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Choosing and Caring for your Crystal Ball

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When you surround yourself with the fascinating world of crystal balls, you are one step closer to connecting with the spiritual world.

Learn how to choose, care for, and shop for real crystal balls.

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How do I choose a crystal ball?

Just like choosing any other crystal, you want to choose the crystal ball that best vibrates with your energy.

Use your intuition to tune into the crystal ball that first jumps out at you. Whether you are shopping online or in-person, your eye will always be drawn to one stone over another. If you are having trouble trusting your intuition, work on strengthening your Third Eye chakra

Another way to choose a crystal ball is to research the healing energy that you are currently seeking. Match the crystal ball's metaphysical properties to your needs. This is a great way to find your matching gemstone sphere if you are indecisive and have not yet developed your Third Eye chakra. 

For in-depth information on how to choose the right crystal every time, visit the Crystal Choosing Guide

How big should a crystal ball be?

Your crystal ball should be as big as your needs.

If you are looking for...

  • Healing on-the-go: You want a small, portable sphere. You should consider a sphere that is less than 2 inches in size for easy carry. You may even want something smaller like a crystal marble sphere in a cage necklace or a clear Quartz orb on a bracelet. You never know when you'll need an emergency crystal ball reading!

  • Massage crystal balls: You want something that fits comfortably in your hands. It should be palm-sized so you don't lose control when you are rolling it over the body. 

  • Meditation crystal balls: You want two spheres, one for each palm of the hand. Alternatively, one large sphere that will fit between both hands. 

  • Crystal ball gazing: The bigger the sphere, the better. This sphere can be held or placed on a tabletop. The larger spheres allow your mind to focus fully on the crystal ball. 

  • Feng Shui balance: You want a crystal ball that is relative to your space. For example, if you are filling the energy of a studio, you would choose a different size crystal balls to fit the home than if you were filling the energy of a mansion. 

How can you tell if a crystal ball is real?

If you are looking for a real crystal ball, you are looking for one that is polished from a natural gemstone. Glass balls have their purposes, but for your healing practice, you want the real thing! Check out the Crystal Ball Tutorial and learn all about how you can tell if your crystal ball is real. 

Should I cover my crystal ball?

You should cover your crystal ball if you are using it for healing practices where you don't want outside elements or energies affecting it while not in use. If you have programmed your crystal for a specific intent and know that you are sensitive to others' energies who may be in the same room as the crystal ball, you want to keep it covered. 

Practical reasons for covering your crystals balls include dust falling into the veins, direct sunlight fading the stone, and deterring curious fingers or pet snouts from playing with the sphere. 

You should not cover your crystal ball if you are using it for Feng Shui energy to fill the space with positive vibrations. 

How do I display my crystal balls?

To display your crystal balls, place the spheres on ring stands or proper pedestals. There are crystal ball stands made for the specific purpose of keeping your spheres in place.

You can also use household items like napkin holders, candle holders, or egg cups. Instead of a stand, you can also place your crystal ball on a bed of rice, faux fur, or a fancy little cushion.

Most importantly, you want to make sure that your gemstones are being treated with the respect that they deserve.


How do I energize a crystal ball?

To energize your crystal ball for healing purposes, you should cleanse, charge, and program the stone before use. Find detailed information on how to activate your crystal ball for your practice in the Crystal Care tutorial. 

What is the best crystal ball to buy?

The best crystal ball to buy depends on your needs and vibrations. The classic crystal ball you see in mainstream Hollywood movies is a clear sphere. Usually, these large spheres are made of glass and contain no natural inclusions. What you want for natural healing energy is a clear Quartz sphere.

A real Quartz crystal ball will have clarity but also contain mesmerizing inclusions of Mother Earth. You may find wispy trails, shiny planes, fascinating crackles, and rainbow sheen within your Quartz crystal ball. Because they contain these unique inclusions and hold expansive healing energy, Quartz crystal balls are highly recommended for scrying, intuitive work, and self-healing. 

Besides Quartz, there is a whole world of crystal balls for you to discover.
Start experimenting with the crystals that call out to you the most. You will soon find your favorites and will want to expand your crystal ball horizons. 

Your sphere collection has just begun

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Keep the crystal ball rolling

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