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5 Crystal Energy Boosters for Tired Parents

Crystals for Parents - Satin Crystals Blog

Are you or someone you know a parent? Parenting is tough, you often feel short on time, energy, and self-care. That heap of laundry never seems to shrink, those hollering toddlers never seem to tire.

I get it. I'm the mother of a high-spirited two-year-old. If you think all toddlers are energetic, wait until you meet my son. He's a loving, smart soul, but boy am I tired! That's why I'm going to share with you some secret pick-me-up crystals that help folks like you and me as we travel this exciting journey of parenthood.

Here is a guide for the Top 5 crystals to help parents. They can be gifted to parents you know or used on yourself. If you're looking for our crystal guide for children, check out the Top 5 Crystals for Kids.

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Top 5 Crystals for Moms and Dads

#1: Moonstone for Calm and Quiet Harmony

What is one thing we parents crave? Calm and quiet moments! Do you remember what life was like before the little ones? There was much more time for peace, quiet, reflection, and contemplation. You wouldn't trade parenthood for anything in the world, but that doesn't mean you don't deserve some calm and quiet.

Moonstone is the stone that brings you inner calm and serene yin. It's easy for tempers to flare when you're dealing with toddlers, even teens. Moonstone keeps you calm and poised so you can lead by example instead of bursting out in front of your kids. It also calms down everyone else in the home. Moonstone vibrates with cooling Moon energy, helping all to settle into a quiet and relaxing cycle. Try it out! 

#2: Red Jasper for Energy to Keep up

Do you feel short on physical and mental energy as a parent? You don't need to explain it to me... I'm in my 40's and my son is 2. I'm a lazy lounger by personality. He's on the opposite side of the spectrum as a high-spirited boy zipping up and down all hours of the morning and night.

All parents need an energy boost. The days are long and sleep is short. Crystals help.

Red Jasper is my go-to for a quick jolt of power. Red Jasper ignites your fire and gives you the fuel to get through the day as a parent. Whether you're feeding a sleepless infant, chasing around a toddler, dropping and picking up the kids from school, or trying to keep up with your sassy teen, you want more energy.

Wear Red Jasper to activate your Root chakra so you don't feel so tired all the time. Give it a go! 

#3: Apatite for Self-Care

For mothers and fathers, the center of the solar system is no longer the sun. It is their sons and daughters. You've become so used to caring for your kids, that you're forgetting to make time for yourself. As you know, it's hard to be the best parent when you're running on zero yourself. Take a pause to pamper yourself, and make sure you keep healthy daily. 

Apatite is the crystal that can help you self-care. It is a stone that encourages you to eat well, maintain physical health and exercise, and nourish your soul.

This crystal will remind you to stop when you need a little break so that you can refuel the tank when it's empty. Apatite is your cheerleader are you race through the days doing parent things.  

#4: Meteorites for Time Management

Remember all that spare time you used to have for yourself? Nope. If you're a parent, you probably don't remember that at all. Instead, you're so busy trying to juggle the kids, the housework, your career, and your sanity. We can't gain more hours in the day, but we can do a better job of managing and balancing time.

Meteorites help you think about time in a different way. They come from beyond our Earth and beyond time...which is a manmade construct.

Instead of trying to crunch a thousand activities at once, Meteorites help you focus on the task at hand and appreciate what you're doing. Meteorites help you see the bigger picture and the meaning of even small tasks so you aren't running around frantic or resentful.  

#5: Moqui Stones for Balanced Relationships

As a parent, it's easy to forget about other relationships because parenting consumes so much time and energy. Your relationship with your partner and friends certainly changes, especially with friends who are not parents. Furthermore, your relationship with your kids is constantly changing as they go through their milestones. Finally, your relationship with yourself and your identity has shifted.

Moqui stones help you center and ground your relationships so you can find a new balance. Use single Moquis to work on your relationship with yourself. Use paired Moquis to improve your relationship with your partner or friends. Use Moqui families to better the dynamics of everyone in the household. 

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Sheila Satin - July 18, 2022

Hi Balint,

There are two different protection stones that jump to mine. Carnelian and obsidian. See which one attracts you the most and which one you want to work with:

Sheila Satin

Balint K. - July 18, 2022

What would be a good stone to help when you feel like everyone and everything is draining your energy?

Sheila Satin - September 9, 2021

Hi Jocelyn, many people like using Carnelian for their new business ventures and interviews. Here’s more on Carnelian:

Sheila Salin :)

Jocelyn - September 9, 2021

First, blessings your way. I am glad I found your website. I was looking at crystals to help charge my energy. I have been a stay at home mom for over 15 years. During this time I finished school and so blessed and thankful with God for always providing for my husband my kids (5) and I. I am eager to work to help my husband and a little nervous at the same time.
I will soon be sending out resume, what is the best crystal to use when going on interviews and applying for jobs. Any advise?

Sheila Satin - November 22, 2020

Hi, thanks for your message. Sorry for the delay. The Pyrite cluster you mentioned was one of a kind so it will not be in stock. We do have pairs available although the crystals are not as distinct: They are natural. We do not provide certificates.

From our FAQ section:

Do your stones come with certificates of authenticity?

Sometimes people will ask if a Satin Crystals gemstone or meteorite comes with a certificate of authenticity. The answer is ‘No’. Most of the COA’s offered by other gem and mineral shops are quite meaningless- as they print up their own card and include it in your order without having the stone lab verified. It takes a certified meteorologist, mineralogist, or gemologist to be able to determine the composition of your specimen, and most retailers are not qualified to do this yet they offer a certificate anyhow.

The only properly certified meteorite we have had to date was a rare 2.71 gram Tartak slice, which sold for $295. It was registered under IMCA #3655 from Poland.

But rest assured, we have studied crystals, crystal healing, and mineralogy for several years and have developed a keen eye for authenticity. Here at Satin Crystals we are experienced and passionate enough to get you the real deal.

Sheila Satin

MErcy - November 22, 2020

Hi there! Hope you are doing well. I want to know when this below item willl be in stock. I also want to ask if its heated or natural and if its natural, do you provide any certificate for the genuinity of this item.

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