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14 New Crystal Spheres are Here

crystal ballsCount your blessings! We have 14 gorgeous new-arrival crystal balls ready to adorn your healing collection.

As November rolls around, the ornaments and snow globes roll out. How about adding some energetic gemstone spheres to your home decor as well? Shop the Crystal Ball Collection and you'll discover a whole variety of colorful stones. The 14 newest additions are featured below.

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14 New-Arrival Spheres

Who loves crystal balls? I do! That's why I get super excited when new materials arrive. Replenish your metaphysical crystal collection with these brand new spheres. With love, Lisa Satin.

 #1 Citrine Sphere Rolling in the Money

This Citrine crystal ball is full of rich dreams, just like you! Infuse your world with the abundant energy of Citrine. A perfect addition to your cash box, money corner, or any space you want to fill with prosperity.

#2 Blue Quartz Sphere Misty Morning

Awaken your mornings with this mesmerizing Blue Quartz crystal ball. The blue-gray sphere evokes the serenity of a misty dawn, rejuvenating your senses. Experience a refreshing, uplifting, and revitalizing start to your day.

#3 Chakra Sphere 7 Appealing Healing

Activate your 7 chakras with this vibrant Chakra crystal ball. The dynamic sphere illuminates your aura and essence with pure delight. For a healing and captivating crystal ball, look no further.

#4 Orange Selenite Sphere Warm Creativity

Feel your energy flow and watch your inspiration glow as you harness the power of this remarkable Orange Selenite sphere. Selenite, a renowned spiritual healing stone, infuses you with the essence of the Master Creator.

#5 Ruby Zoisite Sphere Spotlight Love 

This breathtaking Ruby Zoisite sphere captures attention. Feel the powerful energy of this Heart chakra stone and embrace love's allure. Precious rubies shine amidst the deep green Zoisite, inviting soul-stirring experiences in love. This crystal ball is your cherished guardian.

#6 Ruby Kyanite Sphere Spirit of Abundance

This incredible Ruby Kyanite sphere celebrates abundance. Vibrant red Ruby gems shine in Green Kyanite, bringing prosperity and joy into your life. When you showcase this stunning crystal ball in your home or office, it illuminates the atmosphere for all who admire it.

#7 Flower Agate Sphere My Favorite Things 

When you're feeling down, pick up your Flower Agate sphere and think of your favorite things. This gorgeous crystal ball lifts your mood and your energy too. Always look on the bright side of life, and you'll find yourself forever in bloom. 

#8 Crazy Lace Agate Sphere Pounce

Looking for a burst of motivation? This vibrant Crazy Lace Agate crystal ball ignites your inner energy. Leap towards your life goals with enthusiasm and drive. Gazing into the captivating patterns of the Crazy Lace Agate sphere, you'll be filled with inspiration.

#9 Red Jasper Sphere Stone Soiree

Embrace the stone soiree in this Red Jasper sphere! Inside, White Quartz and Chalcedony joyfully mingle, creating a captivating crystal ball. Discover a bright, unique, and energetic healing gemstone with this stunning Red Jasper beauty.

#10 Red Jasper Sphere Get Down!

Get down and get grounded! This Red Jasper crystal ball boasts splashes of yellow and a natural rugged vibe. Tune in to your earthly energies by anchoring your lower chakras down to the ground. Jasper teaches you to enjoy each moment. 

#11 Moss Agate Sphere Flourishing Soul 

This magnificent Moss Agate crystal ball hopes you achieve great success and happiness. A blend of lush green minerals and pure white stone creates a mesmerizing sphere that captures your affection. When you crave fulfillment and wholeness, this sphere encourages you to reach your highest potential!

#12 Moss Agate Sphere Orb of Inspiration

This Moss Agate sphere is your personal source of inspiration. Let the light green crystal ball calm your mind and unleash your intuitive ideas. This healing stone adds natural beauty to your home, office, or creative studio.

#13 Spinel Sphere Secret Talents 

Free your hidden talents with the Spinel sphere. Look into the crystal matrix and discover your unique skills. Unleash your power and become the creator you were meant to be!

#14 Ocean Jasper Sphere Mermaid Medley

This mesmerizing Ocean Jasper sphere is a cherished gift from the mermaids. With a captivating array of colors, this crystal ball holds the magical essence of the deep sea in mystical Madagascar. Discover the hidden wisdom of mermaids and mythical beings within crystal caverns.

Manifesting More...

Have you used any of these crystals? We'd love to hear about your experiences. Post them below. 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. 

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