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What makes Jasper your Jolly Holiday Gemstone?

red jasper sphere, wooden nutcracker, gold angel, green malachite sphere What can Jasper stone do for you and your clan? Find out why Jolly Jasper is the perfect crystal for fun festivities. This jubilant gemstone lifts your spirit in many ways. This holiday season, you deserve to feel jovial! There's a lot to celebrate.

As the year ends, there is much to be grateful for and more to be hopeful for. Your experiences have made you a stronger and wiser soul.

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the holidays for a bit. You've earned it.

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What makes Jasper Jolly?

Jasper is one of the most versatile gemstones in the world. It is widely available, bursting with an array of colors, patterns, and variations. There is no doubt that you'll find a favorite form of Jasper to fall in love with.

Want festive Christmas Jaspers? Red Jasper is one of the brightest stars of the mineral world. Pair it with jolly Green Jasper and your mood lights up with the spirit of the season.

Want Jasper for love? Turn your eye to Pink Jasper, amorous yet stunning. Take your love beyond the limits by using Brown Jasper to strike up your Sacral chakra. This stone is known for bringing prolonged sensual pleasures. Put it right by your nightstand or wherever you desire an adventure.

Want Jasper for Feng Shui? Not only does Jasper encompass the color spectrum but it gives off an array of positive energies. 

Here are some of the Jaspers to enjoy in your home and space:

  • Pick Picture Jasper, Picasso Jasper, and Polychrome Jasper to inspire your inner artist. They go well in an art studio or as home decoration.

  • Pick Mookaite Jasper, Kiwi Jasper, and Ocean Jasper for a whole world of pleasure. They stimulate a social atmosphere and encourage you to be adventurous.

  • Pick Dendritic Jasper, Crocodile Jasper, Leopard Jasper, Safari Jasper, Snake Jasper, and Dalmatian Jasper to gain nature's energy. They harness the best of flora and fauna. Place them near your indoor plants or out in the garden for thriving energy.

A medley of Jaspers will win your heart and energize your aura. Jasper comes from every nook and cranny of the planet. From America to India to Madagascar- name a place and you have a Jasper. Explore the giant world of Jasper and find your perfect match!

How do Jasper stones heal me?

Not only is Jasper a tough cookie on the Mohs Scale of Hardness but its energetic properties are also boast-worthy. Jasper is a grounding stone that draws healing energy directly from planet earth.

In the metaphysical world, people often flock to fluffy, floaty spiritual crystals. But Jasper has news for you: you're an earthly human being too. That's something to celebrate!

Look what Jasper does for you:

  • Jasper anchors you to reality when you're being too dreamy or over-analytical. Place a Jasper ball in the home to keep the energy rooted. The orb reminds you that you are part of this big round globe.

  • Jasper reconnects you to Mother Earth when you've become too engrossed in material life or technology. Put Jasper animal figurines by your work desk so they can gently remind you to take breaks. There's more to live for than just the daily grind.

  • Jasper teaches you to take pleasure in the planet's abundance rather than feel shameful, poor, or undeserving. Put a Jasper pyramid in your wealth corner or finance area to draw universal abundance through the apex and channel it down into your world.

  • Jasper helps you overcome stress and fear. It destroys negative thoughts that your mind creates. It gifts you with the Power of Now. Lie down and place a Jasper heart over your Heart chakra to feel a sense of deep healing peace.

Jasper has a gentle nature. It is coined the "Nurturing Stone." It understands you at every level and heals you from deep within.

Jasper can also be tough when needed. This crystal takes your soul to boot camp. Jasper knows you have a purpose and puts you on track to achieving it. 

Why should I wear Jasper jewelry?

All work and no play left Jack and Jane feeling dull and drained. Upon discovering Jasper jewelry, their playful energy and positive attitude lit up once again.

After a satisfactory day of manifesting your missions, you should enjoy the happy hour of life. Colorful Jasper jewelry pieces lift your spirit. Wearing Jasper jewelry is fun because it's a stone that pops. Jasper demands to be noticed and cherished- and so do you!

Adorn yourself with Jasper earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, anklets, and even cufflinks! There is a color and a style of Jasper for each outfit. 

Here are some fun ideas for Jasper in your wardrobe:

    • Wear Poppy Jasper bracelets to pop out of the crowd. Whether you're in a business meeting or a disco club, sometimes you want others to notice your special energy and unique style.

    • Wear Jasper sun jewelry to feel energized and motivated. 

  • Wear a Jasper ring for everyday grounding. It helps you heal and stay humble without sacrificing your style.

  • Wear a Jasper necklace to attract true love. It will filter your rash decisions that lead to disaster so that you can find your soulmate faster. Try it out in pink for that extra oompf!

When you're looking for a stone that says it all, let Jasper do the talking. 

Is Jasper right for you?

The holidays are here and you're eager to celebrate with Jolly Jasper. Think "Jasper!" as you shop for gifts- there's something to fit every soul on your list.

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Jasper is versatile, Jasper is tough, and Jasper is fun. What a beautiful and colorful stone to bring balance and bounty to you and yours. Cheers to that!

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Lisa Satin - May 31, 2022

Hello Tori,

Thanks for writing to us.

We currently are not taking custom orders. However, we thank you for your interest and hope to assist you in finding the right stone.

Please check out our current Jasper gem and jewelry offerings here:

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Lisa Satin

Tori - May 31, 2022

Hi good day. Do you do custom jewelery? I want to purchase a Poppy jasper but in a ring.

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