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How to Care for your Crystal Jewelry

How to care for your jewelry - Satin Crystals Boutique

For those of you wondering about how to care for your healing stone jewelry so it remains physically stellar, we have some tips for you! Besides energetically cleaning, charging, and programming gemstone jewelry for healing, you want to care for it physically.

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Caring for Jewelry Components

  1. Keep stretch cord jewelry out of prolonged water. Over time, stretch cord jewelry will stretch out. The more you wear it, the more the elasticity will wear out. It’s best to get your stretch bracelets, anklets, and necklaces restrung as soon as you feel some lax in the cord.

  2. Plated metals will peel and fade over time. Metals will oxidize over time, so go with the flow and embrace the urban decay into antiquity. Nothing stays young and shiny forever, appreciate the aging process.

  3. Treat your gemstone jewelry with care. Don’t pull on jewelry cords or clasps with excessive force.

  4. Gently squeeze and wrap metal cuffs, memory wire, and adjustable rings so as not to bend the metal out of shape.

Cleaning Jewelry Metals

  1. If you have precious metals like sterling silver or gold on your jewelry, they will always tarnish and oxidize over time. You can use a polishing cloth or metal liquid solution to clean these parts. Be careful that the stones are okay in the solution because some gems may not be suitable with certain chemicals. 

  2. If you have plated metals, you can try the toothbrush metal. Place your tarnished plated metals in a tray with a tiny bit of water, use an old toothbrush with some toothpaste, like you're going to brush your teeth, and get to scrubbing. Scrub each piece for at least 30 seconds before rinsing and drying completely. Again, be mindful of not scrubbing the stones in your jewelry. 

  3. If you have copper metals, use a paste of equal parts vinegar, flour, and salt. Again, be mindful of your stones in the jewelry, many softer stones will react in the vinegar acid. 

Can sterling silver make my finger green?

Contrary to popular belief, sterling silver can turn your finger green. This is because it is not pure silver. Pure silver is too soft to use in jewelry, so sterling silver is used instead. Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver mixed with another metal. The other 7.5% is usually copper, and as we know, copper can turn your finger green! 

Sterling silver will not always turn your skin green. It depends on the atmosphere and your body chemistry. However, if you do notice a green tinge on your skin, it's nothing to fear, it is not harmful to your body. You can even prevent it in the future by applying clear nail polish to the inside of your rings or purchasing plated sterling silver in the future. 

How do I untangle jewelry chains?

To untangle and remove knots from your jewelry chains, you'll need some patience and a pointy object. If you don't have long fingernails, find a piece of hard wire or thin needle nose pliers and work your way through the center of the knot. Gently maneuver the chains until they become loose. The goal is to separate the chains from the knot. As the chains loosen, it will be easier to pull them apart. 

If your chain is kinked, gently wiggle it from side to side until it loosens. You can also smooth it down with your fingers. 

You can find many helpful videos on untangling chains on Youtube.

How do you seal jewelry?

Whether you have metal allergies or want to prevent tarnish from the get-go, it's a good idea to seal your jewelry. Simply coat it with clear nail polish, clear paint, or take it a step further and use a jewelry shield.

Jewelry shields protect from allergies, tarnish, and irritation. 

Caring for Jewelry Stones

  1. Keep your healing stone beads out of the water if they are softer stones like Selenite, Angelite, or Pyrite that are not stabilized and will dissolve in water. Ask if unsure!

  2. Treat your healing stone jewelry with care. Don’t pull, slam, bang natural stones as they are not indestructible pieces of plastic!

  3. Some stones may fade in the sun or change colors with wear. Embrace the transformation as you do the changing seasons of the world.

  4. If you do break a bead in your jewelry, you have the option to glue it back in place or have the piece restrung. You may even want to check out kintsugi, a Japanese tradition of enhancing cracks with gold.

  5. If you are too busy to fix your broken beads, they make great stones for potted plants!

  6. Don’t mistake organic veins and craters for cracks though, these are the pits and valleys made by Mother Earth.

Physically Preserving your Jewelry

With these tips and tricks for gemstone jewelry care, you will preserve your pieces for a lifetime. Taking physical care of your Satin Crystals healing jewelry will prolong its wear and keep you united with your stones for years to come.

Shopping for New Jewelry

Want to add some energetic gemstone jewelry to your collection? Visit the Satin Crystals Jewelry Collection or add your favorite pieces right here:


Additional links for your jewelry journeys: 

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Crystal Cleansing and Care

Does your jewelry include natural stones? Want to know how to cleanse, charge, and program your crystal healing jewelry? Watch our Crystal Cleansing Video for instructions. 

Disclaimer: Crystal healing information is for fun and entertainment only. It is not a replacement for medical treatments.

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Sheila Satin - May 13, 2023

Hi Jill! Thank you for writing.

I’m sorry to hear about your ring. I assume you are referring to the large green oval ring?

I use Sugru which you can find on Amazon as well. I have found that other glues are too weak for heavy stones. Sugru takes 24 hours for it to completely dry and it’s like a clay adhesive. Let me know if you want to try that. You can also use your sugru for repairs around the home too! Otherwise, you are also welcome to mail the pieces back and I can do it for you.
Jill K. - May 13, 2023

Good afternoon,
I purchased a green aventurine adjustable ring a while ago. The stone has fallen off. I have both pieces. I was wondering what adhesive or glue do you recommend to repair it. I have some E6000, but I don’t know if it will work. I love my ring and want to continue wearing it. Any suggestions will help. Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this email.
P.S – My hot glue gun didn’t work at all.
Kind Regards, Jill

amy smith - November 22, 2021

Love it…

Sheila Satin - November 22, 2020

Hi Victoria, we were looking forward to sending them out to you. Let me know if you need any assistance.

Sheila Satin :)

Victoria - November 22, 2020

Thank you im actually excited to order some of the things ive seen on the satin cystals

Sheila Satin - May 11, 2020

Hi Claudia, salt can definitely ruin the polish and break down softer stones like Angelite and Pyrite. Just running water over the bracelet a very few times would be okay. I would recommend another method altogether for jewelry. Not just because of the gemstone beads but because of the stretch cord that could wear down in water.

For your bracelet in particular, I would recommend sage or incense smoke for cleaning and then charging I would place it in the sunlight and/or moonlight in the windowsill or if you have somewhere safe outdoors. And to program the stones, I would use your intention or meditation.

Sheila Satin

Claudia - May 11, 2020

A friend of mine said to cleanse the bracelet in salt and water. Wouldn’t that ruin the beads. Will it diminish their strength or their properties.

Thank you

Sheila Satin - May 11, 2020

They certainly can, Claudia. I’ve heard many stories over the years.

One thing you may want to consider is clearing the stone of any energies it has picked up along the way.

If you have not yet, here are some cleaning, charging and programming ideas:

Let me know what progresses!

Sheila Satin

Claudia - May 11, 2020

Hi there. I was wondering about the angelilte and pyrite bracelet. As soon as I started wearing it it’s made me so anxious. Where I can sleep. I tried it again today and shortly after I put it on it makes me feel on edge…irritated I in a way. Would you happen to know why I’m having this reaction. I keep researching both stones and I cant figure out why I’m feeling this way. It’s an awful sense of panic…can people not be compatible with certain stones?

Thank you

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