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7 Crystal Gift Ideas for Refined Men and Women

man holding a quartz crystal ballIs it that time again? You're shopping for a special person in your life yet you've run out of special ideas.

Whether you seek a Christmas gift for your parent, Valentine's Day gift for your lover, a birthday gift for your sibling, or a graduation gift for your grandchild, there's always something perfect at Satin Crystals.

Check out these Top 7 crystal gift ideas for the refined people in your life. For the jewelry edition, visit our guide on 7 Handsome Jewelry Ideas.

Top 7 Crystal Gifts 

Every person emanates with their own vibrant aura. You know your giftee the best. Use your intuition to help pick the perfect piece. There's something amazing for every friend and family member out there.

The Boss: Black Obsidian Pyramid

They are the ultimate leader of the people and the director of their destiny. They are driven, confident, and full of innovation.

Gift them a Black Obsidian pyramid to keep them safe and protected in the workplace. Bosses have a lot on their hands and this pyramid will guard them as they goes about their business. The sacred pyramid shape channels good vibrations and excellent ideas from the starry universe to their sharp mind.

The Spiritual Leader: Amethyst Geode

They have a personality inclined to spirituality. They understand the importance of thinking big and thinking beyond the physical realm. They are evolved.

Gift them a gorgeous Amethyst geode. It is the best crystal to help them achieve their spiritual goals. Allow their soul to flourish to new heights and they will lift everyone along with them. The Amethyst geode is perfect for their meditation space or anywhere they go for deep introspection.

The Financier: Pyrite Ball

They have got their mind on the money and their money on the mind. They are business-oriented, responsible, and successful. 

Gift them a Pyrite crystal ball. This sparkling gemstone attracts abundance into all realms of their life. It calls the Law of Attraction to their favor. The Pyrite sphere looks elite on their workspace and office desk.

The Intuitive Soul: Tigers Eye Pendulum

They are kind, they are a giver, they are a healer. They are a lover of nature and the arts. They are totally tapped into their intuition and their happiness is what the world needs. 

Gift them with a Tigers Eye pendulum. It is the perfectly handsome crystal that will complete their healing kit. Tigers Eye gives them the confidence to continue on this path of light. The pendulum guides them to be all that they can be.

The Global Citizen: Real Moldavite

Perhaps they are a globe trotter, perhaps they are a business traveler, perhaps they are an astral traveler. Most certainly they are a global citizen who thinks beyond borders and defies the norm.

Gift them cosmic Moldavite. Moldavite will protect them on their many adventures. This star-born gemstone is known for bringing swift transformation and manifestation. As they are a lover of change and a quick learner, they will love carrying Moldavite on the go and having more Moldavite to display and show.

The Fix-It: Tuning Fork Chakra Set

They are handy, helpful, and ready to be of service. This is your quintessential Rennaisance person, adored by all. 

Gift them a chakra tuning fork set. They have a knack for gadgets and for fixing what's broken. They can realign all of your blocked chakras and you can return the favor with this healing kit. 

The Lover: Dumortierite Heart

They are a romantic soul with their head in the clouds. They love long walks, engaging conversations, and philosophy. Meaningful relationships are their priority.

Gift them with a Dumortierite heart. This beautiful blue gemstone will not only remind them of the bond you two share but will continue to deepen the connection. It is a symbol of loyalty, honor, and love. It will help them attract good people into their social circles and work affairs. The Dumortierite heart can be placed right in the bedroom with unlimited love vibrations.

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Lisa Satin - September 6, 2022

Thanks for writing to us, William. You can find our current offerings of Rose Quartz here: If there’s nothing that suits your needs, we recommend you try as they have a number of talented crafters who could help you come up with a jewelry piece you love. Sincerely, Lisa Satin

William - September 6, 2022

Good evening, I’m looking for a rose quartz stone necklace for men

Mags C - November 25, 2021

Lol. National cat day would be great for your cat figures!

Lisa Satin - November 25, 2021

Hi Mags!

We’re glad you liked this one :)

Yes, there are so many holidays, even important ones like National Cat day.
If only there were 8 days a week we could get to them all.

Hope you’re doing well too!

Mags C - November 25, 2021

Fun test! You are missing out on many winter holidays, esp for the new age folks that like crystals: solstice, Yule, etc. Kwanzaa us not a holiday for gift buying ( instead it encourages gift making) but decorations could work!

Hope to talk again soon!


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