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Lucky 13 Jade Stone Showcase for You

jade turtles, amulets, spheres, raw stones What would it feel like to be a luckier new you?

Jade transforms your misfortunes into great prosperity. It has proven itself time and again as the King of Crystals. Lucky Jade is so desirable that many fakes are flooding the marketplace.

Thankfully, Satin Crystals offers you the best of the best in real Jadeite and Nephrite Jade. We have 13 Lucky Jade crystals for you: 7 animal guardians and 6 ancient healing stones. 

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Lucky 13 Jade Stone Showcase

Featured here are 13 Lucky Jade crystals for you. Which are your favorites? 

Majestic Jade Animal Kingdom

Jade animal spirit guides show you the way to wealth and wisdom. They are adorable to gaze upon and healing to the heart.

#1 Jade Rabbit Get Lucky Bountiful Bunny Zodiac 2023

Get lucky! This precious Burmese Jade rabbit is the bountiful bunny that brings you prosperity, wealth, and good fortune. It is the Zodiac animal spirit guide for 2023.

#2 Jade Fu Dog Mythical Lion Abundance Animal

This real Burmese Jade Fu Dog is the guardian of your gems. The protective lion-like figurine is a mythical creature with ancient powers. Carved from precious Jade, your spirit animal summons great wealth to your world. 

#3 Jade Tortoise Swim to Success Good Luck Sea Turtle

Swim to success with this precious Jade Sea Turtle beside you. Your gorgeous animal spirit guide is carved from real and elusive Burmese Jade. When you need a bout of inspiration and a reminder of patience, your wise animal guardian is here.

#4 Jade Elephant Strength of Spirit Protective Animal 

This majestic Jade elephant is the protector of your spirit. The grand elephant walks with power and poise- trunk down to symbolize strength. Feel nature on your side when you keep this Jadeite elephant figurine nearby.

#5 Jade Tiger Power Protection Prosperity Zodiac 

Be a real winner with this Jade Tiger beside you. Win the favor of the jungle's fiercest feline when you own this Burmese Jade figurine.  Gain great power, protection, and prosperity throughout the ages. 

#6 Jade Turtle Peaceful Pace of Life Happiness 

Don't you wish you could slow down sometimes? This adorable Jade turtle teaches you how to live life at a peaceful pace. Stop and smell the happiness every once in a while. 

#7 Jade Amulet Fire Dragon and Phoenix Jadeite 

Feel a rush of power burn through your veins as you take ownership of this real Jade amulet. The mighty dragon and mythical phoenix rise up full of fire elements. 

Lucky Jade Healing Crystals

Jade has been used in healing and art for centuries. This famous stone opens your world to an abundance of love, happiness, and ancient wisdom.

#8 Jade Heart Love is a Precious Gem 

Love is a precious gem, much like this rare Jade heart. The dark green treasure symbolizes the depth of your feelings. Your love is valuable, meaningful, and timeless. Your love is true Jade.

#9 Jade Egg My Nephrite Money Nest Green Abundance

This Jade egg is exactly what you need to build up that money nest. The dark green Nephrite attracts abundance from every corner of the Universe. Crack the code to success.

#10 Jade Ring Set for Crystal Egg Stand and Healing

Look at this adorable precious set of Burmese Jade rings.  Use them as charms to hang off a necklace or window. Perhaps you have some crystal eggs that need to be displayed- these little rings serve as the perfect stands.

#11 Jade Amulet Emperor's Lucky Loop Donut

How did the ancient emperor of the Far East maintain his nobility and wealth? He used the prosperous powers of Jade to adorn his palaces and jewels. You too can be part of the lucky loop with this Burmese Donut stone. 

#12 Jade Slab Abundance Circle of Success Crystal Charger

You want an infinite circle of success in your life, which is why you're drawn to this Jade circle slab. You can even place smaller crystals and jewelry on top of the stone to charge them up with prosperity energy. 

#13 Jade Polished Stone King's Abundance Jadeite Raw

Share a slice of the king's abundance through this powerful Burmese Jade stone. The partially polished piece is a boulder of bounty energy. Jade has been revered through the ages for bringing fortune, and now it's your turn.

Your Jade Journey

Are you excited about real Jade gemstones? Have you tried out a Jade crystal of your own?

We'd love to hear from you, whether you have personal stories to share or questions about crystal healing. You can comment on the blog below. 

Additional crystal resources for you

Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only. 

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Lisa Satin - August 19, 2022

Hello Daisy,

We certainly do! You can see Citrine crystals for sale here:

How can we assist you further?

Lisa Satin

Daisy - August 19, 2022

do you have citrine

Sheila Satin - July 25, 2022

Hi Vivian,

The Jade sphere was polished in China, but we are uncertain where the stone is sourced from originally. It is definitely Jadeite that has been tested by our gem tester machine.

The other crystals called “Burmese Jade” originate 100% from Myanmar.

Sheila Satin

Vivian - July 25, 2022

Hi, I see this dark green jade sphere (Jade Sphere My Rich Fortune Dark Green Jadeite Crystal Ball). I have a couple of questions regarding this item. Hope you can help!! It is stated as natural and untreated. Can you please confirm the origin from where this is sourced from? Because in another product listed in your website the origin was mentioned as “Burma”. So just wanted to see whether this one is from Burma too. And also is this a Sphere made out of Jadeite or Nephrite? Thank you!!

Sheila Satin - January 13, 2022

Hi Meranda, thank you for your reply. I am happy to hear back from you! Glad you are getting into crystals. Here is where you can begin:

Here is a link to one of our most popular pages- the meaning of each crystal and how it benefits you:

Need something? Check out our newest items at:

MEranda - January 13, 2022

I want to learn more about these crystals i was recently introduce to it and i love and the vibes it gives me and the stuff thats been happening for the good

pamela - January 13, 2022

Hi shela am waiting to receive my necklace very excited ,I searcher a lot of web site trying to buy the a real crystal and my husband choose your store so thanks again,we do business in jamaica wanted some thing for prosperity and protection so if u can recommend some crystal would be great full thanks

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