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Citrine Jade Aventurine Money Power-Player Crystals

jade circle, citrine and green aventurine tumbled stonesWhy do you need money crystals to enhance your lifestyle? 

You exist in a society based on money transactions.

If you see money as a stressful obstacle to your desires, you may cringe at that statement.

When you see money as an energy exchange and a means to your desires, the same statement excites you.

Like it or not, most people on earth are players of the money game. As this won't change any time soon, you might as well enjoy the experience. The good news is that those who want to prosper shall win.

It helps to have money power players on your team. Citrine, Jade, and Aventurine are the three crystals you want on your journey of abundance. The Citrine-Jade-Aventurine power player trio works with you to achieve your greatest dreams in status, luxury, and money.

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Citrine for Cash Flow 

Credit cards and virtual payments are all the rage but nothing beats the feeling of cold hard cash in your hands. Citrine is coined the "Merchant's Stone" because it specializes in the flow of money. No matter what method you choose to collect or pay, you want to keep that energy moving. 

Some people mistakenly believe that abundance is just about getting. Wrong! There's a balance to the Universe. The act of giving is just as important as receiving. It is about give and take.

Citrine crystals regulate this flow in a healthy and winning way. That's why a tumbled Citrine stone in your cash register is a must for business owners. Those who love to shop can wear a Citrine bracelet to keep financially positive. It's all about the law of karma, which operates on balance.

If you're making money and are afraid to spend it, what good does it do for you? You become a fearful Scrooge who must guard your gold against nonexistent enemies. Instead, put a real Citrine crystal near your desk and be a part of this exciting world of money exchange. When you feel good about spending, the Law of Attraction wants to deliver you extra money to spend.

The more Citrine crystals you have, the more money you attract. Treat yourself to the finest things that this world has to offer. Indulge in experiences that excite the soul. With Citrine, you are comfortably nestled into the network of karmic cash. You manifest your material dreams fearlessly.

Jade for Wealth 

Jade is a crystal that is world-renowned for bringing wealth, fortune, and luck. While Citrine encourages flow, Jade helps you stay on top. That means that you always want to save a little more than you spend. An accumulation of money and assets is what builds your wealth.

Jade is a power crystal who is wise with the budget. Place a Jade egg near your portfolio to see your nest egg prosper. Wear Jade earrings when you engage in business to promote savvy thinking. Wear a Jade bracelet when you do your accounting and other financial tasks. This crafty stone reminds you to stay ahead of the game. Revel in a positive green ledger rather than dip into the negative red territory.

When you surround yourself with Jade crystals, you attract wealth. Have Citrine on hand to give and get. Add Jade to the mix to ensure you save more than you spend. Both are crucial crystals for your journey toward comprehensive abundance.

Aventurine for Abundance

Aventurine is your ultimate stone of abundance. While this gorgeous gemstone is a master of financial prosperity, Aventurine also teaches you to look beyond the material. It's not enough to be wealthy, you must have happiness to feel truly rich.

Aventurine helps you change your entire money mindset from poverty thinking to positive thinking. You transform your relationship with money. If your thinking is off, even Citrine or Jade cannot help you. Aventurine crystals get to the root of your money fears and heal you from the poverty mindset. Place an Aventurine stone on your forehead while doing abundance affirmations.

As your relationship with abundance shifts, you are rewarded comprehensively. Display a Green Aventurine ball in your Feng Shui wealth corner to rake in financial abundance. Meditate with a Purple Aventurine Shivling to progress spiritually. Wear Red Aventurine jewelry to stimulate your health. Place a Pink Aventurine pyramid on your nightstand to attract meaningful relationships. You want abundance that is overflowing in all areas. Aventurine gets you there.

When you use Aventurine crystals, you ask the Universe for total abundance and happiness. Combined with Jade and Citrine, you achieve top status in the game of life.

Citrine-Jade-Aventurine Trio

Now you know about the money power playing trio: Citrine, Jade, and Aventurine. You are wiser to the way of the money world. You can understand why crystal lovers have celebrated these gemstones throughout the ages. You are ready to play the game of prosperity and come out as a winner.

Some people have instant luck when they buy a Jade bracelet and others find cash landing in their laps upon purchasing a Citrine cluster. We at Satin Crystals have heard many such experiences from real customers. However, the core element of abundance is using these stones to transform your entire money mindset. Take actions that align with wealth and you will be set for a lifetime.

Here are some ideas to get you going on your journey:

Everyday abundance: 

  • Put Citrine-Jade-Aventurine in your Feng Shui wealth corner

  • Put Citrine-Jade-Aventurine in your money box/safe

  • Carry Citrine-Jade-Aventurine in your purse or pocket

  • Wear Citrine-Jade-Aventurine to business meetings and interviews

Mastering abundance:

The above tasks are fun and easy. Transforming your money mindset does come with challenges, but it is an exciting journey.

There are so many more rituals and healing options. What will you do to become the richer you?

Abundance for You

What does abundance look like to you? Have you tried any of the stones mentioned above? What happened?

We'd love to hear about your ideas and experiences.

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Lisa Satin - March 2, 2023

Thanks for writing to us, Neil. Actually, we recommend you combine all three of these prosperity stones for the very best results in attracting Abundance!

Neil - March 2, 2023

Hi what would happen if you combine all 3 stones together? Would there be any conflict?

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