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Crystal Healing for Sturgeon Full Super Moon of August 1, 2023

rainbow moonstone sphere with sturgeonSomething's stirring under the Full Moon, and it is a sturgeon. But this is no ordinary fish, it's a huge catch. You are about to experience the extraordinary Sturgeon Super Moon. What does August's Sturgeon Super Full Moon mean for you?

The light of Fluorite stones guide you to success during the lunar month of August 1st to 30th, 2023. Get your Fluorite Sturgeon Moon crystals now. 

With Fluorite, you summon protection, abundance, love, and spirituality during the Super Sturgeon moon. Be the big fish of the pond. Learn how.

Over this next 30-day lunar cycle, prepare to navigate some frightening murky waters. It's easy to lose your way. In such a volatile world, how do you avoid deep-sea predators looking to do you harm?

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When is the Sturgeon Full Moon?

The Sturgeon Full Moon happens on August 1, 2023. The Full Moon peak times and dates depend on where you are located in the world. 

What is the spiritual meaning of the Sturgeon Super Moon?

Sturgeon Full Moon gets its name from the sturgeon fish that were once plentiful around this time of year in the Great Lakes of North America. Sturgeon fish look similar to sharks with elongated bodies that can measure up to 24 feet long. While some stay only in freshwater, others venture into the salty oceans. Unfortunately, sturgeons are on the edge of extinction due to human hunting.

What is your Full Moon Fortune?

rainbow fluorite sphere

With the changing tides come changing times. The Sturgeon Full Moon shifts the energy of the earth, sea, and sky.

Discover your Full Moon fortune for the lunar month of August. Check out lucky crystal healing tips that save you from failure. 

Your Protection Forecast

In the Sturgeon Full Moon cycle, you are forced to navigate through thick waters. You need more protection and guidance than ever. Avoid getting lost in the salty seas and becoming dinner to the sharks. You'll feel that the world is turning against you. It's one challenge after the other. Just when you thought you were in the clear, life throws another storm in your path.

  • Fluorite for Protection: Calling all friendly Fluorite guardian animals! The Sturgeon Moon has you sailing unfriendly seas so you need extra protection on your side.

    Get Fluorite animal figurines to watch over you. These wise spiritual animals ward off the predatory people wishing you harm. They show you the way through the darkness with their divine guiding light.

Your Abundance Forecast

The ocean is a place of rich abundance, making the Sturgeon Full Moon a perfect time for you to grab good fortune. There is a treasure chest of gold awaiting you this month but you have to find it. Pay attention to the signs and symbols that the Universe is giving. Remember that others are also on this same treasure hunt. What makes you think you will be the lucky winner?

  • Fluorite for Abundance: Your finances are in a state of volatility- they could go up or down at any second during the Sturgeon Full Moon. You need a Fluorite crystal ball to show you the way. Gaze into the sphere and gain insights on what to do in your professional life and personal life. There is a chance to access great wealth this month but the answers are hidden in the Fluorite sphere.

Your Love Forecast

Being bottom-feeders of the sea, sturgeons tend to be solitary rather than fish that swim in schools. This month, you'll find yourself feeling alone.

If you're overdue for some quality me-time, that is great news. However, if you prefer a social vibe or bustling love life, the Sturgeon Full Moon cycle will prove to be difficult. You'll be swimming upstream to find the friends and lovers you desire. 

  • Fluorite for Love: If you're one of those people who wants friendship, love, and company this month, you have work to do. Counteract the sturgeon's solitary nature by wearing Fluorite jewelry. Instead of feeling like a bland beast, colorful Fluorite jewelry will have you shimmering like the most beautiful rainbow fish in the sea.

    Fluorite earrings help you focus on love and relationships. Fluorite bracelets help you catch the biggest fish in the pond. Fluorite necklaces electrify your aura with good vibes.

Spirituality Forecast

During the Sturgeon Full Moon, there will be several moments of anger, confusion, frustration, and sadness. When the turbulent waters feel too heavy, remember that this too shall pass. Life gives you only the challenges you can handle. Through great strife comes the best life lessons. Learning is what accelerates your spiritual evolution. Remember, you are up for the challenge and you'll feel braver than ever after conquering the wild tides.

  • Fluorite for Spirituality: Fluorite is the perfect stone to keep your mind calm, focused, and positive during tough times. Engage in deep breathing meditations using Fluorite Sacred Shapes.

    Crystal healing with Fluorite sacred shapes opens your spiritual Crown chakra to develop your psychic senses fast. The sturgeon is both instinctual and intuitive- so are you.

Full Moon Crystal Healing 

As with every lunar event, you want to have Moonstone, Selenite, and Labradorite on hand. These are the three mightiest Moon crystals. That is why the Astrology Sun and Moon Set is a must for you this lunar cycle.

The Astrology Crystal Set contains:

  • One Selenite Full Moon charging station: Named after Moon Goddess Selene, this moon crystal glows with a glorious silky white sheen. Selenite aligns with the crescent moon, protecting your aura through the journeys of life. Use Selenite and feel hopeful that the world is working in your favor because you believe miracles do come true. This charging station rejuvenates your stones and jewelry while infusing them with healing moonlight.
  • 3 Moonstone Crystals: This is the number one moon crystal. Moonstone is the staple crystal for all your lunar practices. Moonstone aligns strongest with the Full Moon. Its bright and luminous qualities show you the way ahead. Moonstone holds the power of a million moons and delivers it to the palm of your hands.
  • 3 Labradorite Crystals: This dark beauty flashes with rainbows like the midnight sky flecked with celestial stars. Labradorite aligns with the New Moon, helping you find new beginnings in the darkness. Use Labradorite and feel like you are being guided by your spirit guides, angels, and all the beneficial beings of the unseen world.
  • 3 Sunstone Crystals: You cannot have moonlight without sunlight. Sunstone holds the power of the Sun God Apollo. It is an almighty crystal that nourishes and gives life to you and your other stones. It boasts the perfect complementary energy that balances your Moon set.

 Visit the Moon Crystal Collection to discover more stones that call to you. 

Your Personal Full Moon Horoscope

Are you fascinated by the movement of the sky? Your monthly horoscope is shaped by activities like the Full Moon, planetary activity, and Solar Eclipses. Read your customized Zodiac Crystal Horoscope.

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What is a Full Moon?

If you're looking for more scientific facts and spiritual meanings about a full moon, visit the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moons article.

What is a Supermoon?

The Supermoon is when the moon looks extra large from our view here on earth. It happens when the moon is either in its full or new moon stage. The moon is on its path of orbit that is the nearest to Earth. This gives it the effect of being a big Supermoon. It is usually from 7% to 15% larger than a typical Full Moon.

The moon appears brighter too. Sometimes it's obvious and sometimes you wouldn't even know that it's a Supermoon just by looking.

The scientific name for Supermoon is "perigee-syzygy of the Earth-Moon-Sun system". Try saying that three times quickly...or just even once!

Your Lunar Connection

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Sheila Satin - July 31, 2023

Hi Rachel, we are not connected with any card readers, but you may want to check

Rachel Jager - July 31, 2023

Hi, I have purchased many amazing items from you. :)
I know this is not a normal question,.. but I was wondering if you might happen to know of someone who does card readings.

Abdoulwahid - August 22, 2021

Bonjour je suis très honoré et très satisfait d’être en contact avec des spaires métaux précieux, J’espère que cela va bien beaucoup m’aider a maître mes pierre en valeur, car. E fait la. Découverte des sertain Pierre qui me semble être des météorites, cet une pierre qui ckole a aimant.

Sheila Satin - August 15, 2021

Hi Chelsea, if you are ever unsure, I would always avoid the water method for all crystals. Choose a different method that is great for all crystals here:

Sheila Satin

chelsea - August 15, 2021

I have several crystal stones. I am interested in learning how to cleanse and charge them. I was wondering if you could make some suggestions on what methods to use.
The crystals I have are
-Pink Scolecite
-Tigers Eye
-Mahogany Obsidian
-Blue Calcite
So far I have tried using warm water and soap for the carnelian but it seemed to have damaged it. I also tried charging the carnelian, obsidian and sardonyx in the sunlight and moonlight. I would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks!

Sheila Satin - August 1, 2020

Hi Nilesh, you can find our current selection of Clear Quartz crystals balls here:

Let us know if you need help in choosing.

Sheila Satin

Nilesh hande - August 1, 2020

I want clear quartz crystal ball

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