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Moldavite for Relationships, Jobs, Spirituality

three people with moldavite at their foreheadsMoldavite may be millions of years old but it’s the hottest gemstone for today’s modern soul. In this journal, we present you with 3 real-life stories about Moldavite and how it’s helped ordinary people in their careers, love, and spirituality. Discover how Moldavite can change your life too! 

Over the past two years, Moldavite has rocketed to fame. As this gorgeous green gemstone entered the spotlight, stories of Moldavite’s manifestation powers unfolded. There’s so much to gain when you wear and use Moldavite healing gems.

Satin Crystals customers have reported incredible stories of transformation that have resulted from working with Moldavite. Their successes are shared here as an inspiration to all. 

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Moldavite for Your Career

Do you feel like you're stuck in a job or a dead-end career? Maybe you can barely even get your foot through the door professionally. 

Wearing Moldavite is incredible for landing the job you want. This cosmic gemstone originates from deep space activity. Moldavite aligns you with the stars and your destiny. When you need to make a change in your workplace, turn to Moldavite.

Customers who use Satin Crystals Moldavite for a career change have reported excellent results. From getting a raise to completely switching professional paths, Moldavite has put them on the journey that they were meant to travel.

Here is one real-life story from a Satin Crystals customer:

Real Customer Story: Moldavite for Job Change

Melissa J from Pennsylvania purchased a Satin Crystals Moldavite Big Alien pendant in 2021. She had been watching Youtube videos about the transformative power of Moldavite and how people found success in the workplace. Although Melissa had no experience with Moldavite before, something about this gemstone pendant clicked. She took a chance.

After two weeks of wearing the Moldavite Big Alien pendant, Melissa contacted Satin Crystals with exciting news. She told us that at first she didn't feel the energy from the gemstone but she liked the way it looked and felt anyway. As soon as she started wearing it, people began to compliment her at the workplace and in social settings. Melissa was amazed at how fast the Moldavite was working to attract good energy.

The positive attention and confidence that the Moldavite brought to Melissa empowered her to apply for a higher position at her company. Melissa is not a very outspoken person but she has the skills and talent for the job. She wore the Big Alien pendant every day that week, and she got the position! It came with a generous raise and the perks she had been dreaming of for a while. Moldavite pushed Melissa beyond her comfort zone. It encouraged her to take action and rise up. Everyone noticed.

Moldavite for Your Relationships

Love is written in the stars, right? Sometimes you have to go through hard times and difficult relationships before you land true love. Moldavite is the crystal that changes your attitude and behavior in love so that you don't get stuck in old patterns. Videos of Moldavite being used to attract love are all over TikTok and Youtube. Why? Because it works.

Moldavite is a green tektite that activates your Heart chakra at full blast. It breaks away past pains so you can move forward in your life. This rare natural tektite knows the secrets to unlock the love that lasts forever. That's why it has become the world's most popular gem.

We have a real-life story to share with you, and it's one of many:

Real Customer Story: Moldavite for Love

Daria P from the United Kingdom learned about Moldavite through her friends. As the gemstone was becoming popular, she saw more and more posts on Instagram about the magical powers of Moldavite. She did online research and learned that Moldavite could help repair relationships. Since Daria and her boyfriend were fighting a lot, she decided to order the Satin Crystals Moldavite Cosmic Lovers pair in the largest size available.

A few months later, we got a message from Daria. She said that the Moldavite worked... but not in the way she expected! When the Moldavite Cosmic Lovers arrived, she tried to give one piece to her boyfriend. He wasn't interested in it so she kept them together and displayed them in her bedroom. Instead of the relationship getting better, it kept getting worse and worse, resulting in a messy split.

Daria was heartbroken for weeks. She used the Moldavite for healing and recovery.

One day out of the blue, a classmate at her university confessed his feelings for Daria. She had no idea. It was so unexpected that she didn't know how to respond. But after thinking deeply and reflecting upon her Moldavite for guidance, she decided to go for it.

She happily reports that the new relationship is much better than she could have imagined. And she thanks Moldavite for clearing the slate so she could align with her true soulmate.

Moldavite for Spirituality

It comes as no surprise that Moldavite is one of the most spiritual minerals out there. This meteoric gemstone was born from space above and holds the power of Earth below. Moldavite has been on the planet for over 14 million years, gaining energy and wisdom throughout the eons.

Cosmic Moldavite helps your astral travels come alive. It amplifies your meditations and makes your visions more vivid. Moldavite has also been used to channel alien entities and messages from above. The possibilities are endless.

At Satin Crystals, customers have shared with us many ways that Moldavite helped them spiritually. Some people found better results in yoga when wearing Moldavite, while others learned to use Moldavite to rise above the stresses of the world.

Here is the story of Andrew N from California:

Real Customer Story: Moldavite for Spiritual Success

Andrew has been a crystal lover for years. He has purchased a variety of gemstones and jewelry from Satin Crystals. From Amethyst meditation geodes to Obsidian protection bracelets, Andrew appreciates all of nature's wonderful healing stones.

In April of 2022, two good friends pooled their funds to get Andrew a birthday present he would love. They had heard him talking about Moldavite and thought the Moldavite High Vibe necklace would be a perfect addition to his gemstone collection. They were right!

We got an ecstatic email from Andrew shortly after he received the necklace. He had been working diligently on clairvoyance but progressing slowly. As soon as he touched the raw Moldavite necklace, he felt a strong buzzing sensation through his body. That same night, Andrew meditated with the necklace and he felt as though he were flying through space. His visions in meditation were stronger and clearer than ever before.

Andrew is absolutely in love with his Moldavite necklace and looks forward to growing his Moldavite collection right away.

Moldavite for You

What changes would you like to see in your life?

Now it's your turn to transform with Moldavite. This mysterious green tektite has been the top-selling gemstone at Satin Crystals for two years straight. We hear success story after story from our customers around the world. We want to hear yours next.

Get your real Moldavite now. Check out the Moldavite Gem & Jewelry Collection or shop here on the blog to find your perfect piece:

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Lisa Satin - March 30, 2023

Hello, Vincent! It’s nice to hear that you are ready for the power of Moldavite. We’re glad that you are now aware of real vs. fake Moldavite, and that most pieces out there are fake (especially from China!).

If you decide on one of our real pieces, here is the link to our current offerings which can be found in shapes and also in jewelry:

You also have many questions about Moldavite, and we have a lot of resources that can help you answer them.

Please start off by familiarizing yourself with the many Moldavite meanings. And at the bottom of the article are lots of additional links that guide you on Moldavite uses, rituals, shopping etc:

If you have any questions, reach out to us again so we can assist you.

Vincent - March 30, 2023

Hi Sheila and Lisa,

I have always have been a fan of crystals. I found you from your video in youtube, where you mention about fake Maldovites.

I order one and I think I felt into a fake one, it comes from China, I am waiting that it arrives and then if is fake I will send it back.

I would like to get a proper one but I am a bit lost about my choice, what would you advice me?
I trust that from you it will be a real Moldavite but I don’t know about the form and how to use it.
I would like a raw one but could I see a choice of forms if you got? And other thing of course is that I can’t spend fortunes but I know that is still an investment. So, I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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