or "third eye", patterns to them (like seen in the picture above).

Here is a list of top healing stones good for the Third Eye chakra: 

azurite stone sphere - satin crystals meanings

Azurite is called the "stone of heaven" because it aids in developing your psychic awareness, meditation skills, and spiritual abilities. This dark blue crystal enhances intuition at the Third Eye chakra and guides you through your psychic experiences.


dark denim blue dumortierite stone sphere - satin crystals meaningsDumortierite crystals enhance precision, self-discipline, and the ability to organize. This Third Eye chakra stone promotes accomplishments, a positive attitude, trust, and mental harmony. It also helps you cope with panic and fear.


natural iridescent labradorite stone sphere - satin crystals meanings
Labradorite stone deflects unwanted energies. This crystal makes an excellent tool for those practicing metaphysics and the supernatural. It opens up the Third Eye chakra while protecting you from negative forces. 


natural blue lapis lazuli stone sphere - satin crystals meanings
Lapis Lazuli is the gemstone of Total Awareness. It helps to open your visions, intuition, and Third Eye chakra to a sense of deep peace. This crystal helps to release stress and mental disorder to help you focus on your spiritual awakening.


purple lepidolite sphereLepidolite is popular for reducing the stress that comes from overthinking. When your thoughts are causing you anxiety, grab your Lepidolite and focus on the positive in your life. This crystal is a hero for those who tend to overanalyze.


natural blue and white sodalite sphere - satin crystals meanings

Sodalite encourages rational thoughts and calms your mind. This stone clears electromagnetic radiation and pollution, providing you with the mental clarity you need for a balanced Third Eye chakra. It is an excellent stone to eliminate mental confusion so you can meditate in peace.

amethyst super 7 raw point and purple flower bouquet

How do you open the Third Eye chakra with crystals?

Once you have collected your desired Third Eye chakra crystals, you'll need to know how to use them.

With crystals in hand you can: 

  • Visualize your Third Eye chakra like a ball of indigo-colored light. Imagine the light getting stronger and stronger as the crystals infuse the Third Eye chakra with strength. 

  • Close your eyes and concentrate on the middle of your forehead. Imagine your Higher Self coming down from the spiritual realm to meet your physical self here at the Brow chakra. What conversation will you have?


Here are some practical ideas on where to put the crystals: 

  • Lie down and place the crystals on your forehead

  • Hold and gaze into the mystical sheen of Labradorite and be transported on your astral journey

  • Use Third Eye chakra massage wands to massage the temples and forehead

  • Hold polished stones in each hand and visualize the Third Eye chakra opening

  • Place Third Eye chakra tumbled stones in your pockets

  • Surround yourself with Third Eye chakra stones and lie in a crystal grid

  • Drink a Third Eye chakra gem elixir 

  • Bathe in water infused with Third Eye chakra stones, or have them surrounding your tub

  • Swing a Lapis pendulum to put you in a state of self-hypnosis

  • Place Third Eye chakra pyramids at your desk to remind you to balance work and spirituality

  • Decorate your home with Third Eye chakra figurines to connect with your spirit animals

sheila of satin crystals wearing third eye chakra jewelry

How should I wear Third Eye chakra jewelry?

If you are not actively engaged in a crystal healing session, but you want the benefits of Third Eye chakra crystals with you throughout your day, consider wearing dark blue, purple, or indigo gemstone jewelry.


Here are some ideas for wearing Third Eye chakra jewelry: 

  • Wear Third Eye chakra earrings that balance your right and left brain energies

  • Dangle Third Eye chakra pendants from a hat, headband, or bandana

  • Make a crown with Third eye chakra crystals

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sheila of satin crystals holding up a sodalite slab

How can you strengthen your Third Eye chakra?

Alongside your healing crystals, there are many other ways to keep your Third Eye chakra balanced. Have your gemstones by your side while engaging in other intuitive exercises like: 

  • Creative writing. Let your imagination run free and harness your healthy thoughts to create beautiful stories. 

  • Aromatherapy. Apply citrus essential oils like frankincense or sandalwood to clear the Third Eye chakra. Consider using essential oil diffuser crystals for this purpose. 

  • Poses. Specific tai chi, qigong, and yoga asana positions balance the Third Eye chakra. 

  • Meditation calms the mind and connects you with your spiritual self

  • Spend time in natural light. The Third Eye chakra is connected to the element of Light and thrives in moonlight and sunlight. 

  • Keep a dream journal. Sleeping time is when you are naturally astral traveling. Write down where you have been and notice patterns of where your mind is taking you. 

  • Mindful breathing. Techniques like holotropic breathwork are especially helpful with connecting your physical self to your spiritual side. 

  • See a professional. Work on releasing your Third Eye chakra blockages with a crystal healer, spiritual hypnotherapist, or clinical psychologist. 

lapis buddha, lepidolite angel on sodalite slab with flowers

What is the mantra for the Third Eye chakra?

If you are doing manifestation work at the Third Eye chakra, here are some affirmations to get you started. Chant these mantras to attract your desires: 

  • My mind is at peace

  • I always trust my instincts

  • I always listen to my intuition, it never leads me astray

  • I balance my spiritual self with my physical self

  • I see through the psychic portal to the spiritual world

  • I am connected to Universal truth

  • When I close my two eyes, I see the magical world through my Third

Learn How to write your own Mantras

What food is good for the Third Eye chakra?

Eat dark blue or indigo foods to activate the Third Eye chakra. These are not easy to find in their natural state but think blueberries, blue corn, blue potatoes, purple plums, dark grapes, or even blue cheese. 

The Third Eye chakra also flourishes when you eat healthy and raw foods that bring clarity like carrots, cucumbers, nuts, leafy greens, and squash. 

What note is the Third Eye chakra?

Every chakra vibrates at a specific frequency. The Third Eye chakra vibrates at 720 Hz or the musical note F. At this vibration, you can align the Throat chakra to flow open.

Use tuning forks, musical instruments, and singing bowls specific to the Third Eye chakra's note to balance this area. 

third eye chakra stones and flowers

Crystals to open your Third Eye

Go ahead, follow your intuition and find the right crystals and jewelry that will help you open your psychic Third Eye chakra. You can check out the Third Eye Chakra Crystal Collection at Satin Crystals or shop right here at your convenience:


Your Chakra Progress

Once you have opened your Third Eye chakra, you can move on to the last of the seven, your Crown chakra. 

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Do you have stories on how you opened your Third Eye chakra with crystals? Do you have a favorite crystal to use with your intuition?

We would love to hear your comments, questions, and experiences with chakras and crystals. Write to us below and either Sheila or Lisa will get back to you. 

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