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TRAVEL ALERT! Orders placed July 4-15 will ship on July 15. FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+

Jet Stone: See No Evil

sheila of satin crystals holding pile of jet braceletsFear. Panic. Distress.

What do you do when you can't sleep at night?

What do you do when you're haunted by wicked thoughts?

What do you do when your mind free falls into an ocean of darkness?

You turn to Jet

See no evil with Jet stones.

Evil lurks all around. It lives in the crevices of your home. It travels silently through the midnight sky. It seeps into your innermost thoughts.

Evil can be so bold that it presents itself unmasked. You see it in the news. You feel it on the streets. You hear it in your voice.

You have two choices. You can live in fear of evil and let it consume you or you can accept that evil is a part of this world and rise above it.

If you are ready to rise above fear and evil, you are ready for the power of Jet crystals.

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Jet for Overcoming Fears

Fear is a part of life. It is necessary for you to feel fear because it ensures survival. You may fear loud noises, large animals, and heights for good reason. Fear is not always a bad thing.

However, thousands of other fears haunt the human mind. These go beyond the survival instinct. Some fears are taught through your parents or society. Others are created in your mind or stem from past life issues. These may include the fear of financial struggle, the fear of social gatherings, or the fear of a harmless little cricket.

When worry and panic stack up high like poisonous pancakes, they can come crumbling down at any second. Irrational fears overwhelm you, intrude upon your happiness, and hold you hostage to bad situations.

Do you have a fear that is harming you? Everyone does. That is why you need Jet crystals. Jet is the brave black stone that helps you overcome these crippling fears.

The next time you are trembling in anticipation before an interview, wear a Jet bracelet on your wrist. Walk boldly and confidently into that office. 

The next time you glance at your bank statement and begin spiraling into a state of panic, hold a Jet ball in your hand. Feel destructive thoughts retreat from your mind.

The next time you subconsciously sabotage your relationship due to your hidden fear of success, wear a Jet necklace at the heart. Release the deep blockage that keeps you from happiness and let your love thrive.

Jet works with you to extinguish your fears. Little or big, conscious or subconscious, your fears are ruling you. Take back your power with the help of Jet crystals.

Jet for Protection against Evil

As fears contaminate your inner mind, evil infests your outer world. Evil is found on every street corner, every country, and every continent of this planet. Evil is a part of life. Just turn on the news for one minute and you see evil. Yet, you can rise above evil with the help of Jet stones.

Jet crystals protect you from evil people who are out to get you. Evil brews in the hearts of murderers, rapists, and demagogues. It can present more subtly, such as a neighbor who peeps through your window or a mother-in-law who spreads false rumors to harm your name. You don't want to be involved with people who harbor evil intentions. Wear Jet jewelry to ward off evil.

Evil lurks in your mind. It may show up as negative thoughts that are constantly putting you down. It can manifest through the words you use to instill fear in your children. It shows in the actions you take that are driven by greed, revenge, or anger. You must always fight against these tendencies. Do crystal healing with Jet stones to expel the dark forces. Do it often and regularly. Be an example to others, a force of good that is severely lacking in this world. 

Rise above evil with Jet. 

Jet for Earth Grounding

Jet stone may be a ruthless warrior against the wicked but it also has a softer side. Jet is a healer. This handsome crystal is a type of Petrified Wood and is deeply tied to the healing energy of Mother Earth.

Jet recharges you by nurturing and cradling your spirit. It gently cleanses your worries and restores you through self-care. After Jet washes away your hurt, pain, and tears, it infuses you with nature's finest elements. You are renewed through the Root chakra and you flourish high into the sky like a mighty tree.

A fine and effective grounding stone, Jet anchors you to reality. That way, when you reach for the stars, you lose neither your balance nor yourself. 

Jet stones and jewelry keep you balanced and level-headed, yet full of hopes and dreams.

Jet for Crystal Healing

You have now learned about three of Jet's most powerful properties. But there are more. This black gemstone is a knight of crystal healing. 

Join us on the Jet journey. If you are already in the Satin Crystals VIP club, you will discover Jet's secrets over the next 3 weeks. Not a member yet? Enroll now- it's fast, free, and easy.

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Shop Jet Gems and Jewelry

Jet is a stone you want with you always. Wear it as jewelry to ward off evil. Use it as a healing crystal to release the hidden darkness lurking within you.

Explore the Satin Crystals Jet Collection or shop here on the blog to find your gem:

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Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only. 

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