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Moqui Marble Guided Meditation: Shamanic Journey

sheila of satin crystals meditating with moqui marble stonesGain the best of both worlds when you meditate with rare Moqui Marbles. Not only do they vibrate with the strongest Earth-energy ever, but they also open up a gateway for you to access the unseen world.

In this meditation, you tap into the Shamanic secrets that are hidden within the Moqui stones. The Native American Moqui Indians used these mineral treasures during their rituals and ceremonies- so can you. 

Don't miss out on this mystical opportunity. See what revelation awaits as you embark on a shamanic journey into your psyche during this walkabout-meditation.

Moqui Stone guided meditation video

Sometimes it's nice to just sit back, relax, and listen. That's why we recorded this meditation for your convenience. Watch the video or close your eyes to listen along.

Singing bowl breaks throughout the meditation give you time to delve deeper into your experience.

How do you prepare for the meditation

Well before you begin your meditation, you want to get hold of Moqui Marbles. If you don't already have these rare and endangered minerals, visit the Satin Crystals Moqui Collection to find the pieces that call you.

Next, you should clean, charge, and program your Moqui Stones. Visit our Crystal Care tutorial for tips on how to do this.

When you are ready to begin, find a comfortable and calm space. Set the vibe with incense, candlelight, or crystals. If you have a plentiful of Moqui Marbles, decorate the space with as many of the earthy stones as possible. If you have just one or two pieces, you want to hold them in your hand during the meditation.

Before beginning, make sure that you have a glass of water placed nearby. This will help you to ground your etheric body after the meditation is complete. 

table full of moqui marble stones, candle, incense, sage and waterGuided meditation script with Moqui Marbles

You are here today because you are excited to experience the power and benefit of ancient Moqui Marbles, also known as Shaman Stones. Hold your Moqui Marbles and feel their natural healing energies penetrate the palms of your hands. Your fingers may begin to tingle with the force of the planet.

Your Shaman Stones have been living here for up to 25 million years. They share a heartbeat with the Earth. This is a slow and steady pulse that is calm and rhythmic. As you hold the stones in your hands, feel your own pulse begin to match the rate of the Moqui Marbles. Slow, calm, and rhythmic. Feel the powerful vibration move up your wrists, up your arms, and spread through your entire body. 

Breathe deep and allow your aura to radiate with this steady vibration. 

Millions of years of health and wisdom are channeled from the Moqui Stone into your own essence. The tension and anxiety held in your muscles begin to loosen. Your feet, legs, hips, stomach, chest, and shoulders drop and feel lighter.

A bright white light surrounds your neck, face and your head. This is the light of the native Shaman Stone.

Your anxious thoughts begin to calm and slow down, matching the pulse of planet earth and her Moqui Marbles. You open your mind to a new experience, ready for a shamanic walkabout that can change the course of your life. Sense the shamanic light getting stronger and stronger, and your own pulse going deeper and deeper into the core of the Earth to tap into her hidden powers.


You are now completely aligned with nature and spirit. Just like you, the Moqui Marbles in your hands are of two worlds. They vibrate both with the Earth and spiritual shamanic powers. They guide you and remain with you throughout this mindful walkabout.

You are now ready to embark on a journey of self-realization. Imagine yourself in the middle of the Navajo Desert. This is the very place that your Moqui Marbles were born. Here is where they were used in shamanic rituals by native cultures. You are at the heart of earth and spirit.

Look around and observe the sand, the cactus, the desert animals, the tumbleweed...and whatever else may be present in the scenery. Become one with your surroundings. Breathe it in and feel at home here. You are at peace here; there is nothing to harm.

Now imagine building a fire with twigs and the sun or the instant power of your imagination. The fire glows bright with orange and red flames. You are about to toss your Moqui Marbles into the fire, at which point they will let out a loud crackle that scares off any negative forces and bad spirits. Once you throw your stones into the fire, a big wall of smoke will appear. Go ahead and throw them in now, hear the protective crackle and watch the wall of smoke rise up.


Look through that blanket of smoke that stands before you. It slowly starts to thin out.

In the smoky distance, you see the form of an animal. Your spirit animal is here to guard you on this mindful walkabout.

The smoke disappears and you can see the animal more clearly. What is it?


Give thanks to your spirit animal for appearing. Even if you cannot see it, you can sense it and know it is there to guide you.

You are going to take a walk around the desert. Because this is a solo experience, with the exception of your spirit animal guide, it will be your mind that guides you to a revelation.

Each person has their own lesson to be learned. Each person has their own missions to accomplish: an earthly mission and a spiritual mission. Each person has a unique quest ahead of them. It is your inner psyche that will take you around the desert in quiet contemplation. 

You are going to experience a long and relaxing pause. While this happens, let go of control and go where your mind takes you. Take a spiritual walkabout around the desert that is unique to you. Experience the land of the native shamans and all that it has to offer you.

Take three deep breaths and begin your shamanic journey with your Moqui Marbles and spirit animal by your side. Extend your journey for however long you desire...

(5-10 minute pause)

female playing the tibetan singing bowlIn a few moments, your journey is about to come to an end. That doesn't mean it's ending forever. You can come back and return to this place whenever you want  just by closing your eyes.

Before you leave, take a couple of minutes to wrap up your adventure and take in the lessons that your shamans wanted to show you.

(2 minutes pause)

Now that your walkabout is coming to an end, imagine yourself back near the fire from where you started. Look into the eyes of your sacred spirit animal and thank it for accompanying you on this journey. Through its eyes, you can see the wisdom of its soul. Intake any last intuitive messages that your shamanic clan wants to impart to you.


Watch as your spirit animal turns around and goes back into the desert from which it came. When it is completely out of sight, you suddenly feel the Moqui Marbles that you had thrown into the fire return back into the palm of your hands. That tingling sensation of the earth's force begins to penetrate through your fingers.

Although your Shaman Stones took you on a spiritual walkabout, they are also the very stones that are going to root you back into your body when you emerge from this meditative experience. With each breath, feel your energies coming back down to reality.

Thank the Moqui Marbles for sharing their powers with you. You feel wiser, stronger, and more connected with your purpose. Share some of that extra energy you have received and place it back into the planet.

Place your feet on the ground and channel the Moqui energy down your legs, through the soles of your feet, and root into the earth. The planet needs your healing light just like you need its positive vibrations. As you do this, you feel completely grounded and balanced on earth, the place you call home.

You are ready to return back into your physical body. You will come up in five steps, and at number five you will feel fresh, happy, and wise with your new life revelations. 

Starting with the number one, feel both your hands and feet tingling with the power of Moqui Marbles.

Number two, notice the physical sensations and weight returning back to your body.

Number three, your mind becomes aware of your surroundings, hearing the sounds of the world around you.

Number four, a rush of positive emotion fills your entire essence. You are ready to return to the realm of planet earth.

Number five, open your eyes and smile.

sheila of satin crystals holding up three moqui ball sistersPost-Meditation Experience

Take your time when emerging from the meditation. Enjoy the positive experience and slowly adjust back into the physical realm. The very same Moqui stones that took you on a Shamanic journey are also the stones that help you reconnect with earthly reality. Drink water to further ground and root you back to the room.

If you have done this meditation in a group, share your experiences. What do you feel like? Where did you go? What did you learn? What spirit animal did you meet? Even if you did this meditation alone, you can reflect upon it quietly or keep a journal of your experiences.

Journey Onward...

If you enjoyed this meditation, let us know! You can tell us about your visions, we are happy to hear it. Comment on the blog or write to us directly. Join the VIP club for more crystal healing meditations to come. 

Enhance your meditation with further healing ideas:

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Sheila Satin - September 20, 2020

Much gratitude to you as well, Alina, for spreading the positive vibrations in the world.

The team is only me and my sister Lisa, so if you have any questions any time, one of us will be happy to help!

Sheila Satin

Alina - September 20, 2020

Hello Sheila,thank you so very much for your video, your website and just being you. I am very grateful for all the information you provide us with, they are very helpful,and i really mean it. You are one of the very few people that i find truly genuine. I’ve done a crystal meditation/programming crystal session this morning after i took notes from you. It was an amazing experience. I truly thank you and your team for your passion and dedication. Looking forward in buying crystals from you as i know they will be filled with positive energy.

Sheila Satin - September 7, 2020

Hi Margarita, you are very welcome. Let me know if you need help choosing any Moqui stones, we have a few different sets and here are the rituals you can start with for each, in case you haven’t had a chance to see yet:


Margarita - September 7, 2020

Beautiful greeting, thank you for the warm welcoming. I will check out the site, looking to order boji stone soon.

Sheila Satin - August 31, 2020

Hi Irma, thank you for your kind words. We do not do any readings, but perhaps you can find some skilled readers in your area on We do have a friend in Indian who may provide these services otherwise:

Sheila Satin

Irma - August 31, 2020

Do u do special readings ? Thank u so much !! Your an angel from heaven our teacher Many blessings your wayy !!

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