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3 VIP Balls for Fall Just Rolled In

moss agate, aragonite, honey calcite spheres on wood display stands in front of succulents

If you've been following along with our VIP Club emails, you know that we're in the middle of a crystal ball craze.

Three new spheres just rolled into Satin Crystals, and we want to share the excitement by presenting you with a VIP Offer. They happen to align perfectly with the changing Fall colors.

Check your email to learn about the members-only special on these 3 brand new beauties...

#1 Coffee Aragonite Mocha Motivation Orb

This Coffee Aragonite ball is as delicious as a creamy cup of mocha. Sit back and chill with the grounding vibration of earthy Aragonite. Your sphere infuses you with life force chi, keeping you productive yet relaxed along the way. Live your fullest life with Coffee Aragonite, enjoying the planet stress-free and totally tuned-in. It's a perfect addition to cozy up to your routine and watch the turn to Autumn.

#2 Honey Calcite Autumn Sweetness Sphere

Your sun-kissed Honey Calcite sphere is the embodiment of beauty. Fill your thoughts with the most wondrous things. Birds and the bees are out to play, the sun rises every day. It's the beginning of Fall; let's cherish the outdoor bustle and shine before winter approaches. The bright, lustrous crystal ball inspires your inner hopes, dreams, and creative desires. It's time to take care of you. It's time to be kissed by the happy healing powers of Honey Calcite.

#3 Moss Agate Rich Life of Qi Ball

This planet is rich with life, and you are part of its beauty. Initiate your life force Qi with this lively Moss Agate crystal ball from spiritual India. Your mossy sphere is the perfect emblem of Earth's diversity. It teaches you how to indulge in the abundance of the world and benefit from the healing elements of nature. Behold the power of the ecosystem with this Moss Agate orb beside you.

Crystals Balls and Beyond

Have you worked with crystal balls? Are you well versed, or just a beginner? We want to hear your stories. 

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