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Broken or Lost Crystal Meanings

sheila of satin crystals holding a broken rhodochrosite massage wandHave you ever lost or broken a crystal? When you physically lose or break a crystal, it can be emotionally distressing.

By understanding the metaphysical meaning of why this happened, you can overcome the sense of loss more quickly. You are about to learn that there's nothing to fear. In fact, breaking or losing a crystal opens the door to a new world of opportunities. You are ready for something new.

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What does it mean if I lose my crystal?

There are three different metaphysical interpretations regarding crystals:

1. Some people believe that a lost crystal means that you no longer need the energy of the crystal and it has gone to another person or place that needs it more. You are ready for a different crystal and energy in your life.

2. The other interpretation is that you need more of that stone's particular energy and the piece you had was too strong or not strong enough for your purposes. You may look into finding a larger or more powerful version of the same stone.

3. The third interpretation is that the energy of the crystal was not compatible with your vibrations. That's okay, there are hundreds of other crystals for you to choose from.

If your crystal has disappeared, wish it well on its journey. Hope that the person who finds it will benefit from the crystal's positive energies. We are all connected; spreading the healing crystal love is much needed right now. Your crystal was a blessing, and now you pay it forward. 

If you do find the crystals again, it means that you needed a little break from the crystals' energy and you are now ready for its good vibrations once again. 

How to Replace your Lost Crystals

Your crystal is gone, and this is the Universe's way of telling you to get another one right away.

But how do you know which new crystal to pick? Here is a quick way to decide what crystal could give you the greatest advantage right now:

Close your eyes and quickly as yourself these questions. Answer without thinking:

"Should I replace my lost crystal with a similar one or a different one?"

Once your higher self informed you of the answer, you should listen right away without delay. Visit Satin Crystals and Shop by Stone to find your perfect piece.

If your Higher Self said you need a different crystal, you want to find out what kind of energy you need right now. Is it time to focus on Love, Abundance, Calming, Happiness, Spirituality, Protection, or something else?

Close your eyes again and ask this question: "What aspect of my life do I need to work on in this very moment?"

Now that you have a better idea of what you want, you can search for a crystal that helps with your intention. Shop Crystals by Intention and find your perfect pieces.

What do broken crystals mean?

When your crystal breaks, the spiritual significance is similar to that of the lost crystal. You are either ready for another stone, you need more of the same stone but a more powerful piece, or you were not on the same wavelength as the crystal and you need something else.

Instead of mourning broken crystals, transform them into something useful. 

holding up two broken crystal animals known as wounded warriors

What can I do with my broken crystals?

If your crystal is broken, chipped, or scratched, it may still be used for healing. Depending on the severity of the injury, your crystal may still be fit to continue on its metaphysical mission.

We called imperfect crystals "wounded warriors"

Just like we humans get bruised and hurt along life's path, crystals get dinged and scarred as time goes on. That doesn't mean they are useless, they have just endured hardships and come out stronger. 


Here are some ideas for your broken crystals: 

If you don't want to use your broken crystals for healing, you can transform them.

  • Add them to your chakra plate

  • Place them in pots and gardens (your plants won't care what the crystals look like)

  • Add them to a clear vase and let them build up into a colorful display

  • Press them into a sculpture, stack them up, glue them with other materials to create intriguing art pieces

  • Make them into magnets for your fridge

female holding two chakra plates up
Can I glue my broken crystals?

Yes, you can glue your broken crystals together. If you think about polished and carved stones and beads, they have already been manipulated from their raw state. A little glue is not going to hurt them. Just note that it might not be as strong as before. If you feel it's not the same, you should invest in a new replacement crystal.

If you are working specifically with the energy of raw, unaltered stones, you will not want to add glue to the chipped areas. In this case, you may just want to keep working with the remaining crystal as-is.

I like to use sugru to repair my crystals. Read more about repairing your crystals

How can I protect my crystals?

Now that you know the emotional pain that comes with breaking or losing a crystal, you may want to be proactive in the future. There are ways to help protect your crystals so they don't get lost or broken.

Tiny gems can be worn in locket pendants. Smaller stones and jewelry can go into pouches and suspension cases for safe keeping. Spheres, eggs, and even clusters can often fit on display stands to prevent them from rolling around and crashing into pieces. Not only do your gems become more secure on stands and cases, but they also look more respectable.

Your Crystal Intuition

Only you hold the answer to your specific metaphysical interpretation of your lost or broken crystal.

If you have trouble accessing your subconscious mind or listening to your intuition, we would recommend meditation or learning how to open the third eye chakra.

sheila of satin crystals with a broken moqui marble
Replace your Broken Crystals

Everything comes and goes in your life. If your crystal has gone off to another adventure or it has broken in exhaustion, replace it with fresh energy. Shop the Satin Crystals Collections and find new vibrations for your aura. 

Still have questions?

We are happy to answer them. Comment below. 

We also invite you to join the Satin Crystals VIP club and stay updated on all the latest answers from the metaphysical world. 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Lisa Satin - August 25, 2023

Hello Brandi, thanks for your question.

You may certainly program any crystal for anything you want, even if the goal is not the “specialty skill” of that stone. Programming your Jade for protection would be like hiring an accountant to be your security guard. Programming Onyx for abundance would be like hiring a security guard to be your accountant. You are surely welcome to do that… if that’s what you desire.

You can learn more about cleaning/charging/programming stones from our Crystal Care article:

Brandi - August 25, 2023

Can I set an intention for a crystal that doesn’t have that meaning? Like can I set protection for jade and money for onyx?

Praful - January 16, 2023

I did a crazy thing and heated my Tektite on stove thinking it will be okay but it split into half. How can I use it now? Should I discard the two pieces? Should I join them together?

Sheila Satin - June 10, 2022

Hi Shree, I would wait a few days to see if it shows back up. If not, I would move on and purchase a new crystal. You may find that the original Pyrite shows back up after that!

Shree - June 10, 2022

Hi friends :)
I bought a pyrite crystal and it arrived just yesterday, however, I dropped it for a split second in my room and it’s no where to be found. I’ve tried looking everywhere and even re-cleaned and organized my room, but I genuinely cannot find it anywhere. Do I just wait until I find it again someday or…?

Sheila Satin - December 5, 2021

Hi Jean, depending on your personal situation, I would say you either need more Sodalite in your life or a different calming stone.

A friend of mine kept losing her Rhodochrosite until she finally got a large Rhodochrosite pendant and that one has stuck around!

Jean Sarson - December 5, 2021

I am very drawn to sodalite. I find it very soothing. Unfortunately, on 2 different occasions I have dropped and broken each one. This was only a few months apart. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Thank you 😊

Sheila Satin - August 22, 2021

Hi Harold, we do not sell glue, but you can find it easily online or in your local hardware shop. Here is more information about gluing your stones and the energy effects:

We put our shards of crystals in our potted plants, but you can use them however you see fit!

Sheila Satin

Harold Gray - August 22, 2021


Thanks for the response concerning the broken crystal.

Concerning the recommended glue:
1. May it be purchased directly from you?
2. Will the glue disrupt natural energy flow or alter it’s flow of energies?

Also, I’m in the process of creating designs from crystals on a tabletop…how do you dispose of shards of broken, or no longer useful, crystals?

Much appreciated,


Sheila Satin - July 7, 2021

Hi Bri, as long a you cleanse it of previous energies, you should be fine. But, you also have to be okay with it in your mind. Instead of feeling guilty, look at it as a gift from the Universe. It’s your turn for the crystal’s energies!

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